My current work in progress:

Geigerย by Norah Gaughan, knit from Wollmeise Merino DK in the “Schwefel” colorway,ย using 3.25mm and 3.75mm needles.

It’s All About Color

lucy081903 Its All About Color

Yesterday in my comments Karen asked:

What type of knitting pattern/structure/designer would offer you a challenge? To keep your interest?

Like the title of this blog entry says, it’s all about color.

I used to love texture and knitting an aran was my favorite thing. But the last few arans I’ve done have bored me to tears. The last aran I remember really enjoying knitting was the last Inishmore I made. Hmmmmm . . . maybe I ought to knit another one and see if I still enjoy it.

Nowadays I’d sooner knit fair isles and Norgis. A design with a non-repeating pattern right now is the most fun I can thing of — like the Virgin sweater I made back in January.

Rest assured — as soon as this aran is outta the way, it’s back to color I go.

And Lucy would like to show off my progress on the back of Max:

maxaug19 Its All About Color


  1. And it’s just her color, isn’t it? The look on her face – you KNOW she knows she’s the most popular knitcat on the planet. Uh huh. That’s our girl.

  2. Wendy: I’ve been trying to e-mail you but a message keeps coming up that your mailbox is full! What a popular girl! I just wanted to say that I sent of a dozen English “meecies” to you yesterday and was informed by the PO that they would only take 5 days – so here’s hoping. The “extras” are for you just as a very small thank you for all the help, fun and entertainment on your blog that so many of us “tune into” each day.

  3. Hi Vera – hmmmmmmm, my mailbox isn’t full — there must be an internet glitch somewhere along the line. Are you mailing to jns-wjohnson AT comcast DOT net? (Properly formatted, of course).

    Thanks for the heads-up on the mousies! I’ll let yu know when they get here and thanks so much for sending them!

  4. I’m going to ask this question very quietly,as I don’t want to panic anyone.
    Do you worry that you’ll become bored with knitting ? As the designs you enjoy knitting become more and more complex there’s a risk that you’ll run out of stimulating knitting.Ever thought of designing something really complicated / interesting for your self ?
    Yes,I know about the fair-isle and baby norgi – but they were designed for mere mortals ! :0]

  5. Knitting panic! Knitting panic!

    Just kidding — no panic here. But only because I’m heavily medicated.

    Good question, Emma!

    Hopefully I won’t run out. As long as Dale of Norway keeps doing what they do, I ought to be safe.

    And as you say, I can always design my own. That’s smething I’ll probably be able to do more of once I retire from my job — if that ever happens.

  6. The yarn actually looks scrumptious to knit with, or is it just the ketzela that makes it look so good? deb

  7. I understand what you mean about really getting into an interesting pattern. I try to make make the analogy (to my nonknitting friends) of how they feel when they get into a great book.

    The Virgin sweater is definitely on my to do list, when I get brave enough. I am really addicted to Dale’s soft and luscious yarns. For me it is definitely about color AND feel. Can you suggest a Dale yarn weight substitution for doing the Virgin Sweater? Thanks.

  8. Debala, the yarn is pretty nice to work with, but the ketzela does make a great spokesmodel, doesn’t she?

    Purl, I think you could sub a sportweight wool for the Virgin Sweater — like Heilo.

  9. Not a comment about today’s post at all, but I thought of you cat-lovers, and Wendy especially, when I saw the cat photo at . If I tried all day I wouldn’t be able to capture a cat’s face mid-yawn!


  10. Wendy, when you substitute a yarn, how do you know how much yardage to buy? For example, in the Collector’s Item, Maximilian calls for AS Scottish Heather. Do you know a source for yardages of Alice’s yarns? If not, how do we make an “educated” guess?

  11. Thanks for the b-day greeting, and thanks for reassuring us all that color-work is Your Thing! Hey, it’s Cari’s birthday, too, over at dogs steal yarn…I have a blog-twin!

  12. Purl, yardages for Alice’s yarns were published in most if not all of her books where the yarn was used. Off the top of my head, I think Scottish Heather was 120 yards/skein.

  13. Hi Wendy,

    Will you accept machine knitted (fair isle) mousies? I just bought a terrific brother knitting machine and have been doing a lot of pretty swatches to learn, and I know I can easily transform them into cute little mousies.

  14. Oh that Lucy!

    I first remember you from long ago days on the knitted lace list, Wendy. Did you get bored with lace as well? (or just knit all the good patterns?) *grin*

  15. I got bored with lace. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I’ve still got laceweight yarn in my stash. I may go back to it, you never know.

    Georgina, fair isle mousies sound cute, but I’m afraid they’d be a lot easier for a kitty to pick apart and ingest strands of yarn, since there are more ends. I hink one or two color mice are best. My mouse bags state that they are handknitted, so I think it’s best we stick to that.

    Sorry to be a party-pooper. ๐Ÿ™

  16. Wendy, how long did it take you to learn color-knitting? I’ve just started a baby fair-isle and am very frustrated because I can’t manage the purl side using the two-hand method (I’m a righty). I’m hoping to give this sweater as a Christmas present. Is there any hope for me? Do you have any suggestions on technique? I feel a color-knitting addiction coming on!

  17. Colorwork isn’t really my thing (yet), but I also get bored with arans or chart patterns after working the same row repeat two or three times. It gets a bit monotonous after that, but I still love to knit them because cables always look so spiffy in a finished garment ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I think you should try lace knitting again…. Some of the non repeating patterns are a bit of a challenge and not very boring.

  19. That colour is most becoming on Mizz Lucy!

  20. i’ve been on a lace knitting jag lately, perfect for hot muggy florida summers ๐Ÿ˜‰ the latest is the legends of the shetland seas pattern, only i’m widening it and shortening it to make an afghan, using a lisa souza seaglass colored yarn, it’s flowing off my fingers, i think i’m in love ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Vanessa, I know what you mean — I’m using Seaglass to knit Creatures of the Reef Shawl, and am equally in love.

  22. Catherine says:

    I wonder if you might not find texture work more interesting if it wasn’t a small-ish repeating pattern — or maybe you’d find color work less interesting if it was limited to small repeating patterns?! Agile minds need challenges. I think color work patterns provide more of a challenge right now than texture work does — mostly because a non-repeating texture (like a gigantic, intricate celtic knot) requires a whole lot of thinking and some heinous charting to realize…