My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Fire Drill

Fire drill at work yesterday and, well-prepared, clever girl that I am, I had the start of my Kureyon bag in my purse. So I KIPed happily while standing outside, waiting for the all-clear to return to work.

My boss was very interested in the whole knitting and felting process, so I promised to bring the bag in to show her after it’s felted. And the head of our agency asked me the difference between knitting and crocheting so I gave him the concise answer and finished it up with “. . . and knitting is far superior.”

He didn’t ask to be taught to knit, however.

So . . . I’m loving making this bag. Once I got over the initial shock of size 10.5 needles (and I was surprised to find that I even owned any) that feel like broomsticks, I’ve gotten into this and am loving how the Kureyon stripes.

Here it is so far:



Had to stay late at work last night, so very little PiS progress. Not photoworthy.

I’ve been asked why I find it boring. Why? Because it’s one motif . . . over and over again. No variety!

But as I said, I think it’s a beautiful sweater and I know I’ll love it when it’s done.

But ooh! Ooh!

Jen updated the Mousemaps!

Lucy is jazzed.



  1. Now that’s the way to have a fun fire drill ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see how your Kureyon bag will look once it’s felted. I like knitting w/Noro just to see the colors knit up, but I know what you mean about the broomsticks…er…needles. It just feels weird to use anything larger than an 8, doesn’t it?

    Sydney & Bobby say “meow” to Lucy.

  2. The mousie map is cool! And Lucy is TOO cute. :^)

  3. I knew the mouse total would be over 1500 today! Great accomplishment Wendy and all.

    The color of your Kureyon is interesting. I guess color does the trick for me, that’s why fair isle and dales and stripey socks are so interesting.

    Thanks for your faithful posting. Love visiting your blog everyday.

  4. The bag looks great – isn’t it wonderful to keep a project handy like that for just such an emergency?

    I have to tell you something — everytime you write “PiS” it makes me think of something else — I used to belong to a breastfeeding support online community, and “PIS” was our standard abbreviation for the “Pump in Style,” one of the more popular breastpumps available for working moms. Getting flashbacks to my early days of motherhood! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi Wendy, Oh I just love the Mouse-a-thon Map! Thanks to Jen for creating and updating it. It really makes me think that there is a great article for a magazine in all of this. And no (smile), I am not volunteering to write it. I am an editor, though, and would volunteer my editing skills if someone wants to write the article.

    I like the Kureyon felted bag, but would prefer to make it in a different yarn. Last year I made a scarf for someone for a Christmas gift (so you know I was a bit short on time) and encountered an average of 3 knots in each of the 4 skeins. Didn’t like that! But when completed, and soaked in water with a bit of hair conditioner, I was very happy with it.

    And I have learned to *never* leave home without a knitting project. With my knitting, I no longer mind waiting for, well, anything!

  6. October is ‘Fire Awareness Week’ here in Ottawa as well. I work for the feds and we’re expecting a fire drill any day now! I guess I should be packing something as well. When we evacuate we have to go across the street and wait until the ‘all clear’ signal from our fire marshalls.

    A lot of people take the opportunity to have a smoke (ugh)(smoking is not allowed in federal buildings), others go further afield to catch some coffee (smoking is not allowed in restaurants in Ottawa).

    And I neither smoke nor drink coffee, so why not knit!

    And although our Director and his wife are collectors of fabrics from their world travels, he does not knit. I think I’d have a tough time persuading him about the value of knitting.

  7. Heehee–I have taught myself the basics of crochet but am still (mostly) a snob on the subject of knitting vs. crochet. Crochet has its merits, but not as many as knitting!

    I KIP just about everywhere BUT work. Everyone at my job knows I knit but most think it’s another one of my oddball (pun intended) habits.

  8. Hi, Wendy!

    Are those Addi Turbo needles you are using for the Felted bag?

    I have started my bag in color 89 but I am using Denise needles from my set and find that the yarn does not slide smoothly on the cable; it seems to catch and drag on it. Does yours slide smoothly as your knit round and round?

  9. sHK

  10. I’m having deja vu from your bag – I made mine in the same color ๐Ÿ˜€ (Mine’s the one on the Booga Bag page with the cat!). Isn’t that the most beautiful colorway???

    I have a second felted bag project stashed in the car as my emergency knitting…this time makin’ up my own pattern…you’re so lucky that you can knit during the day too…

    I have 3 mouses ready for ya – wanted to hit at least 5 before sending them off — gotta get you to 2K!

    Thanks as always for an always fun blog-read…


  11. Ooohh I love the colors of your new bag! I have never used Kureyon yarn before–it is beautiful. I love making those felted bags on giant needles. The project goes so fast it is instant gratification! Thanks for sharing it!
    Happy Knitting!

  12. Wendy! They only feel like broomsticks because of all the #2s youse use. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I knit with 11s A LOT (I have more 11s and sock needles than anything else, a big dearth of 4s, 5s, etc). nothing feels broomstick to me until about #17 or so.

  13. Don’t you just love the mobility of knitting? Great idea, taking it out during the fire drill.

    I love the colors in the Kureyon bag. Beeeautiful!

  14. Big needles are sometimes fun. Not to mention fast knitting – so for a speedy knitter like you, the bag is probably already done.

    Here in Japan I’ve seen some 15 mm and 17 mm needles. I don’t have any yarn that calls for such huge things, but the bamboo 15 mm needles are so cute, I might just have to get a pair and go in search of the right yarn.