My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Bag the Q&A

More questions about Booga Bags!

From Janice:
I was at SOAR last week and on my way home I stopped at the famous bakery and knit shop near Traverse City Mi. and bought some kureyon 91 to knit a booga bag. question—Does your other bags take most of three skeins? Three is what I bought and I would like to make my bag larger also.

The pattern as written takes exactly three skeins for me. A bit over two skeins for the bag, then I use up the remainder of the third skein knitting the i-cord for the handles. So if you want a bigger bag, buy more Kureyon!

Silvia sez:
I’m buying shares in Noro if this pace is maintained! Yet another gorgeous bag, and the i-cord detail will provide the perfect opportunity to shop for buttons! I also noticed the fabric store selling the “tortoise shell” handles that beaded vintage bags used. Have you thought of trying to make a bag using those handles or the bamboo hoops? Could be fun…

Shares in Noro might not be a bad idea. We all know how obsessive I am about yarn.

Tortoiseshell handles sound like a fun idea! Has anyone tried this? Hey Julie, if you’re reading this, maybe you can do a bag pattern using these handles! Hinty, hinty, hinty! ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw on Julie’s blog that she’s started a business — Black Sheep Bags. This is good news for me, as I love handbags and tote bags of all sorts!

Lucy spent the evening waiting for the heat to subside.


And Lucy’s mom spent the evening with a migraine, probably due to changing weather (a rainstorm came through last night).

But I did get up long enough to take a photo of Amphora-in-progress:



  1. I wish I could make more bags out of noro. Mine only took 2.25 skeins as the pattern was written.

    I’m about to make more of essentially the same bag, but out of philsophers wool.

    That was my first experience with a hank and I got a good ball and then a jumbled mess. I spent about an hour untangling and then decided I needed a mini ball instead of just one big one.

    I think I might try patterns in the basic booga shape… cause its not self striping so who knows what I can do.

  2. Wendy,

    I am so sorry to hear about your migraine. Do you get many of them? I am a migraine sufferer too, and I know how horrible it can be and what a bummer it is to not be able to knit because your head hurts too much!


  3. I can’t wait to see how your larger version of the Booga Bag turns out. I’d love to make one to carry around my commuter knitting. I’m using an American Tourister carry on bag (kind of like a giant purse) and it’s just TOO big. The Booga Bags look so cute and I’d love to make one.

    My only experience with felting was a disaster. I felted it too much and my lovely hat ended up a child’s size beret instead of a lovely tammy hat for me. I’m a little gun shy of trying it again but the Booga’s have completely piqued my interest.

    Amphora looks stunning. Oooh, I think my to-do list just got longer…LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for answering my question Wendy. I have decided to use some gray Brown Sheep that I have in my stash that looks very nice with my Kureyon colors. You are the best!

  5. Wendy, you have inspired me to try a larger Booga Bag for my Mom for Christmas. She is a great fan of tote bags of all types and sizes but she favors large purses so I think I will give it to her as a purse! Can’t wait to see how yours comes out!

  6. Wendy — Thanks! You are so sweet to mention my new website/business!

    It’s so funny that the topic of these handles came up today because I was in Hancock Fabrics yesterday and saw a display of these pre-made handles. Got me thinking! Perhaps there will be a new bag with these handles in the future.

    And you say you love bags. Do you also love baskets, boxes and other containers? I am obsessed with them and my husband says it must be somthing psychological — this obsession with containers. He he!

  7. Joan in Reno says:

    Migraines are awful! If you get them often, try a prescription for Imitrex. It works like magic for me. And I am definately going to *have* to knit Amphora (after a Booga Bag or two).

  8. Oh no! I used to hear “I had a migraine” and think, Oh, she had a headache. Got my first one last week and I suddenly knew what the big deal was. It ain’t a headache, it’s an anvil crushing your head from the neck up. Hope you’re feeling better. I know you and Lucy will be much happier when the cool hits ya.

  9. Hi Wendy… Sorry to hear about your migraine. I am a sufferer too and so far with yoga I haven’t gotten one in about four years. But I always keep a prescription of Imitrex just in case!

    I am thinking I might make myself a larger Booga bag… Fortunately, my LYS still has the color 124 in the same dyelot!!! I must pick some up today!

    Hey Julie…. sign me up for a pattern involving tortoise-shell! I bought a bunch of handles from Judi and Co. and they need a home!!!

    BTW, I am a container girl too. It’s so hard to pass by purses and baskets… My hubby usually has to take my hand and drag me away. (I stare at the LV boutique in Seattle like it’s a candy store!!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Wow, I’m glad to hear that someone else only used about 2.25 skeins for their Booga Bag. I did use a color of Kuryeon that I have not seen on anyone’s website when shopping for Noro. It’s color 93. It has quite a variety of colors. I’ll post the finished pic when done, but have posted a picture of the yarn itself.
    Thank you Wendy for giving a gauge for the prefelted bag. Since I’m a loose knitter I was concerned that I may not be knitting as tightly as I needed to get the felting results desired.

  11. Sorry to hear about your migraine, Wendy. I sure hope it’s gone now. Lucy must have been suffering yesterday — I couldn’t believe how badly they messed up the forecast! (Well, actually the sad thing is I could totally believe it.)

    Just a warning to felters: Somewhere on the internet I saw a blog entry a long time ago (really long, like a year or so) where someone did a felting comparison among yarns. I don’t recall all the results, but I specifically recall her finding that Philosopher’s Wool felted the least (I guess you’d say the worst) of all tested. Although that might mean it’s not good for felting projects, I found it heartening in the sense of being less likely that I’ll accidentally felt/ruin a perfectly good sweater made out of it! Just a friendly suggestion to felt a swatch first!

  12. another Wendy says:

    Count me in, too, as being obsessed/enthralled with containers/purses/boxes of all sorts!

    Also–you may have already answered this elsewhere, Wendy, but where do you buy your Noro? My LYS doesn’t carry it.

  13. I too am a migraine sufferer to Wendy, seems there are a few of us here. I’m a knitter from So.Cal, and I enjoy you blog very much.

  14. Wendy,
    I read your blog as often as possible, and just had to let you know that I just picked up some handles at a thrift shop today, bright blue, not tortiseshell, but very 70’s-ish, and they matched some yarn I had just picked up… I saw handles…
    Love your blog, hope you are feeling better!