My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Today is “Just for Fun Friday”

Though at the office we sometimes call it “WTF Friday.”

Okay. I hate mail order catalogs. In fact, when they appear in my mailbox, I throw them away on the spot. I live in a high rise condo so my mailbox is one of a bank of mailboxes in the lobby. Building management has large trash cans thoughtfully placed by the mailboxes so we can dispose of our junk mail then and there. No fuss, no muss

The other day I got the Gorsuch catalog in the mail. I didn’t pitch it because they always have a bunch of drop-dead gorgeous Dale of Norway sweaters in their catalog.

This time was no exception.

There is a Dale sweater on page 33 of the catalog (which as of this writing is not online at the Gorsuch website) called the Peace Sweater that I think is da bomb.

And most of the time the Dale ready-knits are not available as knitting patterns. I know the amazing Flor has charted patterns from photos of sweaters. Worth a try, eh?

I was showing the photo of the Peace Sweater to my coworker Monica and bemoaning the fact that it wasn’t good enough to chart from. Monica says, “Buy it, chart it, and then return it. What’s their return policy — 30 days?”

This woman is brilliant. You can understand why we hired her.

I looked at the return policy (now this is all in fun, you understand — I wouldn’t actually buy it, chart it, and return it) and it’s only 14 days.

Monica says “Well you’d have to take a couple of days vacation then.”

And we had a good laugh about it. Me calling in to my boss “Hello, Kay? I need to take a couple of days off — the sweater arrived!”

Mouse-a-thon News

Our Mouse-a-thon is featured on the Capital Animal Care website. Check it out!

And I put together a mouse package to show you all. Lucy is very proud of herself.


Map Hijinks

Ooh! Ooh! Wanna see where I work?


The upper arrow points to my building — the funky t-shaped thing. The lower arrow points to the U.S. Capitol.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, wave, okay?

Sock Yarn-o-Rama

The box of Regia I showed you yesterday? Purchased from Wool Needlework in Canada. Check ’em out — their Regia is dirt cheap.

In yesterday’s photo, the color numbers are, from left to right: 5296, 5294, 5173, and 5343.

Contest A-Go-Go

August contest will be announced on Monday! Very cool prize . . .

And the Most Fun of All

I finished Frogner! I finished Frogner! Yahoo!!!!!!!

Zee front:


And zee back:


Official photo shoot this weekend.

Work on the Mystery Aran commenced immediately. Can you figure out what it is?


Maybe not. But there’ll be (hopefully) lots more progress to show Monday.

Have a wild, wacky, and wooly weekend, all!


  1. that whooshing sound you heard was me rushing to the dirt cheap Regia, yelling over my shoulder, “hey, Frogner looks fabulous!”

  2. So if figuring out the pattern for the Dale sweater what I think it is? Just counting stitch by stitch and marking it on graph paper?

    Frogner looks beautiful. I really like the contrast bewteen the colors.

  3. Hey Wendy! I work just a few blocks away from your office!

    Today is definately what my husband refers to as a “Federal Friday”.

  4. I LOVE the front of Frogner! So pretty! The back… hmm… it’s like an optical illusion… maybe it’s just the way my computer displays it! Either way it’s a beautiful sweater and I’m sure you have to feel great to have finished another one! :^)

    Also the mousie packaging is wonderful! Lucy looks fabulous!

  5. Melissa, yes. Graph paper and counting!

    Shannon — are you waving? ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Frogner is a work of art, gorgeous in every way. Can’t wait to see it on the artist! And thanks for the Regia hook-up – it’s like a mainline of yarn.

  7. so much to say….

    I love the packaging for the meeces, Lucy is a stunner!! I have 2 meeces down, who knows how many to go ๐Ÿ™‚

    Frogner is breathtaking…it is so stunning in it’s “simplicity” (easy for me to say, I didn’t knit it, LOL)

    Lastly, when I was in HS and college I taught knitting in a store in Valley Stream NY called “The Lantern”. This was in close proximity to the infamous “Five Towns” of Long Island…A VERY wealthy area of NY. I can’t tell you how many of these ladies would come in, dripping in diamonds and gold, driving up in their Mercedes and Jags having just been to Lord and Taylor or Saks 5th Avenue where they would purchase some $600 – $800 sweater by Perry Ellis or Ralph Lauren, plop it down on my desk and demand I write up the pattern for it then and there so they could return the sweater the next day! These ladies probably could have afforded those sweaters 10x over…what crust, right? And this happened almost every day….sooooo if you decide to “borrow” that Dale for a few weeks I have experience at being very discreet ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a great weekend, Wendy and tell our glamorous new cover girl to never forget her humble beginnings!


  8. Wow, Debi, that’s chutzpah, isn’t it?

    I would probably never buy a sweater, chart it, and return it, simply because I am too lazy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Of course!!! Hi Neighbor!(frantically waving to Wendy)

    Frogner looks great! I guess I need to increase my stash and get the yarn for Frogner next!

  10. Hmm…mystery Aran…is a Starmore? Lavold? (See how I blatantly beg for hints ๐Ÿ™‚

    WOW! Frogner is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am hanging my head on Armaugh. It’s been way too hot & humid for me to knit on it and I’m feeling SOOOO guilty. It should be done by now.

    Oh well, at least I’m doing something worthwhile instead. My mousie pile is coming along well.

  11. lucy is a born model! a face to launch a thousand mousies!

  12. The mousie bags look terrific! And so does Frogner. I hadn’t realized that the back had a different pattern. I like the checkerboard look. Very cool!

  13. Frogner is wonderful, I had a good laugh at the “take a few days off” suggestion when the sweater arrives. I think you must work with a great group of people who understand that knitting is fun and addictive! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Jo, when we were recruiting people for my team last winter, I asked durng the interview — “Do you knit? And if not, are you willing to learn?”

    No one has asked to be taught yet, but one young lady is close!

  15. Wendala,

    I really think we should take your sweaters on a trunk show, you and ketzala of course could come along. Simply beautiful work!!! I love my new Regia fadig6 socks. Whipped them out on #3s even.
    Have a good weekend. If you don’t hear from your Austin fans monday, you will know we were all vaporized by the heat. 111 degrees yesterday.
    Naked knitting cyber-yenta

  16. Frogner is stunning. I have to get to that one of these days..

    Do you think that the gauge for that would work in jumper weight Shetland? Just curious.

    The mousie package looks lovely and it is such a thrill to see my little green mousie in that bag! (Hope it wasn’t too dusty…)

  17. Lucky will puff out his tuxedo chest with pride when he hears that his fair lucy is a super-model! Frogner is (what’s this week’s word?) Fabulous!

  18. Congratulations on being done with Frogner! And thanks for the sock yarn source. Maybe if enough people beg Dale for a given design they will decide to release it as a pattern as well…. it might be worth trying anyway. Easier to do that than the whole buying and returning debacle.

    Have you ever seen Garnstudio’s free patterns? There are some that look very fun.

  19. You’ve done a fantastic job with that sweater. I’m so impressed at your abiltity, and it’s been fun watching and reading your progress this long moist summer.

    Thank you!

  20. katherine says:

    “Wow! Wowie, wow, wow!”

    Seriously, Frogner is wowie. But you didn’t answer the question about it being a Starmore or Lavold .

  21. Fabulous Frogner on a Federal Friday! I guess the letter of the day is “F”! (It sure was this morning when we woke up to find that our coffee maker had slipped away from this world sometime during the night. You never realize just how far away the nearest Starbucks is…)

    You know what I say about that Dale sweater? BUY IT, WEAR IT, ENJOY IT! Let someone else do the work for a change. And when people ask you if you made it, you can say in all honesty “No, but I could if I wanted to!”

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Frogner is fab-u-lous-o !!! And I just love the mousie packaging. Lucy is a born model. I do wish I could get my kitties to pose.

  23. Believe me, it look a lot of photos before I got a good “Lucy with mnouse” shot!

    I have seen the Garnstufio patterns — lots of good stuff there.

    Katherine — no I didn’t say if it was a Starmore or Lavold, did I? ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I ain’t gonna! (Insert evil laughter here)

    A moment of silence, please, everyone . . . for Andrea’s dear departed coffeemaker!

  24. I bought a sweater once from local dept store. Took snaps of it and returned sweater. Never got to knit it though,,, house was flooded during the Alison tropical storm 2 yr ago. Yep the pictures were in a knitting bag on the floor and were ruined.

  25. Frogner looks faboo Wendy! I absolutely love the different front and back patterns. Now, of course, I’m going to drive myself mental trying to figure out what your next project is.

    The mousie bags are really terrific. Lucy is now an even more famous girl!

  26. Frogner is gorgeous. I need a lot more practice before I even attempt a child-sized version of a pattern like that! I am in awe of your talent!

    Thanks for the link to the Wool NeedleWorks…I’ve already visited and added to my sock yarn stash, I couldn’t resist at that price. I just love your generic toe up pattern. It’s so nice to be done with a sock and not have to weave the toes. Thank you for sharing.

  27. Frogner is amazing. It looks great.

    I love the bagged up mouse, Lucy looks perfect on the label, and the article calling them “Izzy” mice is touching. It made me go look at the pets available, even though my house is bursting at the seams with pets already.

    I guess I’d better get busy and make a mouse to send to you, as well as some for my local SPCA. I printed the pattern. Now I have to read it. I didn’t mean to stir anything up saying I was going to make them for a local group on my blog. But I’ll definately do one – katherine’s challange on if you’ve learned something from Wendy hit me. I’ve learned a lot from you. ๐Ÿ™‚ So if I can manage to knit one mouse, I’ll keep going and send one to the Mouse A Thon, and do some for the local cat rescue folks. And I suppose the five (five, pausing to do a head count, yes five!) kitties in my house will want thier own too. Time to read the pattern. As soon as my eyes are open and focused that is.

  28. Stonering, that entry wasn’t directed at you. I have gotten email from some people criticzing what I’m doing. No matter waht I do, someone always feels the need to email and criticize me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But thank you.

    Actually, it was Capital Animal Care who coined the phrase “Izzy mice” not me. And I emailed them last night to ask if we could call them “Lucy mice” because my adoption of Lucy was what put the idea in my head.

  29. Congratulations on another masterpiece. The difference in the designs on the front and back of Frogner is intriguing. I’m sure when you wear it, people will be doing double-takes; and not only because it looks fantastic.

  30. Ohhh! Now I want to start doing colorwork, that sweater is capital-G Gorgeous! mmm…

  31. I just have trouble understanding people who feel they have to criticize you for something like this (or at all, really, but it’s a free country, I guess). If someone doesn’t like cats, or doesn’t like mice, or doesn’t like charity, or doesn’t like raffles, no one is forcing them to house one, knit one, give to one, or enter one. No one is forcing them to read your blog entries about it, either. If they don’t like it, they should just go away and read/house/do something else. Humph.

  32. I am in complete agreement with Andrea! Poo poo to those who want to criticize those who are doing this for charity! Also, the fact that Wendy and Catherine are gracious enough to even make this a raffle as a fun incentive (which they did not have to)… I just don’t understand some people. Apparently, someone has their panties/briefs in a bunch.

    This charity has also inspired myself as well as others to remember the shelters and vets in their local vicinity. In addition to making mousies for Wendy’s charity, I have also made just as many for my vet (who has been vital to helping my cats, especially Sam), and the two local shelters in my area.

    So poo poo to you!

  33. Thanks for your support guys.

    Criticism sort of rolols off my back at this point. There’s always at least one person who has to let me know that they disapprove of whatever I’m doing.

    I actually got an email from someone once chastising me for using bad language on my blog. I think she needs to read more blogs to discover what bad language really is.

  34. I think that’s why I don’t want a blog…. BTW, love, love Frogner and Lucy is ab fab on the package…. Sam is in love…… (So far he has kept his promise with not chewing yarn and snorting catnip….) ;}

  35. Made a test mouse for my cat, who quickly reduced it to a heap of shredded yarn and catnip across the floor! Of course he did enjoy it, but I tell you, that’s the last time I knit anything for him. Maybe other cats will appreciate my time, my effort.

  36. Wendy,

    Do you think you could post what the label for the mice says? I can’t quite read all of it and I am just super curious (I love small details). ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I wondered if someone would ask what the label says. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I should have posted it.

    The small print says:

    “Handknitted from wool or wool-bland yarn, stuffed with catnip, this mouse comes highly recommended by Lucy, CEC (Chief Executive Cat).”

    L-B called Lucy the CEC. It’s sort of like “By Appointment to Her Majesty, The Queen.”

  38. wendala

    Send the farbissener (sourpuss) to my blog, I’ll give them bilingual bad language! Great aunt yentala would give them the evil eye! d.

  39. I just looked up the Gorsuch catalog — and I may be contributing to the deliquency of my hubby. I see it’s a fly fishing outfit. I wonder if I’ll ever get to see the catalog when it arrives…

  40. Hey Wendy,

    What’s Wool-Bland yarn? hee hee. If I make out the packaging correctly, it does say wool-blend.

    I got over most of my mice jitters and made another one last night. I really have to sit down and sew them all up this weekend.

    Love Frogner. I have been unemployed for over a year and only have about 2 or 3 sweaters to show for it. You are my hero. Love the colors.

    I look forward to the new blue aran.


  41. “wool-bland” — heh heh heh. One of my better typos. At least I spelled it correctly on the label!

  42. Ooooh! Our mice will have Royal Warrants! Lucy, we are honored!

  43. Tina Blume says:

    Are you serous about buying the sweater and copying it and returing it? That would be wrong. I thought you were a better person than that. Don’t think I’ll be recomending your blog to anyone after reading it today.


  44. Tina, let me quote from Friday’s entry, which you obviously did not read closely enough:

    “now this is all in fun, you understand — I wouldn’t actually buy it, chart it, and return it”

    Perhaps you should read a bit more careful before you make and post comments like this.

  45. Deborah Green says:

    Wendy, just discovered your inspiring blog, love all your work, specially the Alice Starmores. Is Lucy a Birman cat? I have a Birman, who is right now sitting on my lap draped in sock wool. He is divine, knows it. His real name is Sammy Snowflake, but he’s more like a Sammy Scud. We call him Puss. Just to be different.

    Here in Sydney it is already Monday, so hope you’re still enjoying your knitting weekend!

    One question: a pic of your opal socks showed them on circular needles. Have checked your tips file, etc., but don’t know how to do it. Have been struggling with 4 dpns, but using circulars would prevent much searching for needles in the bottom of handbags, cars, shopping bags, etc.

    Many thanks and happy knitting,
    Deborah in Sydney

  46. Frogner is lovely. It looks great in the gallery pictures – very becoming!

    My Gorsuch catalog came in the mail the other day as well. I especially like the red version. I bet you could probably get a pretty good chart put together from the pictures. I like the hearts that go down the sleeves. Cute. I also like the Maud cardigan on page 66. Yes, I would like one of each of everything in this catalog!

  47. I used to live ten blocks from your office! Is your Metro stop East Capitol? If so, I’ve probably passed by you on my way to work.