My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Riding the Storm Out

Today’s the day that Hurricane Isabel is supposed to hit this area. I hope I’m prepared. I:

1. refilled my prescriptions
2. got cash from the ATM
3. filled Miss Honda with gas
4. bought lots of bottled water (for me and Lucy)
5. bought lots of sodas and seltzer water
6. bought non-perishable food (for me and Lucy)
7. bought vodka and kahlua (I have my priorities straight)
8. located flashlights and battery-run radios
9. filled the bathtub with water.

et cetera.

The federal government is closed today so at least I don’t have to make the decision about whether or not to go to work. The bus and subway system is ceasing service at 11:00am last I heard, so I probably would have stayed home anyway. No transport, no workie.

I’m a little surprised at all this hoopla. But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared, eh?

Cute Mouse-a-thon Photos

Look at these cute spokesmodels! Here is Oreo:


And here is Shorty:


These little charmers live with Karen S., who has mailed some mousies. Oreo is demonstrating the nose-down mouse and Shorty has the mousie with ears. I think it was very nice of them to allow Karen to make other mice and send them out for the Mouse-a-thon.

But wait! There’s more!

Melanie in Germany has been collecting German mice for the Mouse-a-thon. And her dog Jerry, has taken very seriously his job of guarding the mice.


Speaking of meeces, I received a bunch from Melinda in Seattle, WA (and Lucy said to say thank you to Toby for the salmon treats — yum!), Kim in Portland, OR, and I got a package from Albuquerque, NM from someone who didn’t put a first name on the package, but the last name is Hardy. Thank you all! Look at the total now!!!

By the way . . .

Did I mention that I ordered the kit to knit Amphora from Virtualyarns last week? (Bats eyelashes innocently.)

Here is a photo of the yarn in the kit. Totally yummy!


Lucy, of course, had to investigate.


I did a bit on Marina last night, but spent a lot of time in hurricane preparation — ran the dishwasher, did laundry, etc. But here’s a close-up of the front neck steek:


Okay guys. If you don’t see a blog entry from me tomorrow morning, it means my power and/or cable connection are down due to the hurricane. Keep your fingers crossed!

I phoned my neighbor across the hall last night to see if she had everything she needs and to let her know I’d be here for the duration. So if things get ugly, there’s safety in numbers! She told me that her little dog is already acting edgy because of the weather. As this moment, Lucy is still as cool as a cucumber.

So think good thoughts and send postive energy for the electricity here. I’d like to be able to work on Marina through the storm, and some good light would help! Lindsey-Brooke said I need a battery-powered Ott Light!

But if I have to knit in the dark, there’s always socks.

I’ll check in from time to time in my comments, electricity and internet connection willing!


  1. wendy, i see you’re up late too! am sending my mousies to you this morning. wow, the amphora colors look much prettier in your box than in the photo, love the blues ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sending best wishes to you and all others that have to ‘ride out’ the tornado. (((hugs)))

  3. The most amusing thing is that you called someone that lives right across the hall! hehehehe

  4. Eh, sorry. Vanessa kindly pointed out that it’s a hurrican that you’re battling not a tornado. Sheesh! Cyclones, tornados and hurricanes…….all big fat ugly windy storms. Good luck!!

    Forgot to mention that you’re killing me with Marina. I really, really want to knit it. It’s just about my favourite fairisle (at the moment). A knitter is subject to swap and change favourites without notice, cause or reason. ;o)

  5. *poke*! Well, I’m glad I’m not getting Isabel – I live right near Cape Canaveral and the weather ppl kept changing their minds as to whether or not they thought it would hit us. But I’m sorry you’re getting it instead! For a while they thought it might not make landfall at all, but that was early on; it was slightly late to take the predicted northward turn. what we have been getting already here is a lot of rain from the outer bands.

    I’ve been thru a couple of category-2s, though, and they’re not that bad. they’re not FUN, but my car made it thru Irene (1999) while parked in the driveway, and I actually drove in Irene, because it hitting us was a surprise and I was actually coming *home* from the place it was supposed to hit the next day. we did lose power for a couple of days, but we’re right on the coast on a barrier island – people in neighborhoods even slightly inland did much better than we did.

    anyway, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, but i’m pretty sure you’ll be fine.
    (amaretto and sour mix would definitely be one of MY hurricane priorities, along with a hotel that accepts pets! ramada, la quinta, amerisuites…)

  6. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you (and of course all people who are affected) ride out Isabel. Good luck!

  7. Good luck Wendy! Now, the question is..does Lucy have enough paper napkins or tissue paper? You don’t want to be locked up with her without them, do you?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Good luck Wendy,and all those in Isabel’s eye.
    Hope you get to knit your way through it & not too much damage is done.

  9. It seems like you know the hurricane prep routine well!

    I love the neckline of Amphora.

    Hope you have a peaceful day without too much wind and rain.

  10. Ooooh…. a day off work and knitting to fill your time. Hopefully Isabel will piffle out and you’ll be left with plenty of liquor and light to work on Marina. Kiss Lucy for us, please! It’s good she’s in such a safe and loving place for the blow.

  11. Dearest Wendy,
    I notice the most conspicous thing missing from your *Survivor* list is YARN!!!

    NOW, at this point, I use any excuse to BUY MORE YARN!

    I urge you to consider the risk factors and JUST DO IT!!!

    You never know, you might run out right in the middle of the brueha!

    Seriously – did anybody suggest taping windows in your area? I was working in Cape Hadarras for Hur. Emily and stayed in a hotel on the beach where it was going to hit. The first thing they made us do was tape the east facing windows with big duct tape X’s so if they shattered, they wouldn’t spray all over.

  12. You are a vision of preparedness. Here’s hoping you over-prepared–although vodka and kahlua are never OVER-preparing.

  13. One more thought – I think the vodka & kahlua may be the wrong drink. Isn’t it port in a storm?

    (couldn’t resist…..)

  14. Hi Guys! Thanks for all your good wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lucy and I are up and ready for the day. Though today I think nothing much will happen — we’re not supposed to get hit until late afternoon. I think closing the government and public transportation was a precaution for the afternoon rush. I plan to run out to the grocery store this morning because I only have healthy food here. I kow a low-carb lifestyle precludes most junk food but I think a hurricane is the perfect excuse to cheat! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bonne Marie, I have tape to tape my windows in case I think I need it — I’ll see what I think later today. I have enough yarn and knitting projects for years to come, and I buy all my yarn online, so there isn’t the immediate tactile satisfaction . . . but I might have to surf around and do a little yarn shopping online today anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Oh and P.S. . . . I’ve got lots of other booze — including tequila and cointreau and we all know that means . . . margaritas!

    And Lucy is well stocked with catnip-scented tissue paper, thanks to all you mouse-a-thoners!

  16. Here’s hoping all you get is a day off and a cool storm to watch. Enjoy the knitting time. Amphora is gorgeous. I’m plotting the VY thesis is completed present I’ll be buying myself! I’ll be eagerly watching your progress.

  17. Stay safe, Wendy….

  18. Ve meck de blessing for de hurricane! Ketzela don’t forget your rubbers BBBLEH! Vendela get some floaties for de needles! xxooxx

  19. I knew all of these empty plastic cat litter buckets would come in handy—I filled them with water,too! I charged up a huge halogen spotlight, so I’ll have 14 hours of knitting light when the power goes out! I have my priorities,too.Now, pray for strong roots on my trees. Stay safe,Wendy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Ruth D, in Houston says:

    Good Isabel preparation Wendy, Living in Houston I have been through a few. Sounds like you are aready…. Do yu have CANDLES ???? Battery lights ?

  21. Candles? Check! Battery lights? Check!

    Junk food? CHECK!!!!!!

    Hi L-B — glad to hear that you’re prepared too!

  22. I was on my honeymoon when Hurricaine Andrew came through in 1992. My parents, however, were home so they had to weather the storm in the fall-out shelter at the nuclear power plant. They got flooded in and couldn’t get out until the FEMA teams could pump out the water.

    The biggest commodity after the storm was ICE. So, stock up on ice if you get a chance to run out. I’d recommend taping your windows only if the storm seems iminent. We had a lot of water damage even though the windows were taped & boarded. The wind hit so hard that the rain drops made bullet dents in our car. It looked like someone had shot it up with a machine gun. UGH!

    Sending positive ~*~*~*vibes*~*~*~ that Isabel goes back out to sea! Hang in there ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Kahlua and vodka… I see Black Russians? A fine plan! And my storm survival tip….a can of limeade, tequila and ice in a blender = blissful Margaritaville.

  24. Good luck Wendy–I’ll be thinking of you through the day. No hurricanes here in Indiana, so I guess I’ll just have to stay at the office.

  25. Wendy,
    Stay safe–looks like you are more than prepared. As for lighting, my Boy Scouts sons found some “head lights” that have a band and they are squarish with great light (and you can adjust the light downward right to where you need it). Can’t say I’ve tried them in a hurricaine, but I have used it on a couple of occasions when the gang wanted to watch a video with all the lights off and I wanted to knit. Check them out at EMS. I think they’re less than $30.00 on sale.
    They’re called Princeton Tec Aurora headlamps (won’t help today, but—- we can enable on things other than yarn, no???)

  26. Nothing as exciting as a hurricane in Germany – every once in a while we get a strong gust of wind and I might hear thunder in the distance – SIGH.
    Here’s hoping there’s just enough wind and rain to keep you at home but out of harms way. Enjoy the junk food! I hope Lucy gets to pig out, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. here’s to hoping you stay safe and dry and get lots of knitting time in *grin* Have you got a battery operated lamp, or would you be knitting by candlelight?

    And I have to say, I love your taste in alcohol ๐Ÿ˜€ Only I’d be bummed I couldn’t make anything in a blender… but ‘ritas on the rocks are better than no ‘ritas at all!

  28. You must definitely buy that headlite for poweroutage knitting. On second thought, perhaps we should all get one? I do think at least one skein of yarn must be purchased! Or perhaps each of us could buy a skein or two in support of you all on the east coast. Let’s go everyone!

  29. Arrrr, Miss Wendy, better batten down the hatches and break out that foul weather gearrrrrr. Is that swabby knave Ian bein’ ’round to help ya weather th’ storm? Hope he flips your crabby patties…HEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEE!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Thinking of you and Lucy and Ian…(Ian’s there with you, right?)It’s so weird to think the weather here is picture perfect and there are so many like you bracing for the worst. The mystery of Mother Nature.

  31. You, Ian and Lucy stay safe. We will all be thinking of you throughout the day.

  32. I prefer margaritas on the rocks, anyhow. I’ve got lots of ice, and a cooler ready in the event of a power outage.

    Lucy and I are by ourselves — Ian is safe at his place. If things get ugly here, however, my neighbor Yvonne and I will stick it out together. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But right now it’s just cloudy and dreary looking outside. I think we’re a fair number of hours away from anything, though thye did say it would start raining soon.

  33. Hi Wendy and Lucy and Ian-

    As another ‘survivor’ of Andrew in 1992, my thoughts and ~vibes~ are with you and yours for a safe day full of knitting, snacks, liquor and catnip….what could be bad?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wouldnt tape my windows unless absolutely necessary. We were trying to get the tape residue off the windows for weeks!(and we were FAR less prepared for Andrew than you are, Wendy!) Also, move anything ‘precious’ away from your windows, not only to avoid injury, but to avoid water damage to a couch or favorite recliner, ect.

    Be safe and knit lots!!!

  34. Oh Wendy, I am worried about you! A little Buddhist prayer will be chanted here for you, Ian and Lucy….. Stay safe! I will keep track of the weather and your blog to make sure you’re okay!

    P.S. I love how Marina is looking!

  35. nothing like a black russian to ride out the storm with. hee hee!!!! i’m torn between those or margaritas. margaritas are more fitting to those of us on the west coast. then a gain, we never have hurricanes…… hang in there, literally, and i hope the lights stay on for marina’s sake.

  36. Joan S in Reno says:

    Happy knitting on this bonus day off. And keep safe!

  37. Sounds like a “snow day” for everybody, except with plenty of notice. Cool in a way.

  38. Have a good day off knitting. When I heard that in DC all government offices were closed today, I thought of you and how you’ll get to have a nice day of knitting. (Which is sort of funny to me since I don’t really even know you except through reading your blog!!) Hope that the storm passes you and Lucy by without a scratch.

    Diane in PA

  39. Hurricane

    3/4 oz. each: rum, dark rum, apricot brandy
    splash grenadine
    sour mix

    Serve over ice and with a cute little umbrella

    Is your liquor store still open??

  40. Now, why can’t we have excuses for days off work like this in San Francisco? We don’t even get days off for heavy fog or earthquakes (unless they’re really big like Northridge or the Loma Prieta). We don’t even get snow days! How unfair.

    Here’s another easy drink that tastes good (but will get you wasted fast). It’s called Strip and Go Naked. You combine one can of frozen lemonade, one can (fill the lemonade can to measure) of vodka, and one can of beer. I hate beer, so fortunately it doesn’t taste like beer. It actually tastes just like lemonade. It was always a fave at college parties.

    Hope you weather the storm alright, and take advantage of your time off (*sniffle*) by getting some serious knitting done.

  41. hi wendy and lucy

    i am out here on the left coast of canada and when i heard that the transit was not operating all day in dc … my first thought was yippee wendy gets a whole day to knit !!
    maddy(tabby) and sasha(calico) send calm thoughts to lucy

    keep safe

    btw your mousies have given my mother hours of knitting fun.. she has given them to all our friends’ cats and is making replacement ones to give at christmas.

    cheers and happy stormin’

  42. At least your time will be well-occupied as the bad weather attacks! Marina will be looking even yet still more gorgeous by the time the storm has passed you by… all the sooner to get you started on Amphora, yes? I agree with Vanessa, the yarn looks EVEN BETTER in your photo than on the vy website. Purrs to Lucy, and y’all stay safe.

  43. Amphora is gorgeous. Is it in a book? If so, which one?

    Hope you’re cozy and warm indoors, with electricity during the storm.


  44. Lucy, your mommy is going to be a little squirrely over the next couple of days so you might want to share your crumpled-up napkins with her, or at least sit on her a lot.

    Best to you both! We’re only slated to get some rain up here in Ontario, but everyone is watching the Weather Channel here and hoping for the best! Take care, and stay warm and dry!

  45. Hey, Wendy! Stay safe. We finished our hurricane prep this morning by purchasing a French Press coffee maker at Starbucks. (Can’t use the electric coffee maker without the juice, eh?) I can knit by candlelight, but I won’t make it through a day without a cup o’ joe! Here’s hoping they give us tomorrow off, too!


  46. Still here with electricity, guys! But the lights keep blinking so who knows when it’ll go off completely.

    Lucy has been having a great day, sleeping on Mommy’s lap. And I’ve been working on Marina . . .

  47. Oh. and did I mention it’s raining a wee bit? ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Glad to hear you are staying in and keeping safe. Good night from unusually warm Shetland.

  49. I have been watching CNN and I saw your town! Seems like people are out and about… That’s good news! I am hoping you don’t have a power outage! (Hmmmmm…. IIIII AAAAMMMMM CHANNNNNTTTTIINNGGG MYYYYY PRAYYYER NOOOWWWW!!!)


  50. Rose, my powers blinked several times, but it’s still hanging on. I’ve got my computer on a UPS, so if it goes out, I have a few minutes to power down.

    It’s getting bad here and a lot of people have lost power, so I may be next.

    Keep chanting!

  51. Hope you and Lucy are ok.

    I’m so in love with Amphora! I may have to invest in a copy of “A Collector’s Item” now! Just a beautiful pattern.

  52. Girlfriend I am chanting away!!!!!

  53. Here’s hoping you get through this OK… from (finally) raining MN – but nowhere near what you are getting…