My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Could Lucy Be Spoiled?

Look at what she has chosen for her bed.


Yes, that’s my big Booga Bag she is lying on. And has been for the past few days.

Please note also that I have folded up a towel and slipped it under the bag for extra padding for her.

Oh no, Lucy is not spoiled.

Now I have to make her a felted Kureyon cat bed, I guess.

In answer to Cat’s comment, she has gotten her winter coat! She’s definitely put on weight since I got her, but I think she’s still a bit underweight for her size. She is a big kitty!


Although I fiddled around and did a few other things, I did get some knitting done yesterday, and I finished the front of Fern. See?


Fern is surprisingly enjoyable to knit — there’s enough going on in the pattern to keep me entertained. And I love the yarn. I wound a bunch more of it into balls yesterday. I love my electric ball winder.

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf

As promised, here is the pic:


Karen, if you happen to stop by and read this, let me congratulate you on a great pattern! And anyone reading this, if you need a quickie Christmas gift, this is it! You can knit it in fat yarn on fat needles and it goes real fast. I’m making mine in Kureyon, as you can see, on US size 8 needles. The link to Karen’s pattern is in my sidebar.

Mine is a gift, but I’m not saying who for. πŸ™‚

Viewer Mail

Thanks for all your kind comments about Amphora. I’m wearing it to work today.

Judith asked yesterday:

What is the penalty for falling off the Yarn Diet?

Hmmmm . . . I say whatever you buy, you have to send me half, as a penalty. Hee hee hee.

Eklectika asked:

Did you make anything with your Arucania yet? I’m curious to see it as I started my Arucania scarf this weekend (in olive).

No I haven’t — but I’ve got some Arucania earmarked for felted Bucket Hats (from Bonne Marie’s most excellent pattern).

Linda M. asked:

Do you find the Hebridean yarn (VY) the same to knit with for FIs as the J&S yarns? Some people feel that the Hebridean is more “springy” and different to work with. Any thoughts?

The Hebridean 2-ply is a tad thicker than J&S jumperweight. It’s also softer than shetland and, as you said, “springy.” It’s totally yummy to knit! I loved using it for Amphora. I’ve also used it for Glenesk and Roscalie, and loved knitting with it then.

The Nebridean 3-ply is also lovely. Great stitch definition!

Okay guys. I have a late meeting today, so there won’t be much knitting progress to report tomorrow. Sigh.


  1. Fern is so beautiful–such a delicate pattern.

    Just wanted you to know that your Fair Isle and Arans are completely inspiring.

    And yes, Lucy is spoiled rotten! What is it about felted wool and cats? It’s like catnip or something.

  2. A Kureyon catbed! Do it! I bought our new kitty a nice bed and she does anything to avoid it, including jumping over it and running around it so she doesn’t have to walk over it. (It looks comfy to me and I would curl up in it if I was cat size.) She currently loves the straw chairs. But Kureyon. Now THERE’S an idea!

  3. Of course Lucy is not spoiled.

    Remember that cats have been worshipped in some cultures.

    Lucy is your Home Goddess and itΒ΄s simply her job to “bless” everything new in your apartment:-)

  4. I *knew* you’d finish the front of Fern…LOL! It’s going to look gorgeous when you put it all together.

    Notice how Lucy picked the one Booga Bag that is complementary to her coloring? That’s one fashion conscious kitty πŸ™‚

  5. Wendy you did it again! I am glad that yarn diets don’t apply to gifts. The diagonal scarf is beautiful! How much yarn did you purchase to make it your desired length (and by the way…how long are you planning on making it?) Thanks for your reply…I am already dreaming of a “quick” visit to my lys for some of the lovely yarn.

  6. One more question…how wide (how many stitches did you add on at the widest point?) Thanks!

  7. Purl, I had three skeins of Kureyon and thought that would be enough for the scarf. Note that I did not purchase any new yarn for this. πŸ™‚ I am making my scarf 31 stitches wide using US size 8 needles. I’ll probably knit it until the yarn runs out — approximately 4 feet, I think.

  8. Hi Wendy! A question for you about the electric ball winder — do you find that it stretches the yarn too taught in the ball? I received one as a gift and I find that it spins so quickly that the yarn is stretched and the balled yarn is much thinner looking than it was in the skein. I just wound some of the Hebridean yarn for Rosarie and am concerned that if the yarn has been permanently stretched it is going to affect gauge! I would hate to have wound the lovely springiness out of the yarn. Have you had this experience with your winder? (Mine is the one from Halcyon).

    Amphora is gorgeous!

  9. Thanks…now off to my lys!

  10. I’ve already knit one diagonal scarf for a gift, and have the yarn for a second. But I prefer the Silk Garden, it gives a much softer feel around the neck. I cast on the amount of stitches suggested in the pattern, and made it approx. 6″ wide. It used up three skeins, and is a perfect length, about 5′. That’s such a fun pattern to knit, I almost couldn’t put it down until it was finished.

  11. Your sweaters are inspiring. When I get my first Alice Starmore sweater going and finished I’d love you to stop by and take a look. πŸ™‚

  12. *cry* it took me three days of here and there knitting to get just 2/3 of the front of Bed and Breakfast from the latest Interweave done! I’m so slow, but I must say I *am* getting faster. Maybe one day I can knit at light speed like you. You are officially my knitting hero. πŸ˜‰

  13. Wendy-

    I noticed on some of your older fo that you put the date started and finished. Your recent ones only have the finished date. I love groaning over how fast you knit–and I guess being inspired by what is possible. Any chance would would include both in future fo’s?

  14. Wendy. Did you feed Fern Miracle-Gro???? πŸ™‚

  15. minasgranny says:

    Ever since I first found and began reading your blog (thanks, thanks, thanks!) I have been amazed at how much knitting you get done. Today’s picture of Fern nearly made me cry. How do you do it?

  16. Good golly you’re fast! How many hours do you knit daily? Speedy!

    Lucy is gorgeous, I too have a sealpoint ragdoll (though not as fluffy) that loves my yarn…

  17. Fern is just lovely! Love the way you were able to get in only a *little* knitting time last night and managed to finished the front!!! πŸ™‚

    Have a question: I purchased a lot of Araucania from Elann, too, and was told I’d have to alternate skeins because it’s hand-dyed. (Didn’t realize this when I ordered.) Is there any way to get around that?

    Lucy’s just too cute and derserves all the spoiling you can give her! Do ragdolls come in other flavors? My friend has a gray cat that looks an awful lot like Lucy…and I can’t stop kissing her!

  18. My cat (Benjamin) LOVES laying on my felted bag. I really should make him a felted cat bed. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet… Knowing him though, he’d still prefer my bag over his bed.

  19. Wendy,
    I am amazed at your speed. I have made Fern in three times in different colors, and I know how involved it is. And, you work all day too.

  20. I’m sure that at the rate of speed inwhich you knit you could make the kitty a new bed on your lunch hour…and still manage to have lunch too! Fern is gorgeous as is all of your sweaters…and moving along incredibly fast. I’ll bet your stash never has a chance to collect dust.

  21. You Lucy is gorgeous! Any knitting fabric is the perfect perch for a cat! πŸ™‚