My current work in progress:

Tawney Sweater,by Jenni Barrett, knit from MadelineTosh Tosh Sock, using 3.25mm and 3.5mm needles.

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The Mouse-a-thon Raffle will be postponed for a couple of days.

Sorry guys. I did get the package from Rose, which included mousies from her and from Becky in France, Natalie in Peterborough, Ont., Canada, and Emma in the UK, and a separate package from Sue in Bend, OR. Thanks to all of you!

But the entries Jen sent haven’t arrived yet though I bet they will by Monday.

I’ve updated the mouse total to reflect those received. Cool huh?

You may now return to your regularly scheduled weekend and I’ll see you Monday.

Wendyknits Withdrawal?

I got a lot of email yesterday from people because my site was down, and a phrase common to most of them was “Wendyknits Withdrawal.”

I never thought of my blog as an addictive substance, but apparently it is.

“Go on . . . just scroll down a little bit more. This one’s on me. You know you want to . . .”

By the way, the stats package I use monitors my site and sends me an email if the site is down, and another one when the site is back up. So I always know what’s going on. My site is hosted with a hosting provider, so it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me (I got a lot of emails asking if I was okay). It just means the provider is experiencing technical difficulties.

But I appreciate your concern. 🙂

Stash-a-holic Confessions

From yesterday’s comments:

I gather you have a stash that is to die for! How do you keep it organized so you can find what you want when you want it? And how do you store it to protect it from m***s?

I do have a stash, but I know there are people who have way larger stashes than I. I am definitely a lightweight in the stash department.

As recently as five or six years ago, I had no stash. I bought yarn on a project-by-project basis. But that’s all changed.

I probably have enough yarn for between 20 to 30 sweaters in my stash. That’s just an estimate because my stash is totally disorganized. Some of it lives in my linen closet. A lot of it lives in my guest room (temporarily renamed the Mouse Room), and some of it . . . ahem . . . is currently living in the shipping boxes it came in, piled on my living room floor and on the lovely handmade sofa table that really should have nothing on it but a crystal hurricane lamp.

Moths? Never had ’em. Hopefully never will. My condo is virtually bug-free. Every couple of years a spider might venture in from outside but that’s it.

Long may it continue.

Knitting Progress

I didn’t finish the i-cord for my current Booga Bag because I worked through lunch yesterday (again — grrrrrrr!). So at some point today the i-cord will be complete.

And due to extreme fatigue brought on by overwork, I haven’t made as much progress on the PiS sweater as I’d like. Here it is:


And by popular demand, Miss Lucy and her amazing chocolate tail!


Lucy, by the way, seems as fond as Kureyon as I. I can’t leave her alone for a minute with it. If I do, hijinks ensue.

Mouse-a-thon Raffle!

Mouse-stuffers Jen and Rose have mailed stuff that will hopefully arrive today. If indeed it does, the Mouse-a-thon raffle will take place and the winners will be posted here in a special weekend edition of Wendyknits.

If I don’t get these last entries in time, I will wait for them, so you’ll have to be patient a teeny bit longer. But I’ll let you know what’s going on tomorrow, either way.

Good weekend, all!

The Great Enabler

That’s me!

I’m always being accused of/admired for my enabling abilities when it comes to knitting and yarn purchasing.

And I’m this close to sucking in one of my non-knitting coworkers.

(Insert evil laughter here.)

I showed her my first Booga Bag in progress last week and she was almost drooling over the yarn. She has now seen the completed felted bag, and my new Booga Bag in progress.

“Wendy, I could knit a scarf from that, couldn’t I?

Why, yes, my pretty . . .

“Wendy, when can we start lunchtime knitting classes?”

Soon, very soon.

I am in my element.

And then, another of my coworkers told me this morning that her brother became the proud papa of a new baby son yesterday.

And I say, “You know, I know some awfully cute, easy baby patterns. . .”

And she admitted to thinking about learning to knit.


October Contest

I don’t think I mentioned an “entries must be received by” date and time when I annunced the contest. Doh!

Entries must be received by 5pm EST this Friday, October 17.


Don’t forget! The drawing for the raflle will be held this weekend! Check my website on Saturday afternoon, because I will post the winners then. A special weekend edition of Wendyknits! Can you stand the excitement?

Because I’m a Geek . . .

I made myself some new “business” cards.


I often find myself in the position of giving my URL to people. Someone on the tran will admire a sock-in-progress and want the pattern (believe it or not, this has happened several times). A coworker has a relative who is a knitter and wants to tell her about my site. I whipped out a card and gave it to her.

Booga Bag Number Two

The bag part is almost done in this photo. I-cord time!


And look what came in the mail today:


A blurry pic of some of the Kureyon color #55 I got in the mail today from L-B. We did a trade.

I think this stuff is gonna make a bag for me!

Felting Qs and As

Some of you had some questions. Here are my answers.

I used just regular laundry detergent when I felted my bag.

The instructions for putting the straps on the bag are very easy to understand when you have the bag sitting in front of you. Julie writes a good clear pattern!

Other Qs and As

The Spongebob tattoo I showed a few weeks ago is a fake. 🙂 Who on earth would be nuts enough to have a character from an aminated show tattooed on her?

Uh . . . wait . . .

I take that back.

A question I get a lot is: “How the heck do you do anything with those nails?”


Well you see, I don’t actually do anything other than work and knit.

Art or Craft?

The other day, Annie asked:

Got a question for you…Your work is so beautiful and amazing. I wondered if you have been aware of the discussion on some of the blogs about
art and creativity. Do you consider your knitting to be art? Or is it more a
skill, hobby or craft? I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Personally, I would consider you an artist, I wonder if you consider yourself an artist.

The answer is . . . yes and no.

If you follow a pattern exactly and knit a sweater, I don’t think that makes you an artist. A skilled craftsperson, certainly, if your execution of the pattern is skillfully done.

The designer is the artist. I consider the knits that I design to be art. Whether or not it’s good art is debatable. And starting with a written pattern but making your own changes to it to suit your own vision of how it should look I suppose is art in a way. Because I often do this, I guess I’m an artiste manque.

Or something like that.

What do you think?

Speaking of art, I do have an idea for a fair isle slowly percolating in my head. If I ever get two minutes to rub together, I might actually commit it to paper, electronic or otherwise.

Booga Bag!

Here it is! In all it’s felted glory!


This one is in color #52. And I’ve started the next one, in color #88.


And I got this in the mail:


That’s Kureyon in color number 89. I’m thinking a couple more Booga bags, and maybe a felted Bucket o Chic or two?

Lucy’s jazzed!


Some of you asked where I got my little Halloween Spongebob. Ian gave him to me a couple of weeks ago. I believe Spongebob was purchased at Rite-Aid. A drugstore, in case you don’t have ’em in your area.


I received a sweet little mousie from Siow Chin Yeo in Hong Kong. Thank you!

PiS Sweater

About time for an update photo, eh?


I have one more pattern repeat to complete before I start doing the front neck shaping, which I shall be winging.

In true artistic fashion.


A Felting Tale

Yesterday I felted my Booga Bag.

Popped it in the washer, inside a zippered pillowcase along with towels and jeans.


I ran it on the hot wash/cold rinse cycle — it took two trips through the washer to felt it down to size.

Then I put two small size Priority Mail boxes and a copy of “Lord of the Rings” inside it.


Then stood it upside down so it could dry properly.


It felt pretty dry yesterday — I think my washer’s spin cycle is very efficient — but I’ll leave it there for a day or two to make sure it’s perfectly dry.

Lucy seems unimpressed by the whole thing.


I’ve got more that six feet of i-cord for the handles, I think — more than enough. But I wanted to make sure there was plenty in case it shrunk down alot. I used a bit of the third skein of Kureyon to finish off the body of the bag, then just knitted the rest into i-cord. There were serious transit delays Friday afternoon, so I got all the i-cord done on Friday.

I probably could have felted this bag down a bit more, but I like the size now and how the fabric feels. It’s about 9 x 9 x 5 inches.

I’ll post a photo when it’s complete and the handles are on, and send a copy to you, Julie. Thanks for the great pattern!

Turning Off Comments

Over the weekend, someone spammed my comments, big-time. It was all older blog entries, and most of them were from what looks like a porn site, complete with link to the site. Each one was from a different IP address, so blocking the IP won’t work.

What I’ve decided to do is to turn off commenting after an entry is a couple of days old. I have turned off commenting for September 1 through last Friday’s entry. So if you try to leave a comment on an older entry and can’t, that’s why.

And if you see an odd entry in the comments that’s not about knitting, I’d recommend not clicking on the link.

Some people are really a pain, aren’t they?