My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Okay. I knitted the Oregon Cardi earlier this year. Shortly thereafter, a new redesigned Oregon cardi appeared for sale at

Then I knitted Henry VIII. Shortly thereafter a new redesigned Henry VIII appeared for sale at

I’m knitting Marina now and am near the end. Anyone wanna guess what showed up on the Virtualyarns website the other day?

Freaky coincidences!!!!!

If I’m feeling extremely self-important, I conjecture that the Starmores read my blog. When I start knitting one of their designs, they hurry to get it up on their website asap so people who have seen mine will be able to order and knit it.

No, I don’t really think that’s what’s going on. But it would be really cool if it was, huh? HUH?

What? The world doesn’t revolve around me?

EX-treme Knitting Update!

The knitting of the Extreme Hedonism is done.


I knitted my end flap (which will be secured with velcro) in garter stitch, because I figured it wouldn’t roll. I’ll need to create the filling and stuff it, but I’ll do that after the Mouse-a-thon is over.

And probably after the current insanity at work is done with.

(At work, we are very soon going to kick off a huge project, which spawns a huge amount of work for us — posting details, explanations, FAQs, etc. on our website, setting up a List-SERV for updates about what all this entails, writing scripts for a Call Center, training our staff about what’s going, and conducting outreach for anyone who wants it. So I am in crunch mode.)

More than you wanted to know. But if you email me and I don’t respond in what you consider to be a timely fashion, all of the above is my excuse!

Even More Q&A

Joanne asked:

It’s fun to watch your sweaters-in-progress, which brought a question to mind. Do you keep any kind of knitting journal? If so, what is it like… detailed? just pictures? labels and yarn samples included? etc.

Do I keep a knitting journal? You’re reading it now.


Linda asked:

Wendy, when you order from J&S do you tell them the name of the design you are ordering for, or do you just prepare the list of colors and order the right number per color, or both? thanks!

I just give them the list of colors, using their color numbers, and of course how many skeins I want of each color.

Marta asked:

It’s my birthday this weekend and HRB has granted permission for a Dale kit (huh? what’s a dollie? you’re moving something?) purchase – any suggestions for a first timer?

A beautiful but easy Dale is the Sirdal pullover — you can check mine out in my knitting gallery.

And Let Us Not Forget . . .


Progress on the secnd sleeve is slow because I seem to be working late every day.



Lucy Sez . . .


Come! Join me in the happy mouse-a-thon dance!

For we have received mousies from Brynne in Boulder, CO, Laura in San Francisco, CA, and Jan in Glenshaw, PA. Thank you!!!

Ooh! Look at the total! we’re gonna break 1000 fer shure!

The deadline is September 30, but if you have mousies to send, send ’em in now! We won’t be conducting the raffle until I’m reasonably sure I’ve got all the mice that y’all have sent.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. Could you please knit Mary Tudor soon? I’d like them to reissue that one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wendy, I had noticed that everything you knit they seem to get up on their web site and I had the same thought. We could tell you what to knit and then they’d post it. No more buying AS books at inflated prices. Think how happy you’d make everyone.

  3. Shirley, in PA says:

    Congratulations on such a successful venture. Mouses galore! Love the picture of Lucy spread out on her back. The colors in her fur are just gorgeous.

  4. Wendy, VY may just get more requests for your projects and reissue the pattern. Or, in reality, they may be checking the whole knitting community. There’s always such a buzz about your knitting..

    Hope you have a restful weekend.

  5. Wendy, I have a pile of “foreign” mousies to stuff and send on to you. I just received a pound of catnip (and that’s a lot of catnip!) and will get busy this weekend.

  6. Hi Jen — thanks! That is a whole lotta catnip!

  7. Heehee, I would not be at ALL surprised if they project demand for designs by seeing what you are knitting! You and perhaps other bloggers who might mention the S name online. On the one hand it’s creepy; on the other hand, it seems to me to be a lot smarter of a strategy for them than sending cease and desist letters to all of you!!

    FWIW I hardly recognized Marina in the new version – they used the same charts and designed a really beautiful, but totally different, item, it seems.

  8. Tell Miss Lucy that she has the most rubbable belly that I have seen on a kitty in a long time.

    What glorious fur she has!

    She almost looks like a kitty that I used to have because of this: My kitty, Emma, was such an incredible fur-ball that it was sometimes hard to tell if she was laying on her back or her belly when she was splayed out and relaxed!

    And my all time favorite thing about super-furry kitties are the tufts of fur between their toes.

  9. I’ve noticed the same “coincidence” on the VY site and I don’t think it’s coincidence at all! If you can entice knitters from around the world to create over 1000 catnip mice, just imagine what you can do for AS’ business!

  10. I agree with Jen and I think it would be great if Alice would sneak in a little thank you like, “your next kit is on the house”! Tee hee.
    Have a great weekend Wendy!

  11. Three times is not a coincidence. I’m sure by now they are very aware of what you are knitting and check your website periodically. Your knitting is inspirational and surely generates a ton of requests from your blog readers for the patterns you knit. Note that these additions to their website occur shortly after you knit the design, not before you start a project. Out of all the Starmore designs to choose from, the ones they are reissuing are the ones you choose to knit. Don’t kid yourself, you do influence what the rest of us knit. Have a happy weekend!

  12. perhaps they should hire you to do the marketing for VY? And then, you could tell them that they’d make lots more money if they would reissue these patterns? Ah, well, one can only hope!

  13. She sees you when you’re knitting, she knows when you cast-on, she’s knows if you knit quick or slow, so knit quick for Virtual Yarn’s sake!
    I think it’s kind of like the Knit List – when people complain, the companies take notice because they realize (finally!) how many people are paying attention to email-lists and blogs these days. Aaaah the power of modern media. Give me internet or give me death!
    Hope this weekend is better than last ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. I think its very possible that they reissue patterns based on what you are knitting. Well, maybe not _completely_ based on what you are knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But, how many of us ran out and bought Woolcraft after you started Marina?

    (That is one strange book. I’m not sure I’ll ever knit Marina, but I’m glad I got it, if only to giggle over the very 80s sweaters.)

  15. I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. You may not be the center of the universe, but you are a force to be reckoned with in the knitting world. I’m just bummed that with all these mousies coming in my chances of winning a prize are greatly diminished! ๐Ÿ™ I mailed my mice yesterday — it took a while to get them all stuffed and sewn for some reason.

  16. Hi, Wendy!

    I’m glad you will wait for the drawing just a bit since I still have to get the cat nip and fill my little beasties. My shipment might not go out till Monday since I have to work this weekend… eewwwww. 12.5 hour shifts so I’m usually exhausted when I get home.

    I’ll mail them the 3 day stuff so you should get them asap from me.

    I’m actually going to be traveling on the road today with my guy friend. He drives and I knit (yes, a few more mice). Great deal. ๐Ÿ™‚ And we both have good company for the day.


  17. Wendy – I’m so glad you posted about sending the mousies. I’ve been looking at my pile of unstuffed and thinking that I was too late, but I will finish them up and mail (Priority) them Monday. I’m going to be at Oregon Flock & Fiber all weekend (showing sheep and hopefully selling stuff) but I know there will be a little down time so I can get them done. Of course, my chances of winning are minimal, but I can’t win at all if I don’t send them in, right?

    Keep up the inspirational knitting! One of these days I’ll work up the nerve to try a sweater…

  18. Wendy, in your gallery pages I noticed that most of your Dale sweaters have a small patch on the sleeve. Where do you get those. I am considering the Sirdal or the Baby St Anton, as my first project. I would love to be able to do “Marina” some day. Your work is lovely!


  19. Wendy:

    When you are two color knitting and you have to stop a color for 3 or 4 rows before you pick it back up – do you tie if off and start it again or do you carry the yarn?


  20. Wendy, let me say up front that what I am about to say is in NO WAY meant to pander to you in a barely veiled attempt to get you to add additional tickets for me in the mouse-a-thon raffle….however if it works, I’M IN!!!

    Just kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, here’s my comment…I am VERY sure A & J Starmore read your blog and realize increased sales based on the items you knit because how many other people can have ONLY their first name mentioned on a knit list or knit blog and everyone automatically knows who *Wendy* is…?
    It is actually rare that your full name is ever mentioned by other knitters, just *Wendy* is enough and we all know that you are THAT *Wendy*!
    You are a huge influence in the knitting community for: inspiration, guidance, assistance, fun, camaraderie and accomplishment….for new knitters and seasoned pros and everything in between.

    You have awesome influence when it comes to our knitterly world and I am very sure Alice and Jade realize it too!!

    Thus ends the shameless kissing up portion of our broadcast ๐Ÿ™‚ Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!!!

  21. Trust me, They read your blog! They should be thanking their lucky stars! VY should bow at your feet. YOU ROCK!

  22. The world DOES revolve around you!!!

    at least all the mice do.

  23. I’ve recognised for a long while that you’re the 3rd Hebridean witch. You may be Johnson now, but it almost certainly was Mathieson in a former life. hehe

    Sadly, I wish we could convince the gals to continue writing books & make their millions that way.