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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Mousies of the World, Unite!

There are some exciting things going on in the Mouse-a-thon.

First. Lydia very thoughtfully sent her pattern for a mouse knitted from the nose down that has a knitted-on i-cord tail. It is available here, and is also linked from the main Mouse-a-thon page.

Thank-you, Lydia!

Second. There is now a Japanese translation of my mouse pattern available, courtesy of Kaori.

If you are in Japan and are interested in participating in the Mouse-a-thon, visit Orochi-san’s website and send an e-mail to Orochi-san to find out application details and request a copy of translation if needed. Her e-mail address is linked on the front page of her web-site.

There is some brief information, including some photos of mice, on her
message board.

Please note that Orochi-san will only be collecting mice from participants in Japan.

Thank-you to both Kaori and Orochi-san!

AND . . .

Got a bag of rodenty goodness in the mail from Mary in Boise, ID. Thanks, Mary!

Lucy celebrated all the great Mouse-a-thon news by dragging her dinner over the kitchen floor. She says it tastes better that way.


And I did a bit more on Max.


Have a great weekend, all!

Walk About Like a Zombie

(Any Status Quo fans out there?)

Sorry, Katherine. I do know that song lyrics are your schtick.

Debala, do I get extra credit for saying “schtick?”

Yesterday morning I fell asleep on the train going to work. Not that unusual, except I was knitting at the time. And I continued to knit, and woke up at the end of the row. And discovered that I hadn’t made any mistakes in my sleep-knitting.

Actually, I think it was not exactly sleep, but a drug-induced stupor (all drugs prescribed by my doctor, thank you very much). But it is very good to know that I can knit whilst in a zombie-like state.

Better living through chemistry.

How Long Did It Take Me To Learn Two-Color Knitting?

A question from yesterday’s comments. The answer is “uh, I dunno.”

Like everything I do, I just jumped in and did it. I don’t remember what my first two-color project was, apart from two-color striped doll blankets I knitted when I was under the age of ten. But those don’t count, I’m thinking.

No doubt my first “real” two-color project looked like hell, but as with most things, practice makes perfect. Or as close to perfect as I’m gonna get. Years ago I took a class in two-handed two-color knitting and learned how to do that and knit a Norwegian hat using the two-hand method. Then as soon as I finished the hat, went back to holding both colors in one hand. It works just fine for me and I can knit faster that way. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Obligatory Max Photo


The Obligatory Lucy Photo


Mouse-a-thon Update

Received a bag o’ mousies from Pam in Warren, PA. Thank you!!!!!

It’s All About Color


Yesterday in my comments Karen asked:

What type of knitting pattern/structure/designer would offer you a challenge? To keep your interest?

Like the title of this blog entry says, it’s all about color.

I used to love texture and knitting an aran was my favorite thing. But the last few arans I’ve done have bored me to tears. The last aran I remember really enjoying knitting was the last Inishmore I made. Hmmmmm . . . maybe I ought to knit another one and see if I still enjoy it.

Nowadays I’d sooner knit fair isles and Norgis. A design with a non-repeating pattern right now is the most fun I can thing of — like the Virgin sweater I made back in January.

Rest assured — as soon as this aran is outta the way, it’s back to color I go.

And Lucy would like to show off my progress on the back of Max:


Aran Doldrums


A good phrase, coined by Kristin in yesterday’s comments. I’m in the midsts of Aran Doldrums.

To try to combat the doldrums, I’ve abandoned (just temporarily) my sock-in-progress and am schlepping (didja hear that, Debala?) the aran to and from work for commuter knitting, to try to make it go faster. Hey, an extra inch or two a day is an extra inch or two a day!

Yeah — I say that now. The temperature was slightly cooler yesterday — high in the mid-80s with lower humidity. Wait’ll we get back in th the 90s with 90% humidty. I’ll drop that woolen bad boy like a hot potato and be happy to have my little sock on the metro!


There’s nothing like a new book to beat the doldrums. In this case, an old book. Lookie here!


This is a Swedish knitting book that my friend Johanne in Sweden sent to me. One I’ve never seen before. There are lots of great charts inside for traditional Swedish designs. Lots of hats and mittens, as well as a few sweaters.

Max — X-treme Close-up!


For Cat, who asked nicely yesterday, a close-up of the funky side pattern on Max. It’s sorta squares with little bobbles in the center of each square. Not huge, gnarly, knit-back-and-forth-til-it-drives-you-batty-and-you-wanna-puke bobbles, but little dainty four-stitch bobbles.

Not as heinous. But bad enough.

Mouse-a-thon Update

More mousies in the mail! I’ve received mice from Pamela in Los Angeles, CA, Naomi in silver spring, MD, Stephanie in Beaverton, OR, and Debbi in East Lansing, MI. Thank you!!!!!

Fashion Crisis!

And in addition to my Aran Doldrums, I’m smack dab in the middle of a fashion crisis. Ever get that way? When suddenly everything in your wardrobe looks hideous and you want all new stuff?

Please note that this crisis does not extend to my sweater collection, so kindly do not bother to ask me to send you one or more of my sweaters. Thank you.

What is worse than a fashion crisis? A fashion crisis coupled with the desire to simplify. This has happened to me in the past. There have been times when I have taken Hefty bag after Hefty bag to Salvation Army in my frantic attempt to rid myself of Stuff. And I feel one of those urges coming on.

Help! Save me from myself! I have a huge roll of black plastic garbage bags and I know how to use them.

I am a Woman on the Edge.

Lace Contest Winner

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Pamela in Los Angeles is the lucky recipient of the prize — two skeins of sinfully yummy Douceur et Soie yarn, donated by the generous Catherine, aka “3C.”

Thanks for playing, everyone. The list of free lace links is now up, and it will remain linked to from my main knitting page — once I get around to linking from there, that is.


I didn’t do a great deal of knitting this weekend, but I did manage to get the front of Max done.


I’ve started on the back, and yes, I am bored with it.

Lucy had a mellow weekend.


She was a bit miffed with me when I took her catnip-scented tissue paper away from her, but in my defense, I o9nly did that after she had completely shredded it.

Another exciting day here . . . hope you have a great Monday!