My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


I Gotcha Glowing Colors Right Here

In yesterday’s comments, Cat asked:

I’ve loved the pattern of Abalone but the gray colors in the picture just never appealed. Did you you look at shade card and see how different the real sweater would be?

I’ve always loved Abalone, even with the greyish colors in the original. I wanted to give my mom something relatively easy to get me for Christmas, so I figured out the Campion colors in Jamieson’s (without ever looking at a color card) and gave her the list.

Was I ever amazed when the pattern started emerging.

I can’t believe how much more beautiful the Abalone colors are “in person.” The background colors look like the ocean — beautiful deep sea greens. So I just sort of lucked out on this. 🙂


And in answer to Julie’s question — I am doing Abalone as a cardi. It briefly crossed my mind to convert it to pullover, but I decided not to. As much of a pain as the two-color garter stitch bands are, I really like the look of them.


I took the time Monday night to look through the GSRP box in detail. There wasn’t much of anything I wanted in it — not that it isn’t lovely stuff, it’s just stuff that doesn’t appeal to me for one reason or another. Like, the color isn’t right for me, or I like the color and the yarn is cotton.

So I grabbed the skein of Colinette Circe, just because it looked intriguing.


And I put in three skeins of Noro Kureyon, which I figure is probably about right, value-wise.


And the Cable box is going on its way to Christina in Woodbridge, VA this afternoon.

And while we’re talking about the GSRP . . .

A huge thank you to Amy for masterminding this very fun project. After seeing the box and the paperwork inside that Amy diligently included, I can see she put a lot of time into making this run smoothly.

Mouse-a-thon News


Lucy says: “Don’t look at me!” Go see Mr. Geoffrey’s World!

If you want to see some totally adorable kitties available for adoption, check out this site! Mr. Geoffrey fosters kitties for Capital Animal Care, and there are some beauties pictured on his site.

He also has some information about the Mouse-a-thon catnip mice available for sale from Capital Animal Care.

Are you looking for a furry friend or two to share your home? Run, don’t walk, over to Mr. Geoffrey’s! The link to Mr. Geoffrey’s World will remain in my sidebar, so you can check back any time at all.


  1. Good morning Wendy,
    my best wishes for the new year and happy belated birthday!
    Must tell you today, you are tempting me constantly with your colourwork projects. Don’t know how you do it, but even if it’s colours I usually don’t like, like purple and turquise, you make me wanna knit that, too. Every day I wait impatiently for the time you post to see the progress you’ve made. Abalone is really charming!
    I’ve finished Henry VIII on New Year’s Day and now I’m persuading my Dearest to let me wear it sometimes 🙂
    Have a nice tuesday,

  2. Indeed, let’s all thank Amy for all of her efforts of putting the GSRP game together.After receiving the list yesterday, I can see that the list alone was alot of work, much less everything else.All together now, “THANK YOU, Amy!”
    At the risk of sounding dedundant, Wendy, your Abalone is the prettiest thing I’ve seen yet, both in stitch pattern, and color combination.The watery greens and blues are my favorite color schemes.You must be having a ball knitting that.

  3. Wendy — It was very exciting to follow the links to find out how the mouseathon mice are helping Capital Animal Care. Are you planning to make the Mouse-a-thon an annual event? (if Capital is overwhelmed with mousies and cannot absorb all of a second round, I am sure there are other worthy animal rescue groups that would love the help. Perhaps that could even be one of the prizes this time, ie, 1/4 of the mouse haul to be donated to the cat rescue and adoption group indicated by the winner?).

  4. Karen in MN says:

    Since I don’t own Pacific Coast Highway, I can only hope that Virtual Yarns releases Abalone as a kit … I too love the colors in your version, Wendy.

  5. I love the Abalone sweater and have been wanting to make it but have been confused on what colors to use. Your selection is so beautiful. Could you possibly post a list of the J&S colors you used? I would be eternally grateful.

  6. Wendy –
    Thanks for the GSRP update. I can’t wait to get the box.

  7. Abalone really is beautiful — definitely one of my favorites now. The colors are wonderful.

  8. Wendy, bad influence that you are, I succumbed to a Kureyon sale, and fell off the yarn diet….a Booga bag is in the future! I love Abalone, I don’t think I’ll be making another Starmore soon, but that’s a beaut.

  9. A few weeks ago, I found your website and thence the blogs of others. I am primarily a quilter, but will soon be taking my knitting needles out of storage! These sites have been a big inspiration!! Hope you will be able to post the J&S colors you used in Abalone. I have been looking for a design source for Fair Isle knitting… any ideas? Published books seem to offer whole sweaters instead.

  10. Hi Wendy,

    could you please stop showing such closeups of your work? I always go and get MY fair-isle and compare it to yours. And then? I spent the whole evenníng crying 🙁



  11. Oh my gosh! Wendy, Abalone is just beautiful. I have awlays liked it and thought it was a sweater I would like to make. I love your color choices.I also would love to know the colors on the Jamieson chart. You are extremely talented and I enjoy your Blog. Thanks for sharing!
    Great Job!!!!

  12. Wendy, I’m so intrigued by the GRSP idea. Thanks for posting the link here. I’m enjoying reading your blog.