My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The Great Enabler

That’s me!

I’m always being accused of/admired for my enabling abilities when it comes to knitting and yarn purchasing.

And I’m this close to sucking in one of my non-knitting coworkers.

(Insert evil laughter here.)

I showed her my first Booga Bag in progress last week and she was almost drooling over the yarn. She has now seen the completed felted bag, and my new Booga Bag in progress.

“Wendy, I could knit a scarf from that, couldn’t I?

Why, yes, my pretty . . .

“Wendy, when can we start lunchtime knitting classes?”

Soon, very soon.

I am in my element.

And then, another of my coworkers told me this morning that her brother became the proud papa of a new baby son yesterday.

And I say, “You know, I know some awfully cute, easy baby patterns. . .”

And she admitted to thinking about learning to knit.


October Contest

I don’t think I mentioned an “entries must be received by” date and time when I annunced the contest. Doh!

Entries must be received by 5pm EST this Friday, October 17.


Don’t forget! The drawing for the raflle will be held this weekend! Check my website on Saturday afternoon, because I will post the winners then. A special weekend edition of Wendyknits! Can you stand the excitement?

Because I’m a Geek . . .

I made myself some new “business” cards.


I often find myself in the position of giving my URL to people. Someone on the tran will admire a sock-in-progress and want the pattern (believe it or not, this has happened several times). A coworker has a relative who is a knitter and wants to tell her about my site. I whipped out a card and gave it to her.

Booga Bag Number Two

The bag part is almost done in this photo. I-cord time!


And look what came in the mail today:


A blurry pic of some of the Kureyon color #55 I got in the mail today from L-B. We did a trade.

I think this stuff is gonna make a bag for me!

Felting Qs and As

Some of you had some questions. Here are my answers.

I used just regular laundry detergent when I felted my bag.

The instructions for putting the straps on the bag are very easy to understand when you have the bag sitting in front of you. Julie writes a good clear pattern!

Other Qs and As

The Spongebob tattoo I showed a few weeks ago is a fake. ๐Ÿ™‚ Who on earth would be nuts enough to have a character from an aminated show tattooed on her?

Uh . . . wait . . .

I take that back.

A question I get a lot is: “How the heck do you do anything with those nails?”


Well you see, I don’t actually do anything other than work and knit.


  1. Keep up the good enabling Wendy! Cute business cards, by the way. Much easier than writing your URL out to every interested person.

    Have you ever thought of going into a knitting business for yourself? Or would that take away from the pleasurable aspect of knitting for you?

  2. Ruth D, in Houston says:

    Tatoo – I could tell it was a fake, I’ve never seen a tatoo with yellow as bright as yours.

    Nails – I know that as they grow you get use to them and they don’t interfear. It’s when you put 3 inch fake ones on that you end up being all tumbs. LOL

    B.Card…. great look. Your model is sooooo beautiful. She must command big $ in fish snacks.

    Enabling…. great I’m sure they will love/hate you for it. People on my job wish to knit but don’t want to sit and learn how. You are lucky to have to bite the bait.

  3. Ahhhhh. Enabling is goooood. I have sucked in a number of coworkers, the most recent two of which are men, and are they *amazing*. Just off and running, one doing very nice two-color work on Lopi a pullover after a few weeks. And talk about *obsessed*! One is way worse than the women here! Always sketching ideas, already hoarding yarn (although it will take hima few years to get where I am stashwise!), talking about spinning, dying with rhododendron leaves, and wondering whether he might be able to have alpaca at his weekend house in Upstate NY.

    *We thinks he likes it, my precioussssssss…*

  4. Allrighty! I feel all enabled now, and can go about my day. Thanks, Wendy!

  5. woohoo! here’s hoping the fishies stay on the line now that they’ve taken the bait ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And wow, I thought MY nails were long!

  6. Yes, you *ARE* the enabler-extraordinaire, aren’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Don’t you just love teaching your co-workers to knit? It makes lunchtime in the cafeteria much more enjoyable (at least here in the dreary Chicago weather it does)

    I have total fingernail envy. I have never been able to grow my nails. I’ve tried everything: polish, lotions, etc. Hmmm, maybe it’s all that Shetland wool?

  7. Speaking of stashes (Andrea’s comment) – I have a question for Wendy. I’m new to the site so forgive me if this ground’s already been covered. I gather you have a stash that is to die for! How do you keep it organized so you can find what you want when you want it? And how do you store it to protetct it from m***s? I have lots of people at working admiring my socks and asking me to make them a pair. I tell them in order to receive a pair you must be related by blood or engaged to one of my children (or sign my paychecks – I am thinking of making a pair for my boss for Christmas). But I’ve offered to teach anyone who wants how to knit – no takers yet!

  8. Finally…I get my Wendy fix. For the last two hours every time I’ve tried to get to your page I’ve been redirected to search engines that looked as if I’d done a search for your page but when I clicked those links I went nowhere.

    Did I mention – my knitting soul sista – that my first felted bag – the one a year ago – a Classic Elite pattern – I did in the colorway you are doing your second bag in?

    Love the cards – Geeky is Good.

  9. Yeah, it looked like your site was down for a little while. Nooooo…… the sighs were heard around the nation. But you’re back up and all is well. Digit sends a kiss to Lucy.

  10. I just made my first bag using #55 and it’s gorgeous. There’s no blue in my bag; your photos are showing a large blue section on my monitor. However, I did have one skein which produced a 2 row peach colored stripe. It happened about 2 inches from the top of the bag so it looks ok. Interesting, huh?

  11. Enabling is great — another lady and I got a group started at work to learn knitting and crochet. Now a couple of months later we asked our neary 30! member to do a small square for an afghan to be auctioned at a firm event, with proceeds for charity. We were hoping for 1 square from each of 20 people — today is the second day since we’ve asked and two people have given 5 squares each! They really have the bug…. and it is a joy to have created a community of people who share your interest in this wonderful craft!

  12. Way to enable newbies–you’re always enabling me with new stuff. I just got an old high school friend hooked. Her first sweater is in kureyon–that girl has taste!

    Love the cards too btw. Reminds me of victorian “calling cards” which–you might be starting a trend.

  13. Okay . . . so, how do you type with all those long nails? I find that it drives me nuts if my nails are beyond a certain length because being a programmer, I do a lot of typing. Only let my pinkie nails grow as long as possible, since I do need these nails for very concentrated scratching . . .

  14. You got me with your Booga bag too! I’m almost done with mine and I’ve found it refuses to sit still long enough to take pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m using #31.

  15. you are a cyber-enabler too – i marked your booga bag and i am ordering the yarn today.

  16. Ty0ping? I type ju7st fi9ne with the3se nawils!

  17. Yup, Wendy’s a wonderful enabler. I find stuff I want to knit through your blog that I wouldn’t know about otherwise. I just received Woolcraft (for Marina), I’m making a BoogJ bag, I’m in the midst of a Dale of Norwest vest, and I want to do an Aran soon.

    Wendy gives me confidence that I can do these things …. thanks!

  18. I love the colorway of bag #2! You’ll be the best looking bag lady on the blog block…

  19. Andrea (in MD) says:

    Hi Wendy — I was another astonished and dismayed fan this morning when I couldn’t open your blog page. Thank goodness it’s fixed! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I think it’s great that you’re expanding the circle of knitting. I hear a lot of “my friend/roommate/Mom tried to teach me, maybe I’ll try again” from people who see me knitting in public, so I like to think I’m helping to spread the word, too.

    And since it’s Sock month (SOctober, that is), I’ll tell you I was knitting a sock (for my stepmom) in our staff meeting today, and someone asked me what it was, and then asked “Why are you knitting a sock? Why would you ever knit socks?” I guess because you can just buy them at the store. *sigh* Some people just don’t get it (and never will).

  20. Long time reader, first time commenter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was cracking up at your comment about having an animated character tattooed on her, because I proudly have Pinky from Pinky & the Brain fame tattooed on my right hip. (Unfortunately, most people don’t know the cartoon anymore, so they wonder why I have a goofy looking mouse on my body.)

  21. Nice business card! Here’s a link to my new business card! (Unless hyperlinks are turned off in Movable Type).

  22. Sadly, all the women in my family are of the “why would you Knit something when you can go to (insert department store here) and buy one?” mindset. They are like that with cooking too– no recipes unless there is a product involved. Maybe it’s a Southern thing. (I know the cooking with products thing is.)

  23. You go girl!! I have long natural nails too!

    I’m working on enabling my whole condo, I’ve knit at the two association meetings I’ve been to since I moved in and I’ve had a few fishies swim by to examine the bait…it’s just a matter of time, mwahahahahah!

    I love the calling card!

  24. Jen in Orange says:

    heh… ::jumping on the booga bag bandwagon:: I just told my coworkers that instead of a gift certificate for my birthday, they could go to the LYS (just around the corner from work) and buy me four skeins of Noro Kureyon (colorway of their choice).

    I’m SUCH a sucker.