My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mousies of the World, Unite!

There are some exciting things going on in the Mouse-a-thon.

First. Lydia very thoughtfully sent her pattern for a mouse knitted from the nose down that has a knitted-on i-cord tail. It is available here, and is also linked from the main Mouse-a-thon page.

Thank-you, Lydia!

Second. There is now a Japanese translation of my mouse pattern available, courtesy of Kaori.

If you are in Japan and are interested in participating in the Mouse-a-thon, visit Orochi-san’s website and send an e-mail to Orochi-san to find out application details and request a copy of translation if needed. Her e-mail address is linked on the front page of her web-site.

There is some brief information, including some photos of mice, on her
message board.

Please note that Orochi-san will only be collecting mice from participants in Japan.

Thank-you to both Kaori and Orochi-san!

AND . . .

Got a bag of rodenty goodness in the mail from Mary in Boise, ID. Thanks, Mary!

Lucy celebrated all the great Mouse-a-thon news by dragging her dinner over the kitchen floor. She says it tastes better that way.


And I did a bit more on Max.


Have a great weekend, all!


  1. any thoughts on what will be your next project?

  2. May I just say how impressed I am at how freakin’ organized the mouse-a-thon is?

  3. Why, yes you may, Em! And thank you very much!

    Vanessa, I’m thinking of a design that begins with an “m” . . .

  4. mousela in de mailala unless de teenager did someting meshugenah!

  5. Demonspawn a.k.a. Sasha (my last cat currently residing at my mother’s house) used to do that with her food as well. Sasha used to take a mouthful of dry food up to the windowsill and chomp on it while watching the birds.


  6. Yeah, my cat Lola likes to knock pawfuls of food out of her bowl and eat it off the floor. She’s very dainty about it. And her big sister, Mina, likes to take all her favorite toys and “drown” them in the water dish. I come home and find three jingle balls and a mouse in the dish, and half the water slopped out onto the floor…

  7. Sadly, I’ve given up on contributing to the Mouse-a-Thon as my three resident testers looked at my spec model, sniffed it and walked away. I just don’t have the kevorka for this sort of thing, I suppose. That, or my three cats are just ingrates.

  8. Funny how some cats like to eat off the floor. My cat, Reilly, likes to take big chunks of food off her plate, eat off the floor, then go back to the plate for more. Except sometimes she gets full before she finishes and the next lucky person to walk in the kitchen gets a sockful of chicken ‘n’ rice! mmmmm

  9. Loved seeing the mouse stuff on the Japanese message boards. How very cool!

    One of my cats, Mickey, pulls his food out of the bowl to the floor. It must taste better there-which may be a comment on my kitchen floor! Max eats out of the bowl.

    Thanks for the daily enjoyment of your blog.

  10. Hey Wendy, them’s some wicked cool tiles you’ve got in the kitchen there.

  11. What? you mean my el-cheapo self-sticking floor tiles? ๐Ÿ˜€ At least it’s (sorta) clean . . .

  12. Wow, Mouse-a-thon goes world-wide! If only we could get someone in Antarctica to knit one, we might hit every continent. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope you have a good weekend, Wendy!

  13. What an international endeavor! Wendy, this mouse-a-thon has been a resounding success and it’s not even the end of Sept. yet ๐Ÿ™‚ How awesome.

    By the way, the little baby stray kitten we found a few weeks ago is now, officially, our new cat. Sydney (aka Miss Finicky Princess) has decided to tolerate the kitten but only when we’re not looking…LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  14. Ooooo….. We need someone to knit one in Africa!!!! Fatboy AKA Sam hogs the bowl, so Maggie HAS to flick food out of the bowl before he devours every crumb…. Sam also drinks water by scooping it out with his paw. What a weirdo…

  15. Good morning Wendy – have you ever made knee socks, and if so did you use a pattern or some other formula to do the math to make them fit? Thanks!!

  16. We need some South American mousies too! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Caroline, I’ve never made a knee sock.

  17. Hmmm. You’re thinking “M”… could that be … MMMMMMMARINA? wink wink

  18. Have a great weekend Wendy!

  19. Thanks, Peg!

    Tam — Mmmmmmmmmm . . . could be! *wink*

  20. Barb Edison says:

    Where do you have photo instructions of a toe up sock? I need sight instructions,I guess.

  21. A bag o’mousies from Mary in Boise, Idaho? I’m darn close to Boise! I’m not sure *why* I’m so surprised to see ‘Boise’, but I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Max is stunning!

  22. No cats here…but my parent’s dog won’t eat his dog food unless he’s eating it over the carpet in the front room. He collects a mouthful, walks out the edge of the carpet in the front room, spits it out, and proceeds to eat it (at least he tries to suck up most of the crumbs). My mother even tried putting a little rug under his food dish, and that didn’t fly. And when they go camping, they have to put the food dish inside the camper or he won’t so much as look at it.

    Animals are so peculiar.