My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Knittin’ Class!

On Friday I brought my PiS sweater to work for show ‘n tell (my boss always asks about my knitting progress) and when I was showing it, I think I attracted another potential knitter in my office! Woo-hoo!

In addition to the lovely young lady who is raring to hop on the knitting bandwagon (and I’ve already got her addicted to Noro Kureyon, thank you very much), another woman came over to my office this morning and expressed an interest in knitting.

So I think knitting class ought to start up sooner rather than later. As soon as things start to (hopefully) slow down towards the holidays.

Thanks for all your compliments about my FO! We did do a PiS photo shoot over the weekend, so the photos are available on the Official Leaf Sweater Page. I can’t bring myself to title the page “PiS Sweater.”

No, I didn’t get dressed up and wear matching cowboy boots. It was 80 degrees over the weekend and I was not comfy with dressing up and stuffing myself into a wool sweater, so I just threw it on over jeans.

Lucy was a big help.


I also finished a Booga Bag in Kureyon color #89.


I’m starting a new one in color 55 for me, and am making it about twice the size of the ones I’ve made.

I also got started on Amphora. Here is the bottom border done, with a bit of the body pattern started. Pretty colors, eh?



  1. Karen in Denmark says:

    PiS is so pretty — the colors look good enough to eat. And Lucy looks proud hanging out on your shoulder.

    When you say that you are making the Booga Bag twice the size as the pattern states, are you just doubling up on the number of stitches, etc.? I would also like to make a larger version.

    I wish I could join your knitting class. Good luck with it. Lucky ladies…:0)

  2. The neckline of PiS leaf looks very nice on you. And I am thinking about adding Amphora to my to do list. I love the idea that it is only 4 colors.

  3. Did you knit Smooch? Was it recent enough that you can explain how the heck the picot edging is done? I’ve seen the extra advice in the blue blog, but when I did it, I ended up with way to few stitches. Thanks for the advice.

    PS. Love the PiS and your Booga Bag. You inspired me to do one, and it turned out great. Now I’m just waiting for more wool to felt some other stuff (but not Noro… to expensive).

  4. The leaf sweater becomes you!
    People at work have been begging me to start a class. I would love to, but don’t know where to start. Teach cast on first…just let them knit…when to introduce purl stitch…how to pick up dropped stitches…maximum people to teach at once…so much when you break down into separate skills.
    Any suggestions from Wendy and her devoted readers?

  5. it’s hard to tell, since you cut off your head in all the other pics, but from the back it looks like your hair is really cute right now! PiS looks wonderful – I thought it, many a time, but I don’t think I’ve actually said it yet…

  6. Wendy, the Leaf Sweater looks magnificent on you! You are hereby named Poetess of Stitches!

  7. GEEZ, LOUISE! (Or I guess I should say, “Geez, Wendy!”) You are already making great progress on Amphora. “The Leaf Sweater” looks fabulous. It was on my wish list before but REALLY is now.

    I was just thinking how cute your hair looked from the back and then someone else said it. Inquiring minds want to see the FRONT! haha

  8. Wow, PiS looks fantastic! Even Lucy looks impressed. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will boldly go where others have gone before and say your hair looks great, and now I really, really want to Amphora. What you have so far looks stunning. Happy Monday!

  9. Crank them out!! You amaze me with the amount of knitting you accomplish.

    Have a good time with your knitting class.

  10. PiS looks beautiful, love the neckline! I had to see what all the fuss was about and over the weekend purchased some Kuryeon from my LYS. I have my first Booga bag all knit but the I-cord – about 4 feet of that! Won’t have time to felt it until the weekend, but I’m pumped and ready to go back for more!

  11. I don’t know how you do it Wendy… Most days I can’t even find time to brush my teeth let alone get that much knitting done!!! You are truly the Goddess!! I am loving Amphora and I really don’t want to be… I am surrounded by too much yarn as it is!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Wendy,

    My LYS owner suggested that I double the yarn, using a strand of Lopi Light along with the Kureyon. I used size 11 needles and the same number of stitches. Came out stiffer, larger, and looks great. With 3 skeins of each, there was not enough of either yarn left to do a strap from just one or the other, but if you blend one yarn into the other as you are switching, you can have a strap that goes from plain on one side of the bag to striped on the other side.

  13. PS. I’ll add my congratulations to all the others. Leaf (nee PiS) looks great.

  14. Hi Wendy,
    80 degrees, holy cow, I guess you’ve got a good reason not to get the matching cowboy boots on. It’s about -9 degrees celsius with about 2 ft of snow. Oh yeah, Alberta winters get perfect sweater weather, however they are hard on boots. I really love the way your Poetry in Stitches leaf sweater looks on you, it really comes to life between Lucy and you.

  15. Love the Leaf sweater. I was checking you website on and off all weekend to see the official Leaf page. I also love all your different color Booga Bags. I have visited Julie’s Gallery of them just to check out all the different colors of Kureyon. I plan to make a bag for my mother out of some Cascade Quatro that I originally bought to make her a scarf.

    Amphora is looking good. I really like the way the colors look.

    Keep up the good work attracting new knitters. I was at a LYS Saturday and the owner and I were trying to get a newer (high school age) knitter into felting. She had never seen anything felted so we showed her a few items and I told her to do a search on the web for the Booga bag.

  16. Wowie, Wendy! (etc.) What a gorgeous sweater. I realize Hisdal designed it, but you have to get a lot of credit for making your own adjustments. It is definitely a work of art.

    I love the Kureyon/Lite Lopi Booga idea. Sounds like it would give the color pattern even more depth. The Booga Bag also sounds to me like a pretty good first project, if Julie would give you permission to use it to teach the new knitters. Very basic stitching, and the felting will obscure any tension unevenness!

  17. Hi Wendy, Not repeating all the compliments, with which I heartily agree. Please, would you show a picture of the new Booga Bag in color 55? I love it on the skein and would like very much to see how it knits up.
    thanks! Linda

  18. Joan in Reno says:

    Yep, I do have to knit Amphora now. The colors are great and only four of them. PiS is gorgeous, too. Color me green. And give Lucy a pat.

  19. Your most recent sweater is gorgeous, but what really captured me today was the Greek Key type motif in the Amphora you are knitting. I couldn’t see that in the photo on the Virtual Yarns website. Stunning!

    I’ve been reading for a while but haven’t commented until now. I am eagerly awaiting more photos in progress!

    I’m sure it’s been said many times but thank you for sharing your projects with us all. You’re inspiring me to consider starting a blog of my own!

  20. In the photo – your PiS Leaf Sweater
    is transformed – why it looks even better
    worn by you as the model!
    Your technique you must bottle!
    And to Lucy, we send a love letter!

  21. Oh Man, am I late to this party…any cheese doodles left? Knowing Wendy, the punch is waaaay spiked by now…oh, cool! Brie!

    You know, you know. (that means: nice job as always, girl)