My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Wow! What a great response to the Knitbloggers Knitting Basket Project! You guys are amazing. Thank you! Pat yourselves on the back and feel very good about yourselves!

I’ve put a “Donated So Far” below the button in my sidebar so you can keep track of your generosity. I’ll update it at least once a day.



I made it past the beginning of the armhole steeks. This is coming along nicely. Even though it’s only four colors and a relatively simple pattern, I’m finding it immensely fun to knit. I’d consider it a good design for someone who’s a fair isle wanna-be. An adventuresome beginner with some two-color knitting experience ought to be able to knit this.

Big Booga Bag!


Yup, I’m still knitting this. I’m almost done with the body of the bag. I plan to do an i-cxord bind-off and incorporate a button loop into the i-cord, per Vanessa’s excellent suggestion. Then I still need to knit the i-cord for the handles, and a couple of rectangles for pockets. So there’s a ways to go yet.

Where’s Waldo?

Actually, it’s “where’s Wendy?”

Can you find me in my 6th grade class photo? Click on the photo for a larger version!

And Just Because . . .




  1. wendy, any idea how many balls of kureyon you think you’ll end up using for the big bag?

  2. I’m guessing front row,tartan,behind blackboard,blonde…
    Amphora looks delicous.Much more complex than you’d expect with just 4 colours.

  3. I am with Emma. First row, in the plaid.

  4. You guys are good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Vanessa, I predict six balls of Kureyon. Or maybe a bit more.

  5. Yup, no mistaking that chin, mouth, eyes and (with a hefty bit of jealously here) hair color – or should I say colour? Looks like you are following your Mum re not having the graying hair sidrome.

    Didn’t realize you lived in Europe – military brat? (Growing up in Bremerton, Washington, this term was used a lot and I just now wondered why the association with ‘brat’ – were locals jealous?)

  6. Holy freaking cow do knitters rock or what? I haven’t even had a chance to make my donation and I see by your sidebar that there’s already enough for (nearly) 3 fiber baskets. WOW.

    I didn’t know where else to put this so I just wanted to let those who donated know — YOU ROCK!

  7. Wendy, that was a fool-proof way of proving your natural-blondeness!

  8. Front row, plaid. But who’s the hot chick in the go-go boots next to you?

  9. Josรฉe says:

    Wendy, I just wanted to thank you for giving me and others a chance to help with the Knitting Basket project. I always wanted to support the program but knew it would be a long while before I could afford anything. Just like the mouse-a-thon, it’s amazing what a difference we can all make when we work together – THANK YOU!

  10. Yeah, you can’t see my go-go boots because I’m behind the sign!

    Now . . . guess which guy was my boyfriend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I’m a Navy brat, too, but I never considered the word “brat” derogative. I guess I always said it with pride! Living in a Navy town now I hear the term a lot, but used by the “brats” themselves, not locals. Can’t wait to see the finished large booga bag. I finished my first one this weekend. It was going to be a gift for my mom, but . . . Now I’m tempted to do a big one.

  12. Linda M (Lindala) says:

    Thanks to you and Deb and Theresa for again showing your leadership and giving us a way to show the power of the many to make a difference. I’m happy to participate in the Knitting Basket Project.

  13. Of course we rock!! Was there ever any doubt? As for the boyfriend, I predict (predict? interesting term when referring to the past – can you tell I’ve been reading Diana Gabaldon?) I say it’s the blonde guy in the upper left corner in the last row.

  14. Since there are 4 girls in the front row wearing plaid, it took me more clues to be sure. (No caffeine yet today.)

    On your big bag, is that stripe in the middle actually purple, or is it just my monitor? I suppose grey would be more likely with those browns, but they did throw the chartreuse into your blues mix. Inquiring minds want to know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I guessed it too (and no I didn’t peek!) Amazing how we don’t “really” change.

  16. Wendy, thanks for giving a skill level to Amphora (and enabling). I’ve been lurking on KBTH and drooling over the pictures on your blog and Virtual Yarns. I was wondering if Amphora would make a good first Fair Isle project. This was all I needed to redo my Christmas list (and check my credit card balance in case I can’t wait).

  17. Just checked the Knitting Basket Project total…
    As of 11:18 am $1630.00!!

    Three Knitting Baskets purchased so far!
    Can we make it four?


  18. To coin a phrase . . .

    Wow! Wowie wow wow wow!!!

  19. Andrea, the stripe in the middle of the bag is sorta a slate blue.

  20. Joan in Reno says:

    If your boyfriend wasn’t the guy in upper left corner, I’d say the guy in the upper right corner. And I am just going to HAVE to get Amphora.

  21. Hopping in to send you my donation.

    You and Teresa are amazing women, and just LOOK at what you’re doing! My heart sings with it.

    Impressed as all hell. Kisses to the Luce.

  22. Whoops, I forgot Deb. She rocks, too! As do all the donaters!

  23. Just after I’d resolved to go on a yarn buying fast for a while you reveal that Amphora is a good beginner Fair Isle project! Now I’ll have to get a kit for Xmas!
    Great to see the Knitting basket total too! After just one day! That’s incredible!

  24. I knew str8 off too. For me it was the blonde curls & little turned up nose. As to the boyfriend – only the guy wearing cowboy boots would have been suitable :-p Interestingly, your school would have been the only one in Britain not to have a school uniform in ’69. Plus, I loved the London, England. That only happens in the US. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Is there a ribbing at the base of Amphora, or a facing?

    Great progress on the Knitting Basket in just over a day!

  26. I’m another military brat! I’m Air Force, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. WOW 3 baskets done and another well on it’s way!