My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Back to work yesterday, and what a day it was. Lots of confusion and running around. It almost wasn’t worth having two days off last week. Almost. Hopefully things will be back to normal today.

And it’s pounding down rain this morning. Because we need more rain.

Cute Mouse-a-thon Photo of the Day


This adorable little kitty is Lucie, who lives with Katrin in Germany. I had to post her photo because she reminds me so much of Izzy.

And speaking of mice . . .


Yesterday’s mouse mail!

(No, I don’t use my stove for cooking, thank you very much. I consider it extra counter space. That’s why I got a smooth-top range.)

Lucy feigned indifference.


Yesterday was a great mouse mail day! Mousies received from Vanessa in Lake Placid, FL, Ingrid in Canada, Ruth in New York, NY, Kristen in Wood River Jt, RI, Kathy in Oceanside, CA, Zeila in Seattle, WA, Cheryl in Enterprise, AL, and Susan in Gallup, NM. Thanks to all of you!

I also received mousies from Kaori in Houston TX, some from Kaori personally, and some collected from several knitters in Japan — Yumi Ikarashi, Mikiko Shigeto, and Ayako Kudo. Thank you all!

I’m so excited by how many mice we’ve collected so far. I love the notes you enclose, and appreciate the extra catnip you’ve sent. And Lucy said to send her love and thanks for the tissue paper, treats, and toys.

Extreme Hedonism

I haven’t done too much work on this, but now that I’m back to commuting I’ll be back to my commuter knitting. So here it is:


Note my Yarn Cozy, the very cool holder for my ball of yarn. This was sent to me by Claire Staples, along with her mouse-a-thon mice. It’s perfect for your commuter knitting — keeps your yarn clean if you accidentally drop it on the train. If you’re interested in a yarn cosy, you can contact Claire.


Working away on the first sleeve . . . down to the cuff! Lucy has been supervising my cuff ribbing.


It’ll probably take me as long to knit the stinkin’ cuff as it did the whole sleeve!


  1. i recognize my box! lucy looks very mysterious behind marina. hope you don’t have to work too hard today ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow!! Wendy, you’re well on your way to 1,000 meeces!!! Still have a few days left on the Mouse-a-thon. I think you will make it….my fingers and toes are crossed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Wow, Claire’s a celebrity now! (I work with her at Pittsburgh Knit and Bead, and those yarn cozies are selling like hotcakes.)

    Now that I’ve got an excuse to comment, I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you ever adopted a women’s sweater pattern for a man? I’m knitting Cromarty (from Aran Knitting) for a friend of a friend, and I know I’m going to have to lengthen both body and sleeves. So I don’t screw up the pattern repeat on the body, I’m thinking of doing a separate cabled panel that will run horizontally (like the neckband, but at the waist and about 4 inches wide) and either sewing it on after or picking up hem stitches as I go. I’m guessing that the sleeves will be less problematic, but I’d love a word of advice from the most seasoned aran knitter I know.

    Glad you were so unscathed by the hurricane! My parents live in Arlington and they just got power back yesterday afternoon.

  4. Love the photo of Lucy supervising the ribbing…maybe that’s what I need to get through loathsome ribbing faster–a furry supervisor.
    I hope today is easier at work for you!

  5. I finally got my two little meeces in the mail … I’d had such a time of getting myself to the post office, I forgot my note to enclose – but I remembered my tickets at least! I swear all of September has been one of those “lose my head if it wasn’t attached” months…

    I am so impressed with all of you who have huge boxes of mice you’ve sent in! WOW! I had dreams of dozens of mice, and other projects kept getting in the way.

  6. My sixty mousies are on their way to you today. My cats will miss the mysterious catnip scented box.

  7. Joan in Reno says:

    No wonder you never lost power; you had lots of positive energy flowing your way from all over the world. That hurricane never had a chance.:-D

  8. Wendy, your mouse-cup overfloweth! That’s just great. I got my Woolcraft book in the mail yesterday, and I see that they have Marina as a cardigan. Does Scottish Collection have it as a pullover or did you alter the pattern? (Can’t recall seeing this question asked before, so I apologize if it was.) Have a great (hopefully dry) day!

  9. Thanks for the “power dance”, but you were facing my office instead of my house! We just came up at work, but still doing the pioneer thing at home. Water is trickling in though. Clean hair–woo hoo! More rain and wind this am–another tree fell.12,000 more people out of electricity in this area. Catnip mouse-knitting has been my calm in the storm! Can’t wait to get back to Marina—yours is stupendous!

  10. Hi Wendy,
    I see my package on your stove top -yay- it made it. I started thinking maybe the catnip border patrol nabbed it. Whew.
    I’m really enjoying watching Marina progress, and look forward to when you knit Amphora. Beautiful works.
    Glad to hear you made it through the hurricane safely and although frazzled, are warm and dry.

  11. Okay, Wendy, what am I missing? When I load your page, I get a “baaaa” sound. Is there a story? Am I finally succumbing to knit-itis in its audio version?

    Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do…..

    ps – i sent you some mousies, but forgot to fill out forms. sending today, but if you don’t get them in time, ain’t no big thing.

  12. I feel so inferior with my 6 measly little mice that I haven’t even sent in yet. =(

  13. She DOES look like Izzy — as well as a cat we had that I loved dearly named Wally. I love grey/(brown?) tabbies.

  14. yeah, Wend, what in god’s name is that spooky sound emanating from your blog? especially when I copied a picture of Lucy to show to my friend who just got her second ragdoll, the picture kept on wailing, even after I sent her the e-mail – shall I send you a picture of my new kitty as well? who happens to lerve my knitting? totally unlike the old fat teddy bear catzilla cat o mine?

    m in m