My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Walk About Like a Zombie

(Any Status Quo fans out there?)

Sorry, Katherine. I do know that song lyrics are your schtick.

Debala, do I get extra credit for saying “schtick?”

Yesterday morning I fell asleep on the train going to work. Not that unusual, except I was knitting at the time. And I continued to knit, and woke up at the end of the row. And discovered that I hadn’t made any mistakes in my sleep-knitting.

Actually, I think it was not exactly sleep, but a drug-induced stupor (all drugs prescribed by my doctor, thank you very much). But it is very good to know that I can knit whilst in a zombie-like state.

Better living through chemistry.

How Long Did It Take Me To Learn Two-Color Knitting?

A question from yesterday’s comments. The answer is “uh, I dunno.”

Like everything I do, I just jumped in and did it. I don’t remember what my first two-color project was, apart from two-color striped doll blankets I knitted when I was under the age of ten. But those don’t count, I’m thinking.

No doubt my first “real” two-color project looked like hell, but as with most things, practice makes perfect. Or as close to perfect as I’m gonna get. Years ago I took a class in two-handed two-color knitting and learned how to do that and knit a Norwegian hat using the two-hand method. Then as soon as I finished the hat, went back to holding both colors in one hand. It works just fine for me and I can knit faster that way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Obligatory Max Photo


The Obligatory Lucy Photo


Mouse-a-thon Update

Received a bag o’ mousies from Pam in Warren, PA. Thank you!!!!!


  1. katherine says:

    Over here, we Walk Like an Egpytian…

  2. katherine: says:

    Oh, dang, fergot that I can’t grin at you.


  3. wendy, i know you mentioned this once a long time ago, but do you hold the yarn w/ one strand over it’s own finger for fair isle, or do you pick up and drop (which always reminds me of car talk)?

  4. I hold each strand over it’s own finger. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Katherine, I think I’m showing my age by remembering the lyrics to a Status Quo song!


  6. Yes Vendela,
    Extra credit for you, but you didn’t turn in de rest of de answers to de pop quiz from yesterday. Bubbbeleh, I used to work with a Hand surgeon who also would say “Better living through Chemistry”, my other favorite of his was “Pain does not have to be a religious experience”. debala

  7. Yentala, pop quizzes make me go “Oy!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. wow, I’ve gotten pretty good at “two-fisted knitting” on one of the Norwegian style hats from Bea Ellis, but I can’t imagine having both yarns in one hand ๐Ÿ˜€ Color’s actually a lot easier than I expected though, at least in the case of this hat, which pleases me. That means someday I’ll be able to do sweaters like I see on your FO page, muahahahhahaaha!

  9. Very impressive Wendy! I have often “tranced out” while knitting, and when I come back to reality, I have the mistakes to prove it. Almost everyone out there says that knitting is a relazing, repetitive activity for them. I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t fit into that description. Sure, knitting is fun, and it can be relaxing, but my weak little brain needs to focus in and concentrate on every single stitch. Otherwise, I wind up with impromptu lace patterns all over my knitting from dropped stitches and the like.

  10. There is no way I could trance out on an Aran or FI sweater! Plain old socks,—mmmmaybe! I started a square on the Great American Aran Afghan for a knit along lost night and almost broke my brain trying to figure out the back side of the cable.

  11. Is there a good place on the web to learn how to do the two yarns in one hand style of color changing? I’ve been doing the pick up and drop thing for what little I’ve tried, but it’s definately not smooth. Or is it something one has to see someone doing to figure out?

  12. Hi Wendy!
    You’ve probably written about this before, but I wonder if you and your readers could help me with some info about knitting needles? I just started a yarn shop, and when things are up and running I would like to sell wooden (or other materials, just not metal) knitting needles. I just can’t seem to find any producers. Do you have any favourites and distributors you could tip me about?

    My handsome cat Elliot says hello to Lucy.

  13. Wendy,

    I just had a chance to get caught up on your blog, and I’ve fallen in love with the Gjestal Silja socks. Could you please let me know which color number these are?

    (I’ve also fallen in love with your fair isle sweaters. I’m just trying to decide on a colorway and pattern now. An excuse to buy more yarn…)

  14. Marit, my all-time favorites are ebony needles. One of the companies that makes them is “Suzanne’s.” And for arans I live Addi Turbos.

    Beth, the color number is 329 — it is posted in my sidebar under “My current WIPs.”

  15. Hi Dr.Wendy,

    I am wondering about your speed of knitting. You sure are fast! How long does it take you to do one row of Max? I am knitting a cactus-cable aran for my husband and do one row in 5 minutes, however I am not progressing as fast as you. Can you give us some tips on how to be more prolific like you?

  16. Wendy, I noticed when I first started reading your blog that the window has to be a certain size or your sidebar appears blank. That may be the mistake the people are making who keep asking about your SIP. At least on my screen, your blog needs to be viewed maximized or in a VERY large window to get the info to appear in the sidebar. Until I just happened to view it maximized once I didn’t realize there WAS a sidebar. Just FYI if new readers are reading this- MAXIMIZE first and ask questions later! haha

  17. Evening Wendy. Great progress on Max!

    I’m going to have to give doing 2 colours in one hand a try.

    I’ve done the colour in each hand, but it is SLOW and I’m constantly fighting the yarn in my right hand. I naturally knit with the yarn in my left hand, and throw it rather than pick it as in continental.

    I figure there should be some way to keep both yarns in my left hand, which will speed things up, and keep my tension a lot more even. Yarn in my right hand is WAY to tight!

    Scritches to Lucy and hope you have a good day. No zombie walking to work off the train! I do that far to often in the underground at work, and find I’ve taken the wrong turn a few minutes later. ARGH!


  18. Wendy,
    I’m interested in sending you a “bag o’ mousies” and was wondering if you are supposed to stuff them completely with cat nip..or cat nip and a cat owner, I realize that it doesn’t take that much to get them “happy”. Also, I was planning on using up some scrap yarn, but it’s not wool… are you lenient on the type of yarn used.. are do you strickly on take wool?

  19. Wendy, I keep meaning to ask you- Did you ever have a cat named “Tristan”? Just curious.

  20. WOW the mousie revolution is spreading. Pretty soon you will take over the world! :^) Once the weather cools down I’m going to try my hand at making a mousie… will be you be accepting them indefinitely?