My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Mouse-a-thon Raffle Winners!

Yes, we finally have drawn the wining raffle tickets!

And the winners are . . .

Prize Number One — Dale of Norway Norge 2000 Kit (dark teal colorway)
Janine R. in Greenfield, TN

Prize Number Two — Poetry in Stitches Cardi Kit (page 118 of the book)
Wanda R. in Bangor ME

Prize Number Three — Poetry in Stitches Cardi Kit (page 160 of the book)
Suzanne B. in Meriden CT

Prize Number Four — Dale of Norway St. Moritz 2003 Kit (in purple Norwegian sport wool from Elann)
Beth L. in Boston, MA

Prize Number Five — Dale of Norway’s Kongsberg kit (blue/black colorway)
Roi W, in Prescott, AZ

Prize Number Six — Times Cable Swingcoat kit
Katrina C. in Issaquah, WA

Prize Number Seven — Zauberflote Kit
Jean G. in the UK

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone from me, from Lucy, and from many many happy kitties.


You can view photos and descriptions of the prizes on the Mouse-a-thon Prize page

That said, you can guess that I received what I believe are the last of the entries, from mousestuffer Jen — some from Jen herself, and others from Beate in Franfurt, Germany, Pat H. in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, Jean G. in Norwich, UK, Stephannie in Toronto, Ont, Canada, Lizz in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, Sophia in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Josee in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Catherine in Brussels, Belgium, and Anna in Lund, Sweden.

Thank you all so much, and thanks again to all mouse knitters!

I’ve emailed all winners at the email addresses written on the raffle tickets. If you are listed as a winner and didn’t get an email from me it means I had a typo in your email address. Please email me (using the “Contact Me” link in my sidebar) and confirm your snail mail address. Prizes six and seven are being mailed directly from Melissa and Veronique, so I’ll pass your addresses along to them.

PiS Question

Caroline asked yesterday if the pattern for my PiS sweater directed me to steek the neck. The pattern has you simply knit a tube, then cut out the neck and edge it with velvet ribbon. Instead, I steeked the neck, using the photo as a guide, and will finish the neck in i-cord using the burgundy, as I don’t particularly care for the ribbon finish.

Booga Bags!

Here’s my new Booga Bag in progress:


Ain’t those purty colors?

About felting, Latifa asked:

When you felt with a towel, do you ever have trouble with lint on the finished felt? I was going to use jeans or something else to avoid that.

As Julie recommended in the pattern, I put the bag in a zippered pillowcase to felt, so there was no lint anywhere — except yarn lint inside the pillowcase. I highly recommend it!

In answer to another comment question yesterday, I’ve not had any trouble with Kureyon colors running. Yet.


  1. congrats to all the winners! and wendy, could we please have a photo of the pis neck steek action?

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I love your blog and am in awe of your knitting. You have inspired me to start my first Starmore fair isle. As soon as the two colors of red Jamieson’s arrive that I am missing, I am starting the Morning Glory vest. I was wondering if this is a design that you have ever considered knitting, and what your next project might be after you finish the PIS leaf design?

  3. I won’t be cutting the steek and knitting the i-cord neck until after one sleeve is done — I need a sleeve to measure the armhole depth and stitch the armhole steeks before I can do a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders and finish the neck. But I’ll do my best to document the process.

  4. Congratulations to all the winners, and your Booga J bags are looking great, Wendy!

  5. Congrats to all the lucky winners! Your next bag looks loverly Wendy. I made that colour for my sister too!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let us all know how you do on your sweaters! Wendy, that Kureyon #89 really woke me up this morning! Wowzer colors!

  7. Today’s picture of Lucy just had me giggling. She looks like she’s pole-dancing. Aren’t they funny, the places/poses they decide are most comfortable!

  8. Congratulations to everyone!

    Love the color of the latest bag!

    FYI: Squib has the Mouse-A-Thon listed as a current knit-a-long on her Interweave WebWatch here:

    She has a section for past Knit-Alongs…don’t know how long you and Ian want to be in the Mouse-baggin’ business!


  9. Karen in DK says:

    A happy ending to a great contest. Thanks again, Wendy, it was really fun. Love that Lucy-pose — I guess she’ll be sorry to see all those mice and lovely smells disappear.

  10. 1759 catnip mice! What a great tribute to Isolde.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Izzy’s smiling a contented smile.

  11. Your blog has inspired me to make a Booga Bag! I am using color 95 and only have the i-cord left to go (I started Sat.).

    What colorway is your new bag, I might have to order some of that.

  12. Hi Wendy,

    I still have mice for you… Is it okay to send them on still or should I donate them elsewhere?

  13. Wow! You are on a Booga Bag binge! Love the color you are using on today’s bag. Uh-oh. Feeling the urge to buy more Kureyon!

  14. Congrats to all of the lucky winners! I love Lucy in her pose (Maggie does the same)… you have to have the right amount of girth/fur to master that pose!!

    I love your #89 bag!!! Mine came out with less blue in that colorway, but it’s still purty…
    I decided to give Color 89 and 40 to my SIL’s…. I may still make 89 for myself (LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!), but it’s hard when so many people make the booga bag in so many fab colors! I want them all!

    PiS is… well what can I say. I sigh every time you show it to us!

  15. Alexandra says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your b. bag obession and the link…done two since Sat. and I am trying to talk my self out of starting number three…work? who needs to work????

  16. Aha– I knew there was a way I could felt without guilt in a commercial washer! Those of us in city apartments can finally join in the craze. Someone else’s felting tips said never to felt in a washing machine that wasn’t your own because the lint gets all over. I should have known that *you* have all the answers.

  17. Congrats everyone !
    What an incredible number of mice ! :0)

    Beautiful colour Kureyon.

  18. Hi Wendy,

    You said that you were going to use floats rather than weaving in with your PiS sweater. Did you stick with that? I felt “enabled” to start my own PiS Leaf Cardigan but am wondering if the longer floats (10 stiches) are a bit too long? I tried catching them in, but found the green was peeping through the ecru leaves from behind. I went back to floats, but the longest are a bit bunched up & loopy.I’ve only done the first pattern repeat – I’m hoping that they will stretch out when there is a bit more fabric on the needles. Any thoughts?

  19. Congratulations to all the raffle winners — I wanna see pictures of all those sweaters knitted up! And congrats to you, Wendy, for inspiring such an outpouring of support for a good cause. Your karma is looking pretty good right now — maybe you’ll be repaid in yarn in the hereafter? ๐Ÿ˜‰