My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Again, Oh Marina!

I’m glad to see that there are at least a couple Last of the Summer Wine fans out there.

Questions from yesterday —

Where did I get the box that’s holding my yarn? It was answered in my comments, but for those of you who didn’t see it, it’s an “accessory box,” ordered from Home Storage USA. It’s made from canvas and is just right for storing 25 gram balls of shetland wool. I arrange them in the same order they are listed on the chart color key — makes it a lot easier to find the right color.

Am I using center pull balls and how did I wind them?

Yes, and I wound them using a swift and ball-winder.

What did I use for the color “Blue grass?” It’s Jamieson & Smith color number FC39.

Lucy has been a big help so far on this project.


You can see that she is monitoring my progress on the ribbing very closely. And thanks to her supervision, I finished it! All twenty-nine blasted rounds of it.


So I’m into the body pattern. And wondering why I ever bother to knit anything but fair isles.


More mousies in the mail! Thanks to Gail in Raymond, ME, Lise in Middletown, NJ, Suellen in Reseda, CA, and Tamara in Leander TX. Thank you all!


  1. I think I’m first today – nah nah! Going home to ball wind my Rannoch that I won’t be touching till next year – sigh

  2. Definitely a Last of the Summer Wine fan Wendy. I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere they are doing a new series soon BUT they haven’t been the same since Compo died and definitely won’t be as good without Thora. So sad. I would rather see repeats of the old ones. Love the new fairisle, such beautiful colours.

  3. Wendy, I ordered a storage box last night. I’ve been looking for a canvas one, somewhat, since I first saw a picture of your box. I didn’t want to buy a plastic one. Marina colors are beautiful. You are an inspiration. Thanks.

  4. Wendy won’t fool me again into starting another Fair Isle anytime soon.

    The last time I got caught up in her enthusiasm, I got the AS Donegal done, but that was enough Fair Isle for this decade.

    Congrats on completing the corrugated ribbing. I’m not a big fan of it myself, but it does make an amazing looking frame for your gorgeous sweaters.

  5. Love the beginnings of Marina! I looked through your archives & found the picture you posted earlier this year or last.

    And a knitting question — what is corrugated ribbing? Is that just another term for k2 p2?

  6. Oh my goodness… look at those colours shine! What a beautiful combination of colours, and what a terrific arrangement. Now I am really looking forward to seeing the body pattern take shape!

  7. I’ve been trying to find an online picture of Marina and am not having much luck…I’ve Yahooooo-ed and Googled and mostly all I get is references to Wendy Knit’s or booksellers…are you aware of a pic out there for those of us not familiar with Marina?

    BTW…the rib may have been not so fun but it’s beautiful!!!

  8. Wendy:
    For corregated ribbing, someone on KBTH suggested doing two rounds; 1st round *K, slip the purl* then 2nd round *slip the k, P*. I’ve actually tried in on some swatch mittens, and it does work quite fine. *Thanks* to that person, I should go look up the archives & do a proper credit.

    OK, so that doubles the number of rounds. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What do you think?

  9. Hi Wendy. Yay, so glad the meece arrived! I have to give my friend Jennie props since she’s the one who sewed up their little woolly bottoms and stuffed the catnip!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And those 29 blasted rounds of Marina ribbing look gorgeous – what vibrant color!!

  10. Hi Wendy,
    Are there going to be pictures of you modeling Max? (you’re probably waiting for the weekend to do a photo, but just thought I’d ask.) I agree with all the posts here–Marina is going to be gorgeous. I have that book and the picture doesn’t do it justice.

  11. Last of the Summer Wine and corrugated ribbing are favourites with me. I knitted this ribbing on my Roscalie and Poetry jerseys. Now I am trying to decide on the checkered or corrugated ribbing for Alba.

    All Good Things Wendy.

  12. whoa marina–it’s going to be so gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by the GLMC, and heads-up, the pups and I mailed off our batch of merino mice today.

  13. Hello Wendy.
    Sometimes I look ad your site to look how it is with your knitting work. And I enjoy to look at it.
    I’m sometimes jealous at because here in Holland there is not so much to buy from Dale.
    I also knit but I knit whit a knitting machine.
    And I admirer your knitting work with needle.
    Because my knittng with needle is not so good.
    I also have a cat and she looks like your cat.
    Manny greetings from Marja.

  14. There is one advantage to knitting the cardigan version—only 15 rows of corrugated ribbing! Hee! Hee!

  15. Hey Wendy! I love the corrugated ribbing of your latest–the colors are spectacular. I know I should look up how to do the corrugated ribbing, but if you know of a site that describes it, could you post it? I’ve never heard of that type of ribbing.



  16. Wendy, your Marina looks like an expoding rainbow! I really like it – or…uh…is it just my monitor. You’re using JS right? Mine is vibrant but lots of subtle brownish colors building up to a punch of brights. It is much more zippy than the ones on the KBTH website, but not quite so sizzlin’ as yours. As they say about the law, “note the diversity!” Vive la FI.

  17. I know this is too late for the body ribbing, but it might help with the cuffs: use the Norwegian purl method, where the yarn stays in the back. It makes corrugated ribbing MUCH less onerous to knit.