My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Love Meeces to Pieces!

That’s what Lucy keeps telling me. The poor little thing! All these beguiling mousies coming into her home and None of Them Are For Her.


I keep reminding her that she hardly touches her own mice — her favorite toy is a wadded up piece of paper. It doesn’t matter. Because she’s a fickle little princess, she wants what she cannot have.

Oh, by the way, I have to hide the raffle tickets, too. Because they were enclosed in the packages you sent, Lucy finds the catnip scented paper most beguiling.

I spent a fair amount of time last night labelling and stuffing Mouse Bags. It’s so much fun to see all the different mice you guys are sending. The filled bags are looking cute!

Speaking of mice, I received packages full of rodent goodness from Melissa in Topsham, ME, and from Shirley in Folsom, PA. Thank you thank you thank you!

New Sock

I started a sock in a yarn I’ve not used before. It’s Silja, 80% wool, 20% nylon, made by Gjestal in Norway. Sportweight. These socks are for my Dad (who wears a size 13 shoe) so I’m not knitting in anything finer than sport, lest I go mad.

Got the toe done, did about an inch of the foot on the train yesterday morning, and realized it was too big — my Dad has narrow feet. So I ripped it out and started over. Sigh.

Did I ever tell you how much I really really hate to rip out? It just seems so counter-productive. But I knew that damned sock would be too loose, so I bit the bullet and ripped.

(People on the train were probably wondering what kind of a moron spends 90% of the trip kntting feverishly, and the last 10% ripping out all progress.)

I did a gauge swatch — 6.75 stitches/inch on size 2.75mm needles and thought 60 stitches would be just right. But my knitting gauge was wa-a-a-ay off from the swatch gauge, something that doesn’t usually happen. So down to 52 stitches I went!

And I am not using my beloved Pony Pearl dpns. I find that on any size larger than 2mm, the points are too blunt. I’m using a set of Brittany birch needles, which are okay, but they are an inch or so longer than the Pony Pearls so they don’t fit as nicely in my purse.

I know. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Here’s the sock



Did a bit on ol’ Max, too. See?


Photographic Memory?

Cat asked an interesting question:

I was just sitting here, knitting, wishing I had your photographic memory. This occurred to me: do you remember the pattern during the project and then forget it? Or could you pick up some yarn and start knitting, say, “Foolish Virgins” from memory? Inquiring minds, etc.

The answer is . . . the easier the pattern, the longer I remember it. Also, stuff I’ve knitted more than once I remember. I’ve knitted three Na Cragas and three St. Endas. I could probably pick up one of those designs and knit them from memory.

But an extremely complex chart like Foolish Virgins? Nope. Outta sight, outta mind. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. good morning wendala,

    love hearing where all the different meeces are coming from. There should be some Lone star rodents headed your way eventually. My new favorite sock neeedles are the short bryspuns. I think they are a little easier on the hands and wrists (at least for me they are). Only problem is they don’t come smaller than a #2. Bubbaleh, have a good day, lucelah, you have a good day too.

  2. Another thing I don’t like about the Pony Pearls that are > size 2 is how the wire rattles around. It works out because Brittany needles <3 tend to snap on me.

  3. I’m drowning in your lovely blue eyes, Lucy! Purrrrrrrr!!!

  4. Is it hard to keep previously-knitted patterns out of your concious thoughts?

    Princess Lucy knows “storm heather” becomes her and appreciates your choice of that color for Maximilian.

  5. Not my conscious thoughts — but it’s hard to keep previously-knitted patterns out of my subconscious. I sometimes dream about patterns I’ve knitted. Often in a continuous loop!

  6. That Silja looks gorgeous! I love the colorway, and it looks great leaning against Lucy, who’s having to be very restrained about this whole mouse thing.

  7. I love that SIP, such great colors — I hope your dad likes them.

    Poor Lucy, having to watch that parade of mousies and papers. We feel for her!

    Finally, I’d like to offer my assistance in packaging. It seems like you are handling it fine, but if this turns into a mass production it could get tiresome stuffing/sticking all those little baggies. I’d be happy to volunteer for some piece-work, and I could pick the stuff up from you at work if you like. Just let me know if that would help.

  8. Where would I buy catnip?

  9. I love the Silja you’re using for your dad. I’ve used their yarn and enjoyed it, and I too match the weight of the sock yarn to the size of the foot! Really too bad you had to rip though. although I’ve used your really cool toe-up sock pattern, I prefer the kind that starts at the very tip of the toe because….I don’t have to know the gauge! Less time frogging, and if the circumference is too big, easier to fix. My current favorite sock needles-ebony 2.5 -I love’em

  10. If you’re dreaming about patterns you’ve knitted, “often in a continuous loop”, are you dreaming in the round? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Georgina –
    Any pet store will have it, and even some grocery stores might carry it in the pet supply aisle. I’m assuming you’re in the U.S. (by your email), but if you’re not you can send un-stuffed mice (Wendy has details for volunteer catnip stuffers).

  12. Happy International Leftie Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Oops, I forgot to include a link about international leftie day:

    This is especially interesting to me since my 5 year old is left handed, as is his dad…and my 2 year old MIGHT be, though he’s acting very ambidextrous…(which may just be a toddler thing)…

  14. I hate the blunt points on Pony Pearls too, so I sanded them down on a whetstone. They work great now.

  15. Hey Happy Int’l Day to you too Jessica and Wendy! My hubby and his sisters are all lefties (but my FIL and MIL are righties[sp?]) and my Diva is showing leftie tendencies (she’s 3).

    I cannot get the Kliban poem out of my head!
    Max is looking faboo and I love Silja (though I think Regia is still my fave). Georgina, you can send it to me to stuff, just get details from Wendy!

  16. … well, then, i will have to remember to put a few wads of paper in with my mousies, just as a present for Lucy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. A high proportion of biologists are Lefties, including Nanna here – it’s a worry!!

    I’m finding I’m remembering Milldale of Jo Sharp – it’s the one I have been concentrating on recently. I only have to look at the chart for the Celtic knot every 3rd-4th row. Not bad, eh??

  18. Hello!
    Lucy makes the most beautiful sock rack ever!

  19. Re: ‘I love meeces to pieces!’ Yeah, I remember Jinx the cat and Pixie and Dixie the mice. Another Jinxism my family used, for some reason – ‘Where went the pinano?’