My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Message From Lucy


A friendly “Meow!” to all of Mommy’s online knitting friends.

I do not understand why almost every day when Mommy comes home, she is carrying packages that smell delicious. She opens them, and the wonderful aroma intensifies. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the contents — yummy-looking catnip mice! Plump little knitted bodies, just waiting to be mauled by me.

But Mommy puts these packages in the guestroom and I don’t get to play with them. It is not fair.

But I want to say thank you to the many among you who have tucked a piece of tissue paper or a paper napkin or a treat for me in with your mice. Mommy will let me have and play with these and I love them.

However, when I have the paper nicely shredded and spread all over the living room floor, just the way I like it, Mommy picks up all the pieces and I never see them again.

It’s a tough life being a little kitty.

Thank-you, Lucy, for a glimpse into the frustrations of being a kitty. Yeah, you have a tough life.

And thanks very much to Suzanne in Meriden, CT, from whom I received a big bag o’ mousies yesterday!

I returned home yesterday to Marina, which I missed and thought longingly of all day. I wish I could take her to knit on the metro, but somehow I don’t think my fellow commuters would appreciate me juggling my big box of yarn, chart, and WIP on the train. So at home she stays.


But here’s a progress pic for you.


The Forlorn, Abandoned Sock

Because I cannot take Marina on the train with me, I’ve dug out the sock I was working on before I abandoned it to take Max on the train as commuter knitting. This is the first sock of a pair for my dad, and I’m nearing completion of this sock — see?


Just gotta finish him up and knit his mate.

September Contest!

Woo-hoo! September contest will be announced on Monday. It’s a hard one, but with a very nice prize. Watch this space!

Useless Fact du Jour

I can still make Ian laugh by imitating Conan O’Brien saying “monkeypox!” even though I’ve done it at least 500 times.

Let me tell you . . . it’s a damned good imitation!


  1. NOW I know why Digit peed on my bed. He was trying to get my attention so that I would post another pic so Lucy might see him. He’s way into Lucy. As we all are! Happy weekend!

  2. We named our trivia team “Hey Hey We’re the Monkeypox” for a few weeks.

    September contest?? AND the raffle? Wow!

  3. Yes indeedy — you get two, two, two contests in one month!

    The fun never stops here at Wendyknits!

  4. Wendy, the socks appear to be color-coordinated with Marina! Will there be a father-daughter photo shoot?

  5. Not if either of us can help it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. marina’s colors look much prettier in your photo than in the book, glad i have the yarn stashed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. What Vanessa said.

  8. If you guys who have yarn stashed for Marina have The Scottish Collection and that’s where you got your yarn list from, be forewarned — in the pattern one color is left out — Green Mist. It’s listed on the color key for the chart, but not in the pattern. Thanks to Veronique in Switzerland who pointed this out to me!

  9. Barb Edison says:

    Marina is a gorgeous sweater-to-be. By the way, I figured out short rows in socks. No more holes in my toes.

    Your dad is a lucky man. Re: Anyone you knit for.

  10. just wondering where you get your yarn from. I have an Alice Starmoe book but can’t find any of the yarns listed. Thanks!

    Ps. Love the blog and Lucy too! She’s so cute!

  11. Wendy…everytime I heard a TV or radio reference to the NFL goings on on the Mall yesterday and the game I thought of you! l

  12. Poor Lucy. It’s a tough life!

  13. Yes, thanks, Wendy – I found errata for the book someplace and also used the handy-dandy name-to-number mapping to order the yarn from J&S…

  14. Wendele,

    I just found my ketzele Ricky sniffing around my desk. Since she is not a regular visitor to my desk, I am assuming she is looking for the mouse-a-thon mouse. Lucy must be a very disciplined ketzele to be surrounded by so much temptation.Have you found her with her paw stuck under the door of the “Mouse Safe House” yet?


  15. Oh gosh Wendy… You sure make it VERY tempting to bag all of my other projects and start my own Marina… It is FABULOUS! I just love the colors and the placement… But alas, my DH is very concerned that I am being swallowed up in the studio as it is wall to wall yarn, yet-to-be-opened yarn kits, pattern books, and UFOs. (He has given up on calling it his office anymore.)

    Poor Lucy… What a sad kitty to be so tempted…. Do you think she would just bury herself in mousies if given the chance? I don’t even want to think what your guestroom would look like if she had a few hours in there! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lucy- My package is coming…. I think there might be some goodies for you to bat around!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. I have watched Seinfeild I guess it has been awhile but yeah, I have heard that from people. I wonder where they got it from! It is silly but it’s true, I made it up a long long time ago and it just sorta became this thing with my sisters and my own family. Cats are not just cats they are shmoops! hehehe have a good day!

  17. my kitty responds to the word ‘sandwich’ as that meean her “mommy” (sam) will sneak something to her from his sandwich.

  18. Poor Lucy, it is tough being in the vicinity of catnip mice and not allowed near them.

    It would make a nice picture of you on the Metro with all those lovely colors of Marina surrounding you as you knit away.

  19. How many skeins of Green Mist for Marina?

  20. Just one green mist. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Hi Wendy, Can I just ask a question…sometimes I’m naive in the ways of the world.
    Why doesn’t Alice Starmore just republish her books if they are in such demand?
    Here’s my MO: I start drooling over your sweaters, and crave making one of those beauties. I go on eBay, find a book and think ok, I’ll go up to $39…not a bad deal. Soon the price is up to a zillionbajillion dollars. Whatz up wit Alice? REPRINT!