My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Y’all Love Your Booga Bags!

More questions and answers about the Big Booga Bag.

First, the dimensions:

It’s 15″ wide by 9″ tall by 4″ deep.

How did I sew on the pocket? I used the same yarn it was knitted from — Noro Kureyon — and sewed very carefully so the stitches wouldn’t show.

And Catherine posed some interesting questions about grommets:

I notice you didn’t use grommets or some other kind of reinforcement for the handle holes on the bag — are you worried it might rip if there’s weight in the bag (or is the bag for lighter-weight items)?

Personally, I guess I’m never sure if grommets or reinforcement are the right answer or not — I mean, if it’s gonna rip out, it’s gonna rip out through the grommets or reinforcements pretty much as quickly as it would rip through a buttonhole or eyelet because, well, you can’t reinforce all of it…. Then again, maybe the bulk of the wear is more friction-related, so grommets or reinforcements help? Whaddaya think?

I’m planning on using this bag as a knitting bag for medium-sized projects, so I’m not concerned about weight.

I’ve seen photos of others’ Booga Bags with grommets and wondered about adding them. Can anyone who has done so comment on how they are holding up? I have some of the same concerns that Catherine mentioned. So tell us what you think!


Here is a close-up of the neck:


And the start of the first sleeve:


Not great photos — the light wasn’t good. I’ll try to post some better pix on Monday.

Yarn Diet!

It was nice that Lolly so graciously apologized in my comments yesterday for attempting to get me to stray off the path of the wool-righteous.

It was not nice that I got a Knitpicks catalog in the mail with all sorts of alluring stuff in it. But I remained strong. (Tosses head imperiously.)

Have a great weekend all! Here, for your viewing pleasure, a little sleeping angel.



  1. Hi Wendy! I have used grommets in three Booga Bags, and so far so wonderful. The first bag I made is currently my purse, and it has held up to a great deal of wear and tear, with lots of opening and closing, not to mention carrying a whole lot of weight. The grommets have not even budged!

    I used a 7mm DPN to puncture the holes for the grommets, which was slightly smaller than the grommets I used (1 inch). This left lots of fabric surrounding the grommet shaft to be caught in the grommet after pounding it flat. i haven’t had any slippage problems whatsoever.

    I installed the grommets about two months ago… no problems!

    Boy, Amphora sure is a beauty!

  2. I actually didn’t realize that grommets were put on for any other reason than aesthetic – which is why I used ’em. Just like the look. They’re a bitch to put on though…..

  3. The felted bags I’ve done put 3 rows of i-cord at the top above the handle slits. The one I use as my briefcase when travelling has routinely carried 20+ pounds of files and laptop with the slits not budging at all.

  4. The closeup shots of Lucy are so great. She’s such a pretty girl.

  5. I’m assuming that the pocket was sewn on after the felting process so that the entire side of it doesn’t get felted to the side of the bag???

  6. Your Lucy is such a beautiful girl.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Wendy and Lucy, I have made a bigger than Booga Bag — sort of carpet bag size using pink Kureyon and purple Bartlett double stranded. It is thick and beautiful. I have two 5 stitch I-cord handles which are knotted at each end (forms pleats at each side). Then I washed again and again. The knots are felted into the fabric. Grommets would just prevent that from happening.

    My concern is that the I-cord stretches. When the bag is used for the first time after washing and drying, I can put the straps over my shoulder and the top comes just below my armpit. When I carry heavy books or fill it up (for running away from home)it stretches to below my waist.

    I am thinking about reinforcing the I-cord. What do you think? Joan

  8. What? No Wallace and Grommit reference?

  9. Ohhhh, adorable Lucy!! From that angle she has big Abe Vigoda eyebrows!

    : )

  10. Lucy is adorable. Kittys are even more adorable when they are sleeping.

    Amphora is beautiful. I plan to make my first Booga Bag soon and have been considering the grommets so todays comments have been great for me.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  11. Thank you for the beautiful photo of your angel. What a great way to start the weekend. And Amphora gets better and better.

  12. Hi Wendy,
    Have not written in a while. Love your big bag–I am currently doing mine in Noro #51 and it is about half done. I asked a quilter friend about reinforceing the I-cord and she suggested something similar to buttonholes and will experiment for me on her fancy sewing machine–as for the picture of Lucy–what a cutie–Marty my Maine Coon Cat (with his bottlebrush tail) says hello. Have a great holiday next week!

    Val in NH

  13. Loving Amphora and Lucy… I love to look at Sam and Maggie sleep, reminds me of when they were just wee things… I imagine Lucy was a beautiful kitten!

    Thinking about grommets for my next bag, Noro in No 124. Not for strength, but for looks.

  14. I made the “Constant Companion” from Knitter’s Stash out of Lamb’s Pride Bulky. I used embroidery floss (all 6 strands) in the contrasting color to sew the pocket on using buttonhole stitch. I haven’t carried this bag around much (It’s pretty big), so I don’t know if the cords will stretch.

    I also made the “Market Squares Tote” from Knitter’s, which is a felted entrelac bag. I used 5 colors of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, one skein each, instead of the 11 skeins of Classic Elite Montera the pattern called for. This bag had 6-stitch I-cord handles. I was worried about them stretching, so after I felted the handles, I bought some cotton cable cord from the fabric store, and threaded it through the handles. It did take a bit of force at times to get the cord through the handles.

  15. Wow, this is good info — I hadn’t thought about the handles/i-cord stretching. Maybe threading a suitable cotton cable/rope through the i-cord *before* felting is the way to go? Sounds like the grommets get a yes (if you can deal with them being a PITA to apply — but a few boutique fabric stores/needlework shops have grommet machines that customers can use for like 50 cents a pop, sounds like that’s the way to go? (well, ok, I can think of two within 5 miles of me, but I do live in an unusual location for this kind of stuff and ymmv; I agree 100%, they’re really a pain if you have either that tool that looks like a hole punch or have to resort to a hammer and die…).

  16. I put grommets on my Booga bag and loved the result. However, 2 days after finishing, 2 of my grommets dislodged themselves from the fabric even though I hammered them on like a crazy woman. Now, the tiny slits that I put in the felted fabric are stretched out, and I’m not sure how to go about reapplying grommets!!! I do love the bag, though, and everyone and their sister now wants one for Christmas. Any suggestions on what to do? Feel free to email…. Thanks!

  17. Ohh, I love your baby girl! Such preciousness.

  18. Grommets…I used them on my first bag. Since I’d made the bag out of a heavy yarn (Lopi) and pretty large, I thought the whole concept of handles needed reinforcing. I took the felted bag to a guy who does leather repair, and he stitched little triangles of leather on the inside & outside of each grommet spot..then put the grommets in for me. He charged me way too much, but since the yarn was a birthday gift to me from my daughter I figured I’d better do my best by the project. It has held up wonderfully. I don’t carry bowling balls in it, but I do haul shoes and books.

  19. I’m really enjoying my yarnDiet. Just like my normal food diet’ I just monitor my intake & increase exercise & soon I start feeling fabbo & wonder why I didn’t start earlier?? My approach to yarn dieting is the same. Monitor the amount of yarn is in the stash & reward yourself with a little pat once a few balls have gone. Soon, you have no desire to buy more until you need to ie. the number of potenital WIPs is low.

  20. Wendy you are my knitting hero! Looking at all your beautiful fair isle sweaters has inspired me to give it a try. Maybe something small like mittens. LOL.