My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Oh, Marina!

(Anyone a Last of the Summer Wine fan?)

I wound a bunch of yarn into balls.

sep0103 001.jpg

I discovered I can use a bunch of the colors I used for Oregon last winter, so I dug them out and put them in the box. So I’ve got a bit extra on some.

Lucy watched with interest.

sep0103 003.jpg

And then she offered to act as spokesmodel to show off my progress on the ribbing.

sep0103 008.jpg

Yes, it’s the dreaded corrugated ribbing, that takes forever to knit. 29 rounds of it.

By the way, Ginny, I did the longtail cast-on, which is what I always do for fair isles. I’ve never had any problem with the ribbing curling. Try steaming your ribbing and see if that fixes it.

Anyone else have any suggestions for curly corrugated ribbing?

Thanks for your comments on Max. In answer to Melissa’s question, I didn’t slip the first stitch — just worked it in the pattern.


  1. Wow! I’m first to comment. Normally an entire conversation has come and gone before I even get to the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve heard that the best cast on for corrugated ribbing is the cable cast on. I don’t have a ton of experience to back it up, so I can’t say that for certain-sure, but that’s the suggestion I see most often.

  2. Lucy’s a great spokesmodel! The corrugated ribbing is beautiful. The yarns look so pretty sitting in their box, just ready to go. I’m high-fiving Judy, because I’m here earlier, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have done cable castons for my corrugated ribbed items, and it curls too – in fact I’ve had people tell me to do long-tail instead! On the bright side, it does block out just fine.

    I have the yarn stashed for Marina – beautiful colors. Looks like you need a second box!

  4. The ribbing is beautiful. Lucy is the Queen isn’t she? Question: where did you get that great box? It looks perfect for holding yarns. Question two: Are you using center pull balls and, if so, what do you use to make them?

  5. Thank you Wendy, Judy, and Caroline! The fact that it blocks out just fine gives me hope. I have another design issue however, and would appreciate any assistance. It’s explained on my site.

    As for Marina, the colours shimmer Wendy! Lucy certainly looks proud of her momma’s progress… and I truly do sympathize with you about corrugated ribbing. Horrid stuff, it is. But yours looks just lovely!

  6. No suggestions, really, just – put on a long movie and knit away. I use the longtail caston as well.

  7. The colors of Marina look gorgeous. I have the yarn for this one waiting for me at the LYS, but don’t know what to substitute for “bluegrass”, as the substitution list doesn’t offer any suggestions. Do you have any? Since I’m starting Rambling Roses next I’m in no hurry to find a substitute, but it is starting to fret me just a smidge. Thanks for any ideas you can give.

  8. “Oh Marina!” “Oh Howard!” is just what goes through my mind when I see that sweater’s name. One of my favorite Britcoms, and have done much knitting while watching it.

  9. Wow! Where did you get that cool yarn organiser?

    Corrugated ribbing may be a pain, but it always looks so wonderful.

  10. Wendy, I’ve only ever had CR curl on me ONCE — and that was for the Morning Glory vest, which has a much smaller band of the stuff than one usually sees. It has me wondering if once you knit a certain length of it, it no longer wants to curl. Don’t know why that would be, though…

  11. The yarn box is the first item on this page:

    It is totally perfect for this kind of knitting.

  12. Ginny: For a cast on that probably won’t curl, check out the instructions for the K2, P2 cast on in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book “Knitting Around” on page 184…it’s the same as longtail, except for the purl stitches, you do it differently… (I still need to look at the instructions when I use the purl part of this cast on, so I can’t explain it JUST yet)…you can adapt this to k1 p1… but like others have said, I bet it would block out just fine… I used this cast on to start my Cabin Fever tank top…

    There may still be a photo of it on my site, but it might be in the archives by now…June or July…

  13. Last of the Summer Wine fan here in Houston !!

  14. I have saved my shoe boxes for storing my colours for a FI project (got the idea from you sock box). Are the colours arranged in any particular order?? Got my order for Rannoch from J&S yesterday. Hoorah! Hoorah!