My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Love to Eat Them Mousies


Thora mentioned the Kliban cat poem “Love to Eat Them Mousies” in yesterday’s comments and I had to laugh. Because that’s been running through my head since the beginning of the Mouse-a-thon.

You can visit the Official Kliban Cat Website and hear a lovely rendition of the poem there.

Speaking of the Mouse-a-thon, yesterday I received mice from Shelly in Wyoming, OH, Debbie in Forest Hill, WV, and Beth in Terre Haute, IN. It was very exciting opening mouse packages and seeing the adorable little critters you created. Thanks!

I will be keeping a running total of number of mousies received over in the sidebar, under the Mouse-a-thon button. Check out the updated total of mousies received! Woo hoo!


Didn’t take you guys long to figure out that I’m knitting Maximilian, a design by Jade Starmore from her book A Collector’s Item. It’s knitted in pieces, btw.

I was asked about the side pattern. It consists of little stockinette squares outlined in reverse stockinette stitch, with a knot in the center of each square. Knot achieved by working k1, p1, k1, p1 all in one stitch, then decreasing back down to one stitch by passing the first three stitches created over the last one. It makes for an interesting bit of texture, but not quite as offensive as a bobble.

The photo of Maximilian from the book can be seen here, on the Virtualyarns website.

Hope asked how I’m enjoying knitting it.

Well . . . I’m enjoying it more than I expected. It’s nice to be knitting texture again. It’s a pretty easy pattern, not much of a challenge for me, but it’s a fun knit nevertheless.

Of course if you ask me again in a week I’ll probably tell you bored silly with it.

But I’m liking the way it looks — no matter how bored I’ll get with it.


August Contest

I’ve gotten some great entries so far — thanks. One request. Please send all your links in one email. Uncle! Uncle! Unlike the Mouse-a-thon, this is one entry per person. (I probably should have made that clear.) I’m being inundated with multiple emails from a number of you and it’s getting hard to keep track of what is what, not to mention flooding my inbox. Submitting multiple links is great — just please do ’em all at once. Thanks!


  1. wendy, what color is maximilian?( i know it’s blue, i guess i mean the yarn )

  2. katherine says:

    You know, I’m knitting a textured sweater for the first time in eons (the cover sweater from Knitting for Men), and it’s…really…boring.

    It looks nice, but it’s so BORING.

  3. Vanessa, the color is called “Storm Heather” — it’s listed over in the sidebar under WIPs ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a greyish heathered blue.

    Katherine, I’ve knitted that sweater twice. Boring? Yep. Looks nice? Agreed!

  4. Dear Wendy,

    I have already knitted 5 mousies (and will make some more!) and now tried to find catnip here in Germany. After googling etc., I went to the pharmacy to buy “Katzenminze” and was told that this was the same as “Krauseminze” (Mentha Crispa). Do you know whether I can use this to stuff the mousies? It smells like Wrigley’s Double Mint (spearmint).

    Regards & have a great day!


  5. Beate,

    It doesn’t sound like the same thing as catnip here. I’ve just emailed you — You can send empty mice to one of our wonderful volunteer mouse stuffers in the U.S. Details in the email. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Maximilian looks beautiful. As I look at the picture in Jade’s book, I can’t get my eyes off of the collar though. I know you adjust the collars…any tips? Boat necks are just not my style.

  7. I’ll be making a normal crewneck!

  8. Wendy and Katherine, are you talking about the cover sweater on Alice Starmore’s Sweaters for Men? Wendy, is it the one you knit in green Harrisville?

  9. Yes it is . . . and I also knitted a blue one ages ago!

  10. Yours looks so different than the cover sweater-not so bulky. Worsted weight was a good choice!

  11. wendy, sorry! as soon as i posted, duh, look at wip. mea culpa, brain not fully engaged at 6 am.

  12. Have you ever thought about knitting Cecily of York, from the same book? I like that one even better.

  13. Cecily is on my “To-Do” list!

  14. Haha! Sorry about all the emails, Wendy. I had a feeling you were going to say that it was one entry per person. -blush- This was a contest that I actually KNEW some answers to (a rare thing) so I went overboard. As soon as I sent one email I would think, “Oh, wait! I know there’s more over at ______!” I’ll try to get ahold of myself.

  15. Maximillian looks great! And Lucy tucked away napping underneath it looks even better. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Susan Armitage says:

    For Beate– we have two herbs — catmint and catnip. Cats mildly like catmint and really love catnip. I looked in the German dictionary and there wasn’t a distiction — echte Katzenminze was used for both species — so I guess in Germany you need to go with the latin — Catnip is Nepeta cataria. and Catmint is Nepete mussini. In my garden, the cats roll in the catmint and tear up the catnip.
    I loved th pictures of Frogner — beautiful job.

  17. That sweater is beautiful, Wendy. I just can’t believe it’s boring to knit!

    I have a question about Baby Norgi – most infant pullover sweaters have buttons at the shoulder or a reeeally wide neck like a boatneck. Have you heard any comments about this from knitters who made it? Did anyone say they put buttons on one shoulder? Thanks!

  18. I was just sitting here, knitting, wishing I had your photographic memory. This occurred to me: do you remember the pattern during the project and then forget it? Or could you pick up some yarn and start knitting, say, “Foolish Virgins” from memory? Inquiring minds, etc.

  19. Yikes we’re soul mates! I thought I was the only knitter alive who found bobbles offensive. I just don’t get them.

    Love Maximilian!

  20. Thanks for the Kliban link. I didn’t realize I remembered it word-for-word until I clicked over. That poem’s right up there with nursery rhymes for me. I thought my mother knew Kliban personally, and every year the family couldn’t wait for the new calendar. Good memories.