My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bag It!

A bit more progress on my Kureyon bag, even though I worked through lunch yesterday so there was no lunchtime knitting (insert major whining sounds here). And the train was too crowded to knit on the way home.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that federal govt. employees don’t work for a living. This one does.

By the way, the first skein of Kureyon I used had no knots, and so far the second one doesn’t either. (This in response to a commenter who reported “knotty” Kureyon.) I guess it’s the luck of the draw.

And I . . . ahem . . . ordered more Kureyon in color #88 to make another bag. Tee hee.

And I am using a 24″ Addi turbo to knit the bag. Who’da thunk I would have had an Addi turbo in size 10.5? I don’t think I’ve ever used it before. But it’s working out fine — nice smooth join so the stitches slide merrily along.

And the song that’s running through my head as I work on it?

“Kureyon, My Wayward Son”

I sometimes amaze myself.


I have a tad more progress to show you.


It may be boring to knit, but it makes great tv knitting!

Mouse News

The Mousies Receivable Department reports a slowdown in mouse arrival, but I did get a package of mousies from Jenny in Davis, CA. Jenny, I can’t find your email address or I’d be thanking you personally for the box of mouse-shaped chocolate truffles you enclosed in your package.

Y’all are my witnesses that I am going to share them with Ian, Head Mouse-Bagger.

Lucy sez . . .


Will someone play with me . . . please?


  1. i love the pis, great colors!

  2. Wait’ll you see it with either my raspberry pink lizard or olive green suede cowboy boots. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. “Head Mouse-Bagger” has a nice ring to it. But “Mouse Head-Bagger” would be cool – I can envision a bunch of little mouse heads in baggies…

  4. I guess Head Mouse Bagger is better than Mouse Head Banger, too. I can just picture a little mousie with full blown heavy-metal hair!

    Glad you’re enjoying your knitting, even if there aren’t enough hours in the day.

  5. Wendy, when you finish the PiS leaf sweater, please oh please photograph it with the coordinating boots! That would make such a cool image. Can’t wait to see how the sweater will look as a pullover. Are you going to use the velvet trim around the neck?

  6. That leaf cardigan is looking so lovely. I’ve always admired the colors of it, but was never sure how true to life the colors in the book were. Looks like they’re pretty spot on. Yours is beautiful!

  7. I just want to reach right in to the computer and scratch Lucy’s tummy!

    I love the leaf sweater. The colors are just great. I also wanted to share with everyone what I’m doing today. I’ve been asked to go to a private school in DC to help the kids learn to knit! Once a week there’s a 45 minute class. The kids are 3rd graders and they have a year long project. They’re making scarves to donate to either a shelter or home. I’ll find out more about it later. Isn’t that great? My two favorite things are knitting and kids (funny they’re both “k” words). What a wonderful way to introduce youngsters to the wonderful world of knitting and to teach them what charity means. Hey Wendy, do you think by next year they can do meeses?

  8. Ruth D, in Houston says:

    Wendy, I wonder what would you suggest for a first ARAN pattern? I am willing to learn charts – but – I don’t know what would be an easy first Aran.

    I had started one 3 yrs ago from an old Sears knitting leaflet (vintage saved by my mom) but then tropical storm Alison got to it and I lost the pattern during the flood. It was not a charted pattern. I frogged the sleeves and still have the yarn. I’m ready to start again.

  9. I’ve got an absolutely huge collection of Addi circular needles cause I use them for just about all my knitting (except socks…Crystal Palace bamboo, baby!) But by and large all of them are the 32″ size and the 16″ size. I just bought a duplicate size 7 in the 24″ size, and I’m really loving it for straight knitting…less wire-age to get in the way.

  10. Karen in MN says:

    Wendy, you are such a great enabler! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I ordered Noro in #40 yesterday to make the bag myself for a Christmas present for my aunt. And I have J & S Shadecards coming (eventually) from Scotland.

    And I vote for the raspberry pink lizard boots with the sweater, myself. Wow, that would look fabulous!

  11. Wendy, I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets variants of songs stuck in my head at the slightest provocation! I couldn’t stop having “Norwegian Wood” in my head after receiving a bunch of Norwegian Wool in the mail….
    PiS is looking lovely, as expected. ๐Ÿ™‚ At least the colours vary so you don’t get too bored!

  12. T’s Booga Bag progress report – I finished the 64 rows and cast off the body of my bag last night…now knitting I-Cord. Have to say, I’m a bit concerned about the finished size of the bag…even though Booga gives the finished measurments, pictures make it look bigger.

    I’m going to make a couple of these, so I may do some tweeking on the next one.

  13. The sweater is gorgeous, Wendy, no matter how boring!
    Kureyon is just fun to knit isn’t it? I made a pullover last year in the colorway you are using. It is a top down raglan and I did seed stitch whenever the charteuse came up. It turned out pretty cool! I just bought a skein of one of the new colors to make a fair isle hat for myself. using Brown Sheep Nature Spun in Smoke as the solid color.. It’s very pretty!

    Blow a raspberry on the splendid furry tummy of Lucy’s for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Here is a tip on the felting process — using your own washing machine has been known to clog up the works and sometimes cause major repairs. A commercial laundromat is an alternative site for the felting process.

  15. Karen in MN says:

    Are the mustard yellow and red yarns on the bottom going to show once the sweater has been completed? They don’t seem to go with the rose/fuschia/green tones, at least to me …

  16. Jenny (in Davis) says:


    glad you got the mousies – hope the chocolate ones didn’t melt. no chocolate for poor Lucy! good news, my first opal socks match! who’d have thought.


  17. Jenny (in Davis) says:


    glad you got the mousies – hope the chocolate ones didn’t melt. no chocolate for poor Lucy! good news, my first opal socks match! who’d have thought.


  18. Wendy —
    Addi Turbos are my absolute favorite knitting needle — for anything. I use circs for everything, even straight knitting, due to carpal tunnel problems from years on computers. Addis are absolutely the best joins — and man, are they fast! They spoil you for anything else — and I have them in all sizes. I’m using the size 13 right now to knit a scarf for my charity knitting — and the next pattern I’m looking at calls for 35s!!!!! I didn’t even know needles came that size!!

    I love your blog and seeing all the lovely things you make. I wish I could “justify” spending more time knitting for myself — but I started a program at my church where we knit hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, and baby things for needy families served by a food pantry my church supports. I work for my church denomination across the street from the food pantry, so I see the people who come for food and warm clothing — and I feel horribly guilty not knitting for them!! I usually take off December from knitting for those families, thinking I’ll knit for myself, but then I usually end up making last minute Christmas gifts for my husband’s and my families!!!!

  19. Karen Heinig says:

    Kureyon my wayward son! Bah hah! Got a hearty chuckle out of that one!

  20. Have you seen the rat on your way to work lately Wendy? I was in Jo-Ann Fabric today (my mother wanted to go) and what did they have but 15 inch plastic life like rats. Yech. They had them in different positions, one like it was walking and then they had others that were sitting up. All I could think of was your DC Rat. There is no way I would be spending any money to bring that ugly thing home.

    PiS is gorgeous, love the colors. I plan to make a Booga bag eventually.

  21. Teresa — My first BoogaJ turned out smaller than I had hoped, so I’ve been making them with four skeins. I knit the strap first, cast on 40 sts for the base, knit 20 ridges for the base, and then knit in the round until I run out of yarn. I’ve also made some bigger. Rarely found knots in the Kureyon, but weirdly, different colorways/dyelots felt differently. Some really shrink up and fast; others felt more deliberately. Since I felt in the machine, some of the bags have turned out smaller simply because I didn’t catch them in time, I think. They sure are addictive, though. I keep finding another colorway I want to try. Perfect mindless knitting!

  22. Re: felting in your own washing machine leading to clogs…

    I haven’t had any problem and you shouldn’t as long as you are putting the items you are felting in a zippered pillowcase – all the major fuzzies can’t get out and I’d imagine any tiny ones that escape wouldn’t cause any more damage than your regular clothing does…

    Just my 2 cents …

  23. I would strongly recommend the zippered pillowcase method. I felted a thrift shop sweater on a recent visit to my parents to make a folk-ish sewn bag. I broke my mom’s washer somehow. Fortunately, she’d been asking my dad for a new one for years, so it wasn’t a major problem, but she now refers to that bag as the $500 purse… I will not be making that mistake again.

  24. Wendy: I was so inspired by that bag your knitting I ran out and got me some of that yummy yarn too. I’m doing my in #90 (pretty purples/blues/fuchias). So the race is one, who can finish their Booga Bag first…..LOL
    Happy knittin’ ~Tara

  25. Wendala: did you know you are FAMOUS?! You, Bonne Marie and several others were mentioned in a sidebar about blogging in the latest Vogue Knitting!!! Congrats!