My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


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Happy Thanksgiving


WendyKnits! is closed until Monday in honor of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you who celebrate it!

The rest of you: Happy Thursday! ๐Ÿ™‚

More Booga Bag Goodness!

Yup, this one’s a regular size Booga Bag (in answer to Teresa’s question).

And Anne had an interesting idea:

What do you think of doing one or two purl stitch(es) each row at the corners? Would that make the blocking easier? Like turning a facing, only vertical, to define the corners?

Cool, huh?

It might be worth a try! I block my bags over two small size Priority Mail boxes and they fit perfectly, but for someone who was unsure or inexperienced in blocking, that would be a good idea, I think.

Lucy’s Dinner Service

Lucy has quite an array of dishes, doesn’t she? I forget to mention that Lucy’s placemat under her dishes has a lovely photo of Devils Tower Monument in Wyoming on it. I wonder if she looks at it and wants to visit there?

Who’s a fuzzy girl?



More real life nonsense cut into my knitting time last night, but Lucy did help me do a bit more on the second sleeve of Amphora.


Knitting Baskets!

Late yesterday afternoon we hit the seven basket mark! Woo-hoo!

“Tis the Season . . .

. . . to be charitable.

That’s obvious — just look at the Knitbloggers Knitting Basket total over there on the right! Wow! We are soooooo close to seven baskets!

The Knitbloggers Knitting Basket isn’t the only knit-bloggy charity going on right now. Christina (Knitting Goddess #9) is hosting a Hat-a-thon!


Christina’s running it like the Mouse-a-thon — a raffle. So if you’ve got some spare yarn and spare time, knit up a hat or two for a worth cause. Don’t have a pattern? Christina’s got some links to free patterns on the Hat-a-thon page.

Edvard Munch, I Apologize

Yup, that’s an incredibly tacky blow-up statue of “The Scream” in the photo yesterday. How I got it is actually a sorta funny story.

Back in 1994 I was attending an Orioles game at Camden Yards. I got there early, walked around, then went to the bar on the first level for lovely beverages before heading up the escalator to my seats (front row of the upper deck directly behind home plate).

Whilst on the escalator almost to the top, the chain snapped and the escalator went backwards really really fast. I ended up in a pile of bodies at the bottom of the broken escalator.

I was carrying two gin & tonics and of course lost them both. The two guys in front of me had barbeque sandwiches (Boog’s Barbeque, for those of you in the know) so I ended up with barbeque sauce all over me.

I also had my own blood all over me, because my right knee was smashed and all the ligaments in my right ankle were torn. It was a very long time before I walked again.

But anyhow, one of my friends gave me the blow-up Scream statue, conjecturng that it closely resembled me after the accident, covered with barbeque sauce and mourning my lost gin & tonics.

Strangely enough, my boss has an identical statue. If she gets really stressed, she closes her office door and puts the statue outside, as a warning to all. Since I’ve worked here, I’ve only seen the statue appear twice.

And Mary, yes, that is a little pig peeping over the rim of the cachepot. Isn’t he cute? My aunt gave me the cachepot, complete with porcine embellishment, for Christmas years ago.

A Ruling on the Yarn Diet

Sandy asked for a clarification of the rules:

Um…does yarn for presents count, if you really don’t have any of the kind the pattern requires (such as Noro Kureyon, for instance)?

And what about fiber? We all need fiber in our diets too, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve got two pounds of Brown Sheep leftover tails coming in the mail and I’m hoping not to feel as guilty as if it was two pounds of yarn. ๐Ÿ™‚

My opinion is that yarn for presents does not count. If you need yarn to do something noble and selfless for another, then you purchase that yarn while on a yarn diet.

Fiber? Hmmmm, I’d need a judges ruling on this but I think buying fiber is a crime against yarn diet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh!

Look what I got in the mail from Karen yesterday!


It’s Reindeer Spongebob! Oooooooh!

He looks funny because he still has the plastic wrap over his eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

No Amphora update photo because I got home late last night and little quality knitting time. So instead:

Booga Bag!

Here’s my latest Booga Bag in progress:


Looks like my last bag in color 89, eh?

And of course . . .

The obligatory Lucy pic! I give you . . . Lucy dining.


Note to Elizabeth:

I used to tell people that Bruce wrote “Born to Run” for me. The more gullible sometimes believed it.

Button, Button

Another yarn diet button!


This one is courtesy of Eklectika! Isn’t it cute?


I had a fairly productive weekend — see?


Hmmm . . . it looks like no progress at all since the last photo.

Oh. That’s because this is the second sleeve. Tee hee.


As I’ve mentioned, this design has been a joy to knit. Lucy has been a big help throughout the project too.


Happy Monday all. I’ll close with a photo of the bottom shelf of one of my bookcases. We’ll call this “More Than You Want to Know About Me.”


Y’all Love Your Booga Bags!

More questions and answers about the Big Booga Bag.

First, the dimensions:

It’s 15″ wide by 9″ tall by 4″ deep.

How did I sew on the pocket? I used the same yarn it was knitted from — Noro Kureyon — and sewed very carefully so the stitches wouldn’t show.

And Catherine posed some interesting questions about grommets:

I notice you didn’t use grommets or some other kind of reinforcement for the handle holes on the bag — are you worried it might rip if there’s weight in the bag (or is the bag for lighter-weight items)?

Personally, I guess I’m never sure if grommets or reinforcement are the right answer or not — I mean, if it’s gonna rip out, it’s gonna rip out through the grommets or reinforcements pretty much as quickly as it would rip through a buttonhole or eyelet because, well, you can’t reinforce all of it…. Then again, maybe the bulk of the wear is more friction-related, so grommets or reinforcements help? Whaddaya think?

I’m planning on using this bag as a knitting bag for medium-sized projects, so I’m not concerned about weight.

I’ve seen photos of others’ Booga Bags with grommets and wondered about adding them. Can anyone who has done so comment on how they are holding up? I have some of the same concerns that Catherine mentioned. So tell us what you think!


Here is a close-up of the neck:


And the start of the first sleeve:


Not great photos — the light wasn’t good. I’ll try to post some better pix on Monday.

Yarn Diet!

It was nice that Lolly so graciously apologized in my comments yesterday for attempting to get me to stray off the path of the wool-righteous.

It was not nice that I got a Knitpicks catalog in the mail with all sorts of alluring stuff in it. But I remained strong. (Tosses head imperiously.)

Have a great weekend all! Here, for your viewing pleasure, a little sleeping angel.