My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Wendyknits Withdrawal?

I got a lot of email yesterday from people because my site was down, and a phrase common to most of them was “Wendyknits Withdrawal.”

I never thought of my blog as an addictive substance, but apparently it is.

“Go on . . . just scroll down a little bit more. This one’s on me. You know you want to . . .”

By the way, the stats package I use monitors my site and sends me an email if the site is down, and another one when the site is back up. So I always know what’s going on. My site is hosted with a hosting provider, so it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me (I got a lot of emails asking if I was okay). It just means the provider is experiencing technical difficulties.

But I appreciate your concern. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stash-a-holic Confessions

From yesterday’s comments:

I gather you have a stash that is to die for! How do you keep it organized so you can find what you want when you want it? And how do you store it to protect it from m***s?

I do have a stash, but I know there are people who have way larger stashes than I. I am definitely a lightweight in the stash department.

As recently as five or six years ago, I had no stash. I bought yarn on a project-by-project basis. But that’s all changed.

I probably have enough yarn for between 20 to 30 sweaters in my stash. That’s just an estimate because my stash is totally disorganized. Some of it lives in my linen closet. A lot of it lives in my guest room (temporarily renamed the Mouse Room), and some of it . . . ahem . . . is currently living in the shipping boxes it came in, piled on my living room floor and on the lovely handmade sofa table that really should have nothing on it but a crystal hurricane lamp.

Moths? Never had ’em. Hopefully never will. My condo is virtually bug-free. Every couple of years a spider might venture in from outside but that’s it.

Long may it continue.

Knitting Progress

I didn’t finish the i-cord for my current Booga Bag because I worked through lunch yesterday (again — grrrrrrr!). So at some point today the i-cord will be complete.

And due to extreme fatigue brought on by overwork, I haven’t made as much progress on the PiS sweater as I’d like. Here it is:


And by popular demand, Miss Lucy and her amazing chocolate tail!


Lucy, by the way, seems as fond as Kureyon as I. I can’t leave her alone for a minute with it. If I do, hijinks ensue.

Mouse-a-thon Raffle!

Mouse-stuffers Jen and Rose have mailed stuff that will hopefully arrive today. If indeed it does, the Mouse-a-thon raffle will take place and the winners will be posted here in a special weekend edition of Wendyknits.

If I don’t get these last entries in time, I will wait for them, so you’ll have to be patient a teeny bit longer. But I’ll let you know what’s going on tomorrow, either way.

Good weekend, all!


  1. I’m glad your site is back up. I was worried that spammers or hackers were getting in the way.

    I’m wearing St. Enda today. This is the first Aran I’ve made using the “no cable needle” method I learned on your site. Thanks again for having a great Tips section, the sweater looks gorgeous!

  2. Phew, I’m glad you’re running okay today! It was a little scary yesterday having to start the morning without seeing Lucy. What a tail!

    Have a great weekend — looking forward to the drawing!

  3. Was just able to read yesterday’s post and had to laugh. One of the men (!) in a course I teach saw me working on a sock during the break and said wistfully that he REALLY REALLY wanted to learn to knit because he thought it would be so great to make things for himself. If he’ll bring some yarn and needles, I’d be more than happy to get him started.

  4. I start every workday by first reading my email and second reading your blog. It is a cheery way to start a stressful day at work! I am contiuously amazed at your talent in knitting such intricate patterns. Plus I can’t have my own cat because my husband is allergic, so I live vicariously through you and Lucy! She’s so darn cute and fluffy!

  5. Re: coworkers and scarf lessons: The multidirectional scarf that Joe had on his blog is perfect for a newer knitter and capitalizes beautifully on the Noro color changes. Better for Silk Garden though, b/c it is softer on the neck.

  6. Glad you’re back! Count me among the Wendyknits-aholics. Or perhaps that should be Lucy-aholics really. Interesting that she likes the Kureyon so much. One of my three loves it too. Can’t turn my back. This is the same one that usually eschews plain wool for angora, alpaca, mohair or silk only, please. The other two don’t seem much interested in knitting yarn (unless it’s dangling and moving in front of them) but have a fetish for coned 8/2 cotton (I’m a weaver and have pounds and pounds of that around). I have to keep my eye on them or they start cone-tossing. Funny to watch, but it really messes with the yarn.

    Hope you find some time to relax this weekend so you can feel as laid back as Lucy looks. Have a good one.

  7. Thanks for your reply about your stash. It’s good to know you’re human! Maybe that’s my problem, I’m trying to be too organized and it takes time away from my knitting. From now on I will let the yarn fall where it may and spend my time knitting! See what a good influence you’ve been? I finished my first Dale sweater (child size), and will take a picture as soon as it’s dry. As I live on an island off the coast of Washington state and the rainy season has begun, that will probably be next spring! I must admit that I, too, am becoming a Wendyholic. It’s just that your enthusiasm is contagious and I’m so thrilled to find a group of people that don’t think I’m wierd (you don’t, do you?) because of my knitting addiction!

  8. I am a Wendyknits-aholic through and through…. I was having a Wendy withdrawal yesterday… I read your blog first every morning! You have been my constant source of inspiration and hand holding through some shaky experiences (steeking, knit-on shoulder saddles)!

    I am loving PiS! Mine is still in the box that it came in and it makes its’ presense known by falling on its’ side every now and then.

    Lucy’s tail is so incredibly thick! I am finding Maggie is in love with the Kureyon too… Must be the dye… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    To those who have sent mousies and have been acknowledged by me, I sent them via Fed Ex.. They assured me it will be there Friday!

    And Dorothy from Washington… Whereabouts are you from??? I am getting sick of this drippy weather we’re having… Can we have summer back?

  9. Sandra aka Mrs. C says:

    Hello my name is Sandra and I am a Wendyknitsaholic. Naw, I don’t want to change. Just keep posting and inspiring us, Wendy, and keep showing us Lucy in all her glory, and we are happy.

    Oh Lucy, can you come over to play? I bet my Maxwell would like to admire you “up close and personal.”

    Wendy, thanks for the notes on the Booga Bag. Maybe I will give Kureyon another try. It *is* beautiful.

    Great weekend, all.

  10. Wendy, the only cure for extreme fatigue is ExTREME Hedonism!! Fill yers yet???

    I wore mine over my sore throat the other night and it really helps – a few drops of Lavendar oil on it and I was sound asleep!

    still breathing, geane

  11. That is going to be one beautiful sweater! It will look gorgeous on you.

  12. Oh oh oh! My mouse is in one of those packages! [Does frenetic happy dance.] Thanks so much for waiting. You are the best ๐Ÿ™‚

    (So glad we can see your site again!)

  13. Mine are on their way too! I thought they’d be there before now! They went out Priority Mail on Tuesday (but nothing gets anywhere from here in 1-2 days). Don’t hold up the contest for me (it’s my own fault if they don’t get there in time) I do covet all the prizes, but with so many entries (!!!) my meager contribution isn’t worth holding everybody else up.