My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Mid-Atlantic Mouse Authority

The Mid-Atlantic Mouse Authority (MAMA) would like to extend thanks to the following people:

Rose, our West Coast volunteer mouse-stuffer,

Jen, our East Coast volunteer mouse-stuffer,

Marta and Bonne Marie, who sent cash donations toward the administrative expenses of this operation (mouse bags, labels, toner cartridges, and postage),

and of course to Catherine, Betsy, Melissa, and Veronique, who donated lovely raffle prizes.

Thanks to all of you, and of course my thanks to all who have sent or are sending mousies. We’re still receiving mice, here at Mouse Central, but I thought it was about time I issued a public thak you to all.

I feel bad that I don’t have time to email each of you personally to say thank you, but the huge response to this project has made it impossible. I want you all to know that Lucy and I appreciate all the mousies for Capital Animal Care, as well as the notes and gifts you’ve enclosed for us.


And yesterday’s mouse haul contained mousies from Susan in Grass Valley, CA, Sunny in Ithaca, NY, Chery in Kansas City, MO, Jeanne in Bensalem, PA, Christina in Westminster, MD, Donna in Oberlin, OH, Melissa in Austin TX, Ande in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Renee in Fort colins, CO, Roseanne in Clover, SC, Emily in Austin, TX, Jenn in Holyoke, MA, Jenna at an APO address, Janine in Greenfield, TN, and Judy in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks and Lucy-kisses to one and all!


Lotsa questions in the comments yesterday.

May asked:

Why are you adding one-stitch side seams? I want to know your thought process on this one.

I’m adding two stitches at each side, which will be knitted in the background color. Partly to avoide the jog in the pattern, and partly so that when I do the steeks, it won’t cut into the pattern as much.

Karen asked:

What is your favorite sweater to WEAR? Do you have a top 5 list? Just curious.

The answer is . . . I dunno. Some winters here are too warm for me to want to wear sweaters. And the heating where I work is unpredictable at best, so I rarely wear a sweater. I have sweaters I made a couple of years ago that I . . . uh . . . haven;t worn yet.

I think the sweater I wear the most is a gansey from the Debbie Bliss book — the out-of-print knitting in England, Ireland and Scotland, or whatever the heck it’s called (yes, I know I could just go look at the book and give you it’s proper title, but what’s the fun in that?).

Rebecca asked:

Why is it that some patterns make a size small so large? Is it the knitting equivalent of how expensive stores make all their sizing numbers 3 sizes smaller?

Could be. I think because this sweater is designed as a cardi, it’s oversized. The size of the pattern repeat often dictates sizing too. If you want your sweater to be symmetrical, you gotta think about the number and placement of the motifs.

Shirley asked:

But you changed it to a pullover? Didn’t you buy those special, gorgeous
pricey buttons for the cardigan? Why the change?

Ahem. I was wondering how long it would be before someone noticed that. I changed my mind. I am a fickle creature. I do indeed have the incredibly extravagant buttons for the cardi. But I figured they’ll look just as lovely on the Dale “Lotus” design, the yarn for which is in my stash.

TheresaW asked:

What elements of a Fair Isle sweater really draw you in and make you say “That’s going on my list!” ?

Ooh, good one! I like traditional motifs and great use of color. Glenesk is about as far afield as I’m willing to go, motif-wise. The colorway makes up for the non-traditional look of it for me. Marina is, to me, the ultimate fair isle. I love the pattern motifs and the use of color is pure genius. Are you reading this, Alice? Marina is a masterpiece.

A couple of questions about the Hifa 2 yarn — it feels crisper than Dale yarn, but certainly not unpleasant. Cat says it becomes silkier and drapes better after blocking, and she knows whereof she speaks.

Thanks for all your kind comments about Marina! You’ll be pleased to note, I’m sure, that I’ve removed the sound file of Howard moaning “Oh, Marina!” and I put it on the official Marina page.

I didn’t wear Marina to work yesterday — wasn’t cold enough. I am, however, wearig my Roscalie cardi today.

PiS Sweater

Yeah. Knit during down time at work (insert hysterical laughter here). Uh huh. That didn’t happen yesterday. A break for lunch didn’t happen yesterday.

But maybe today, when I have to hang around late until we are ready to release everything at the psychological moment. The reality is that we’ll probably be in a frenzy to finish things up on time, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

So here’s yesterday’s progress — the facing, the picot turning row, and not much more.



  1. Karen in DK says:

    Yes, Marina IS gorgeous. But so is Lucy’s bushy tail in today’s posting! Looking forward to following along in PiS — the colors and pattern are so beautiful. Good luck with your deadline at work today.

  2. Marina is beautiful Wendy, and you so obviously enjoyed making it. I look forward to the new project.

  3. Wendy, I am interested in trying my hand at Fair Isle knitting. Unfortunately I do not have the funds to buy the expensive shetland wool that you use. Might there be an alternative to this pricey wool that would yield admirable results? Thanks, Dan.

  4. Marina is gorgeous–that wav file cracks me up too.

    Hope you got my mice from Jen the ab-fab mouse stuffer.

    Not that I like the cold, but I hope you get to wear all those sweaters this year. (It’s freezing here, so I need to knit more!)

  5. Please tell Lucy she has a magnificent tail!

  6. I just wanted to add my thanks to all the people who helped you on this project — every day when I read about how many people have sent in mice, it makes me smile. :^)

  7. Wendy – congrats on your mousie coup! Lucy was such a wonderful inspiration for us all.

    Marina is indeed incredible, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the leaf pullover emerge! Have a great weekend — I’m off to AC to dump the contents of my wallet and fill the trunk of my friend’s car w/yarn! WOO HOO – ROAD TRIP!!!

    (Sorry, I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm.)

  8. Renee in CO says:

    I would love to know how many people participated in the mouse-a-thon. 1367 mice from ?? people? Do you know or would you have to spend hours figuring that out?
    – Numbers Nerd

  9. Sweaters you made that you haven’t worn yet … I don’t think I could do that 🙂 But, then, part of the reason I haven’t been pushing to whip out sweaters is that I don’t get a lot of occasion to wear them either (central Texas, grew up in South Coastal Texas, so I’m used to really mild winters).

    Still, I’m thinking I’m going to have to make a few, just for those odd occasions when it actually gets cold. And my sister will be moving to Wyoming next year, so I can make them for her and her family there where they can *certainly* wear them!

  10. If its not too much trouble I’d be interested to know how many states and countries are represented in the “Great Mouse-a-thon”.

  11. From my glass house in Oakland, I stand and give you ALL (all the makers, senders, stuffers, and WENDY!) a big ole round of applause. Amazing, isn’t it? All those people who care about the animals, who care about the mousies, and who care about knitting. Wendy, it’s your own people-fairisle you’re doing, you know that, right? All of us strands coming together at your house. It’s gorgeous. Thank you!

  12. I guess you have been so busy with your Mouse A Thon that you haven’t had time to take the “Wendy In Her Marina” photo. We’re waiting!