My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


My Next Sweater Project?

Oh, what will it be?

I dunno.

I’ve not started a sweater after finishing Fern because I wanted to wait until after Christmas. That is because I wanna see what I get for Christmas. I flat out asked for yarn for one sweater, and did some blatant hinting for another, so if either of those materialize, I’ll start one of them. Probably on December 25.

No, I’m not gonna tell you what they are. Telling would jinx it!

Bucket Chat

Last Friday the lovely and talented Bonne Marie, creator of the Bucket-o-Chic pattern emailed me and we chatted about the wavy-ness of the brim of my Skye Bucket.

Note to myself — if I ever see a yarn called “Scum,” buy it and knit a bucket hat so I can call it my Scum Bucket.

Bonne Marie offered the possibility of holding the yarn doubled but picking up stitches at the ratio of 3:4 instead of 5:6. She was concerned that if I knit the brim with a single thickness it would roll. I countered with the suggestion of a single thickness garter stitch or seed stitch brim.

If you head on over to Chicknits, you’ll see she knitted a hat incorporating her suggestion, and it came out beautifully.

By the way Silvia had an intriguing idea about how to salvage my wavy hat . . .

Since it’s felted, why don’t you cut the brim and make it shorter then overcast the cut edge by hand then steam/wash and see what it looks like?

Isn’t that clever? Maybe I’ll try that!

And of course, I had to knit another hat incorporating my idea. I knitted my hat out of Lopi Light and picked up stitches for the brim according to the original pattern. But I did not knit the brim double thickness. I used one strand of yarn and knit the brim garter stitch.

Here’s the hat pre-felting:


Tossed it in the washer and sent it through twice. And here it is, in all its felted glory:


I did very minimal post-felting manipulation — just popped it over a tin to dry and smoothed it down a bit. Not a wave in sight!


It’s coming along.


I think Lucy is practicing for her career as a spokesmodel.



Happy Monday!


  1. Love the green bucket. The brim is shorter than the Skye Bucket, less chance of waves? Hope Santa brings you both yarn requests. Have a good day….Lucy is the best.

  2. Actually the brim is only one round shorter than the Skye bucket!

  3. Now see, if I wouldn’t have known what the Bucket O’ Chic was supposed to look like, I would have just assumed that your hat has a fluted edge. I think it looks cute like that. Can you call it a “design feature”? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you get the yarn you wanted for Christmas. Can’t wait to see what’s on your list!

  4. I had a wavy bucket hat and after much manipulation, and in total frustration, I threw it into the washer to refelt it (I figured if it was too small I would give it to my kids). Anyway, after a short 5 minutes I pulled it out, stretched the hell out of it, and put it on a coffee can covered in towels and a plastic bag (to stretch it more) and it worked great.

    Something you might want to try with your Skye hat.

    Love the new one, thanks for the modification tips.

  5. Your hat came out perfect this time. My 17 yr. old would like that hat alot. She’s taken a liking to hats lately; must be the cool weather we’re having (below 80…and on real winter days below 60!).
    I vote that you at least knit one small project per day while waiting for Christmas yarn. My mornings wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have your accomplished knitting project to view…and Lucy of course. Besides, your needles could get rusty in three days.
    Merry Christmas…I hope Santa brings you both of the yarn(s)that you asked for. Keep your needles crossed for me too…I asked for 3 carats (yeah right, I wasn’t that good)…but a girl has to try doesn’t she? Besides, I like playing against the odds.

  6. BRAVA!!! That hat is the diggety BOMB! I have that color in Donegal Tweed and just might go for it!

    I am also going to try the garter brim in a non-felted version this afternoon. My Nephew is here and is going to be my hat model!!!

  7. Wendy,I made my first booga bag this weekend. Check it out.

  8. Wendy!!!

    thank you so very much for the yarn, it’s lovely and very generous!!

    I, too, hope that you get all the yarn you asked for! Have a happy holiday and hug Miss Lucy for me. I am in love with the little princess!


  9. Somehow I imagine you may have to wait awhile to find a yarn named “scum!” I can’t wait to see what sweater yarn presents you receive and what you intend to make with it. A Wendy Mystery ™!

  10. Actually, you, Teresa, and Deb are da bomb! We just helped with a little nitro, baby. Glad to have been a part of such a wonderful holiday activity—perchance a holiday tradition?

    PS–your bucket hats are pretty freakin’ awesome!

  11. The green bucket is gorgeous! Are you going to use the wavy brim one as a candy dish now?

  12. Hey that green lopi bucket is nice! It’s just begging for some red decoration, how about a nice red ribbon…

  13. So hey, just wanted to note that VY/AS has just added “Fern” to the list of patterncards (it used to be back catalog with a note about it being worked without amendment to the pattern in a slightly slimmer silhouette, revised schematic to be provided with your order). I really do hope you get a discount with your orders, your blog clearly brings in a lot of business ๐Ÿ˜‰


  14. Nice hats, Wendy! For the record, I’ve never seen “scum” but I did read somewhere that there is a yarn color called “sludge” — I think it’s either Jamieson or Rowan (probably Rowan). I was a bit taken aback when I saw that.

    Remember the mauled yarn I sent you a picture of? Well, it must smell like catnip or something — I was blocking the scarf I made out of it, and the cat(s) [I don’t know how many or which] got up on the table and mauled it again there. 3 or 4 very nasty pulls, and it was a gift for someone. ๐Ÿ™ I pulled them to the back and wove them in as best I could, then wrapped it up and gave it to her. I never thought they’d do anything to it because there were no loose ends — I thought that was what they liked to play with. Now I know better. Grrr…..

  15. Love the green felted bucket! Am resisting the urge to buy some Lopi Light this very evening! (Not on a yarn diet, but have a couple of gifties that I must finish up before Christmas.)

    Hope santa brings you yarn!!

  16. When I was messing about with natural dyeing, pond scum was recommended for a green,but I never tried it. Maybe I need to track down that notebook?

  17. I promise that if I ever take up spinning, there will be a limited-edition yarn called Scum coming your way.