My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Gotcha FAQs Right Here, Baby

My world is full of FAQs right now, as I’m making up stuff (er, drafting useful information) for our website at work.

So the knitting FAQs come naturally right now.

Gwen asked:

Now that I’ve got an excuse to comment, I’ve been meaning to ask you, have you ever adopted a women’s sweater pattern for a man? I’m knitting Cromarty (from Aran Knitting) for a friend of a friend, and I know I’m going to have to lengthen both body and sleeves. So I don’t screw up the pattern repeat on the body, I’m thinking of doing a separate cabled panel that will run horizontally (like the neckband, but at the waist and about 4 inches wide) and either sewing it on after or picking up hem stitches as I go. I’m guessing that the sleeves will be less problematic, but I’d love a word of advice from the most seasoned aran knitter I know.


I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never converted a woman’s sweater for a man. The arans I’ve knit are mostly unisex — tending toward being more flattering for men than women anyway. Does anyone else have any input on this subject?

And from Andrea:

I got my Woolcraft book in the mail yesterday, and I see that they have Marina as a cardigan. Does Scottish Collection have it as a pullover or did you alter the pattern?

The Scottish Collection does have a pattern for the pullover version of Marina, so I expended no extra brain power on this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, my next knitting project, I think, will involve converting a cardi to a pullover, so stay tuned!

And speaking of Marina (well we were, weren’t we?) here she is.


Excuse me for one moment.

Okay, here she is:


Hmmmmm . . . it seems to be missing something. Oh, right. I have to knit the second sleeve. I did cut open the second steek and start it last night.

Ooh! Ooh! Lookie here!


I totally blame Mary for this purchase. Because didn’t she blog about some yummy handpainted sock yarn she had a week or so ago? And conveniently put in a link to the seller, Over the Rainbow Yarns?

This is handpainted sock yarn in a color called coffeecup. How could I possibly resist??

Mouse Alert!

Another passle o’ mousies arrived last night! Mousies from Cherilyn in Toronto, April in Los Angeles, CA, and a big package from Germany that contained mousies from Beate, Melanie, Ursula, Katrin, and Iris. Included with the mousies was a dear little tiny sock that looks like it’s knitted from Opal Royal, if I’m not mistaken.


And a present for Lucy — a little fuzzy ball that rattles that she is now besotted with!

Thank you all, from Lucy and me!


By the way, the sound file you hear when you load my blog is Howard from “Last of the Summer Wine” murmuring “Oh Marina!” followed by a sheep bleating. Classy, huh?

I’ll be at a conference all day today, so you guys carry on without me, ‘k?


  1. Hmmm. The coffecup looks delicious. The power of suggestion has me heading out the door to Starbucks right now!

    It’s lovely yarn isn’t it? A couple of the ribby’s that I’ve seen around the ring and the candy corn sweater in Janet’s latest newsletter got me thinking about using the worsted weight for a multi-colored sweater project. If only for the shear pleasure of knitting with this yarn on a full-sized project!

  2. Would ya look at the total mouse number?! Really a stunning amount of meese. Girl you get the prize for most successful -along!

    Igor says meow to his favorite feline beauty queen.

  3. I love Over the Rainbow yarns. doesn’t she sell under the e-bay id of Lotusblossom? I’ve used the fingering weight for a luscious wrap, and she did up some lace-weight recently in a color she calls Lagoon that I have stashed for the Creatures of the Reef shawl. I think she uses the Henry’s Attic yarns as her starting point, and her handpainting is really nice. Can’t wait to see how the socks knit up.

  4. Wow, that sock yarn is gorgeous. It looks like there’s a ton of it there, too, but it could just be the put-up. Yummy!

    Off to go make some coffee…

  5. Hi, Wendy. I see that in the Tuesday Marina photo, you’re doing the cuffs on circulars. Are they 12″? Do you do all your cuffs on circs? Curious. Thanks!!

  6. The sound file…I have to remember to mute my sound ’cause I read you at work. I work in an open space so everyone heard ‘Oh Marina’ and farm animal when I read you yesterday. Ooops!

  7. Yes it’s Opal Royal. I’ll tell Jerry that the mice have arrived securely. ๐Ÿ™‚ Marina is great and coffeecup looks exquisite *mmhh*

  8. Love the sound file!

    Sock question: to make a sock that fits nicely all the way down despite standard variations in the general leg shape, would you use a 2×2 ribbing for the whole thing? or 3×1? What do you think would give the best fit? Thanks!!

  9. Marina is beautiful. Your work is perfect. Thanks for the motivation. Will you be working on any Poetry of Stitches patterns in the near future??

  10. Caroline, in answer to your sock question, 2×2 ribbing is considered to be the stretchiest although I’ve used 4×2, 3×1, etc. and had no problem. Ribbing down the length of the sock does accommodate many different sizes, to a degree ~ as long as you’re in the ballpark. I don’t make the legs any longer than about 7-1/4″ long (including the cuff) because then you start getting into the area of having to do leg shaping, which I’m not into but can, of course, be done. HTH and just my two cents ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wendy, your work is fabulous and I’m in awe! I just did a two color swatch for practice the other night. Having a hard time comfortably using my left hand but I’d like to try the baby sweater that’s coming up on the site you recommended a few weeks ago. Lucy is just precious! Peanut, Lucky and CupCake send their best!!!

  11. I think Marina is looking great- and can imagine that the cardi version would be pretty yumy as well. Infact, i was inspired to have a google hunt for any odd copies that might be for sale in the UK (well This morning was a staple from my undergrad days). No luck but i will keep looking.

    Haward’s “oh Marina” reminded me of the rather tenuous fact that LOTSW is filmed in Holmfirth, the home of Rowan. It is my nearest proper YS.

  12. Oh, Wendy, what have you done? I love all the colorways, and they’re so reasonable! I want all of them! Ah, well, she’ll still be selling yarn after I get my bills paid…