My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



It may have been a three-day weekend for me, but it went by in a flash. What’s with that?

I did, however, finish the first Poetry in Stitches sleeve:


I got a good start on the second sleeve as well.

At some point this week I’ll machine stitche the steeks on the body and knit the i-cord neck. Could have done that last night, as I now know how deep to make the armhole because I’ve got a sleeve done (11.5″ for those who want details), but didn’t feel like it. Maybe tonight.

So what’s next on the knitting agenda after I complete the PiS sweater?


Should be fun, I think. I really like the border around the bottom.

So a good weekend was had by all. Lucy and I threw a nice birthday party for Lucy’s daddy. Lucy got brushed, and took a nap right afterwards.


She seems to have gotten her winter coat — very thick and plushy. The state of her coat might be due in part to the fact that I’ve switched her to Artemis Cat Food. Barbara (of Capital Animal Care) recommended it and gave me some samples. Lucy adores it, and it’s very good for her. It’s not cheap, but my little angel derserves the best nutrition.

Well, I’d show you a photo of my Booga Bag in progress, but it would be the same photo as Friday. But I’ll get the knitting done on it this week. And in answer to a comments question, my pre-felted gauge is 3 st/inch.

Have a good Monday, all!


  1. Véronique says:

    Ooooh ! Amphora is next in line… I wish I could knit along with you, I have everything ready. But I just started your Baby Norgi from the Spring issue of Knitty over the week-end and after that I will knit the St Moritz… again.
    I will be watching your progress on Amphora with envy. The PiS sweater in progress is beautiful, it is very tempting indeed.

  2. Amphora! I love that border too!

    I am waiting to order Keynot in an alternate colorway that I asked for… as soon as the paycheck is the bank, I’m emailing back!

    PiS sweater is so colourful and lovely… you shoudl get one of those gorgeous Norwegian scarves to wrap around your neck! 🙂

  3. Yay! Amphora is a’comin’! PiS is looking simply lovely. And good for you for providing Lucy with the best food you can. I just had a scare with one of my boys, and it was mostly due to a poor choice in food. I have switched them over to the very pricey, very healthy veterinary brand. Nothing’s too good for my kitties!

  4. Karen in DK says:

    PiS is lovely.

    Lucy looks lovely, too. Is her coat as soft as it looks? It must be…

  5. Oooh! Amphora looks like an interesting project. Since it’s a Jade design, I assume she did her charts as panels, is that correct? Well, it certainly doesn’t look boring…LOL 🙂 How do the colors look in real life? On the VY website it looks navy blue, but on closer inspection, I see some teal. Is that the case?

  6. I’m a new “addict” to knitting and just LOVE it! We adore our beloved Golden Retriever Hannah. I recently spun her fur into yarn and knitted a beautiful hat for our son’s birthday. I know how much you love Lucy and thought you might want to try it. It was great fun and is quite the topic of conversation for everyone who sees it.

  7. Hi Wendy! I am loving PiS every minute…. Amphora should be fun to knit. I love the border too!

    Lucy is looking very lovely these days; her winter coat is very becoming. I have spun Mags hair into yarn and it is quite lovely, a warm beigey tan tone. It will go on a collar of one of my plan-to-knit sweaters. It is a very good way to have your cat around you when you’re far away from them.

  8. Wendy, Thank you for introducing me to the beautiful Starmore website. I love the PiS, but your next project will be a grabber. Joan

  9. That PiS is looking good, and Amphora is gorgeous! Make mine a medium…uh…yeah didn’t think that would work either but worth a try.

  10. Hi Wendy! Why is it that you can finish a sweater in less time than it takes me to finish a pair of socks? [Oy!] I love watching your sweaters evolve while I plug along on my projects.


  11. How on earth do you get so much done so quickly on your beautiful sweaters??? I’m amazed at how quickly you can turn out your Dale of Norway sweaters!

  12. I am always eager to learn something new, and thank you for being there to teach so much. Could you share the process for the i-cord neck. I never liked the felt ribbon idea for the PIS sweater either, but didn’t know about a better option. Thanks.

  13. Jenny (in Davis) says:

    Wendy, I have to add to everyone else and say…

    “Amphora, Amphora, Amphora!!!!” That’s my favorite of everything on the virtualyarns website. can’t wait.

    also, with Purl, I’d like to hear about the i-cord neck as well, as you do it. Meg Swansen uses that a lot, I think.

  14. Priscilla says:

    Hi Wendy, how do you keep Lucy away from the yarn? Whenever I start to sit down and knit, my cat would come over and start attacking the yarn. Please help!