My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Everyone is Pitching In


It’s so nice to see everyone helping out and doing their part for the Mouse-a-thon.

The above photo was sent to me by Beth Levine. She says:

My pooch, Bo, helped to capture the mice and is sporting his prey in the attached photo.

Thank you, Beth and Bo!

And thanks to Betsy in Arvada, CO and Lori in Topeka, KS — your mousies were in my mailbox yesterday.

Speaking of helping out with the Mouse-a-thon . . .

Melanie in Germany has very kindly translated my mouse pattern into German. The translated pattern is available here, and will also be available on Melanie’s blog. Melanie has also very generously offered to act as a sort of “mouse clearinghouse” for knitters in Germany.

You should check out Melanie’s blog at any rate — she has a cool little button that translates it into English, courtesy of Google.

Danke, Melanie!

Max News

I’m chugging away on the first sleeve of Max, see?


This design has shoulder straps and the pattern directs you to knit them, then sew onto the front and back of the sweater. Uh, I don’t think so.

When I finished the front and back of Max, rather than cast off the stitches for the shoulders, I put them on holders. When I get to the shoulder straps of the sleeves, I’ll knit them onto the front and back of the sweater. Done by knitting the first stitch of each row together with a stitch from the front or back shoulder (depending on which end you are at). It’s a bit awkward having the whole sweater flopping around while you do this, particularly with a large cat in your lap (because I know Lucy’s gonna want to be in on the action), but I like it better than sewing the shoulder straps to the body.

Grammar Avengers!

Kindly note the addition of the new button in my sidebar — Grammar Avengers! Woo-hoo! I feel like a superhero! Thanks to Em for starting this webring.

I have been a writer and/or editor for my entire career, one way or another. These days I have a fancy-schmancy title and am not a writer per se. But I can be like Clark Kent. Hiding behind my alter-ego, a mild-mannered (snort! — those of you who know me in Real Life know that this is untrue) civil servant, my true identity is . . .

Grammar Avenger!

Now where the heck is my cape?

Bad Hair Day

Lucy’s hair is a mess after the whole beehive fiasco, so she’s just gonna show you a close-up of her baby blues today.




    De Yentala can’t even spell in de English, vhat does she know from de grammar-shmammar? Bubbeleh, I am in your time zone dis veek! I tink de Ketzela doesn’t like dat de doggie got de top billing dis morning. debala

  2. Bubbeleh! In de zame time zone?

    I am verklempt.

  3. I feel Lucy’s pain. That Aqua Net is a beast to get out of your ‘do.

  4. Could you explain your technique of knitting on the shoulder strap a little more. It sounds very interesting, and I was wondering if it is anything like a three needle bind-off. I can’t quite picture hour you knit the stiches.


  5. Gee, that photo of the Max sleeve sure looks like it could be sewn up into a mouse . . . ?

  6. The shoulder strap technique is terrific–the Starmores use it on some of her sweaters, but not all. I used it on Fulmar and had to frog part of the first strap three times before getting the right ratio of decreases. Do you have a formula for that, or just trial and error?

  7. I think I get it, but will you post a picture of the shoulder strap technique when you get to it? Sounds like a great way to do it.

  8. I laughed to see aj’s comment, as I was thinking the very same thing. When I saw that photo I immediately thought “MOUSE!” A very fine and elegant mouse, to be sure! The sleeve is looking good.

    And Lucy’s baby blues! Well…

  9. Thanks for the explanation! Looking forward to seeing the shoulder strap done! Love those blue eyes!!!

  10. Say more about the Grammar Avengers…will you all be surfing our blogs leaving grammar corrections in our comment boxes?

    BTW…yesterday’s post was very fun!

  11. While I don’t have a fancy-schmancy title such as “Editor” or “Writer,” I too suffer from Correctagrammaritis. I must risk the urge to add that button to my site.

    In mousie news…I bought two bags of catnip at Target (pronounced Tar-zhay, thankyouverymuch) to make mousies with. I think I’m going to add little bells inside mine for some added flair.