My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


It’s All Over Except for the Squeaking

The Mouse-a-thon, that is.

We’re still bagging mice and hauling them over for Capital Animal Care, though. Which brings me to a question in yesterday’s comments — if you have mice to send and still want to donate them, please feel free to send them along. All mousie contributions will be gratefully received.


Not a whole heckuva lot yesterday. An 11+ hour day at work followed by an after-work cocktail party meant I got home about an hour before my weekday bedtime. I did tell Lucy that Mommy would be late coming home, but she of course forgot that, and demanded an explanation when I finally showed up.

She was appeased by the appearance of her Fancy Feast.

I left my Booga Bag in progress at the office, so I wouldn’t have to schlep it over to the cocktail party, which was held at a hotel a few blocks from the office. So no commuter knitting this morning.

But yesterday was a good day — the first of two days of training for our field offices on revisions we have made to the law we enforce. The training presentations I’ve been madly writing for the past two weeks were very well-received and will require only minor revisions. And the Secretary of Labor herself stopped by in the afternoon to speak to us and stayed for the break and chatted with everyone there.

I’ll be doing a presentation this morning and I’m more or less prepared. I think.

So . . .

In lieu of actual knitting content today, here’s a photo of my latest addition to my stash:


This is Araucania Nature Wool, purchased from Elann, purchased at their low low price. It’s 100% wool worsted weight and each 100 gram skein has 242 yards. I bought ten of them, in color “Allspice.” There are subtle variations in the color and it’s just gorgeous.

It even got the Lucy seal of approval!


Now . . . what to use it for? It might felt nicely . . .


  1. It does indeed felt nicely. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a one skein purse pattern I use with the Nature Wool particularly as a quick gift. Nice stuff, that Nature Wool. (It also comes in Chunky! But I don’t think Elann has that right now.)

  2. Hi Wendy, another long time lurker here. Do you think the araucania could work as a substitue for Magpie?

  3. Thanks Jenanne — good to know!

    Phyl, I don’t think I’d substitute it for Magpie — I think it’s a little bit lighter weight. But you could try a swatch — it depends really on what you’re going to knit out of it.

  4. Sandra C aka Mrs. C. says:

    Congratulations to all the prize winners of the Mouse-A-Thon! In my mind and heart, I believe that we *all* won on this project. I know I surely did. For me, it took my attention away from myself after a complex surgery, during the early weeks of a year-long recuperation. And it finally gave my daughter a reason to learn how to knit! Wouldn’t it be interesting to read everyone’s story about their mouse-a-thon knitting?

    I saw that yarn at elann and wondered if it was scratchy like some wools? Anybody want to send me a strand of it so I can test it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Isn’t it great when other people are pleased with our work? All the best for your presentation this morning, Wendy.

  5. The araucania “worsted” weight is a good deal thinner than most worsted weight, so no, I don’t think it can sub well for Magpie. (The chunky version might be closer, though.) I used some for a mouse or two, and it was much thinner — I actually washed them to felt slightly before stuffing because I was concerned they would leak catnip. It does have very nice shadings, though, and in general I liked it.

    My only mouse “story” is that I went out and bought 3 different worsted weight wools to make mice (on sale) and to try them out for future projects! Araucania was one, Galway was another (I really liked it, btw), and Rowan Aranspun was the third. All made for nice knitting!

  6. What suggestions do you (or anyone else) have for left-over yarn? Not full balls, rather the one-quater or one-half balls left that you will never find a dye lot to match. Is there someone(someplace) that wants these? I can’t bear throwing the yarn away! But I’m not really going to make a “patchwork” project to use it up. I thought I had my stash in control until I looked at all these half balls left.

  7. Adding my voice to the chorus, I’ll share that I made my first Fuzzy Feet with Araucania, and decided I needed a double strand (so it’s no match for Magpie) — they turned out beautifully and the recipient’s spouse now wants some too (but he’s getting Lamb’s Pride). A friend felted a bag knitted from Araucania and it came out great as well. You can see the slippers on my blog or Kate’s FFFA pages.
    Note to Anne: How about making a striped baby sweater from the remnants?

  8. I’m using the Araucania to knit Inishmore right now and am getting gauge … so it is definitely not an Aran weight like the label says! a friend of mine is doing Cromarty with it and is getting gauge for that as well.
    Love the Araucania anyways! and I’ll use it again and again I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚
    Pictures to come on my site today ๐Ÿ™‚
    CONGRATULATIONS to all the mousey winners!!!!

  9. ahhhhh, araucania. it’s so gorgeous. can’t wait to see what you decide to do with it.


  10. Anne:
    I sent you an e-mail about your yarn left-overs, but to anyone else, I’m always collecting odd-balls, scrap yarn and yarns I find at tag sales & thrift stores to use for charity knitting. My local Knitting Meetup group ( has been talking about doing charity knitting nights – for anything like Warm Up America, Chemo Caps, our local mitten/hat/scarf donation drop-offs, and of course, Mouse-a-thon Mice!

    So, if anyone wants to contact me about that, just e-mail me… ๐Ÿ™‚

    And P.S. – I still have meeses to send you, Wendy


  11. Wendy,
    I have a question for you – I don’t think you’ve answered it before. What do you do with all the leftovers from your fair isle and dale sweaters. You’re always using different colors, and you’ve made so many sweaters you must have hundreds of little balls of yarn in your apartment. Inquiring minds want to know!
    Personally I always have this urge to throw away those little balls of yarn. I can never seem to find anything to do with them. But I’m in the minority I think.
    beth b

  12. Hey Beth;
    I know what I do with my FI leftovers! Label them with the name of the sweater knit and put them away for when your friends need a ball or two!! (Right Wendy?:P) Then there’s always ~ make a matching tam or mitts!