My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


The WendyKnits Message Board

Announcing . . .

The WendyKnits Message Board!

I’ve installed a message board on my site for all of us to use. It works pretty much like any other message board you’ve seen. I thought it might make it easier for some of you who would like to chat amongst yourselves to do so.

Right now there’s just a “General” Forum. If you have any ideas on what kinds of Forum topics you’d like, leave me a comment and I’ll create them.

I don’t know if this board will see much action, but I thought it would be fun to try it out. The link to the board is in my sidebar, and will remain there for easy access. There’s a FAQ section there to help you out if you get stuck.

A Pleasure to Know!

I was surfing through blogs yesterday and read this on Kerstin’s blog:

While the cyber world can be a creepy place and full of miserable people, I have personally found that for every nut case out there, there are at least 100 fine people who are a pleasure to know.

Amen, Kerstin! I receive proof of this over and over! The latest proof:

Monday afternoon I got a package in the mail, from a blog reader, Karin in Princeton, NJ. Inside:


A set of dpns, with a note. Karin had read on my blog that I spent part of my childhood in Pinner, a small village in England. Coincidentally, she passed through Pinner a couple of years ago, and bought some knitting needles in a charity shop there. She sent me one of those sets as a souvenir.

I’ve never met Karin, our only contact is through her reading of my blog. How’s that’s for a kind and generous act?


Lisa asked:

When you are doing colorwork such as you are now with Abalone, do you have to look at the chart for each row, or do you memorize it and just know when to change colors by looking at your work on the needle?

I look at the chart at the start of most rows. I don’t for the small 6-row pattern in between the large pattern repeats — that’s easy as pie. But at the start of each row of the main pattern I glance at the chart. That gets the pattern repeat stuck in my head, so I can complete the round without referring back.


Gratuitous Sentimental Cat Photo du Jour


Lucy, in weird lighting.

Scary Sighting du Jour

Seen (and heard) out my office window:

An open truck loaded up with Lyndon LaRouche supporters, blaring the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s “Messiah.” I think Handel must be turning over in his grave.

Not that I’m making a political statement here, mind.


  1. Hi there,

    I guess I’m the inagural visitor to your message board. I consider this an honor then. Might I say the picture of Lucy in today’s blog is the prettiest one yet, a definite contender for the calendar.

    Thanks to you, I found the courage to start my first AS fair-isle, the Morning Glory vest from Stillwater, and now I am hooked. If this turns out well, I might actually throw my good senses to the wind and bid on one of those exorbitantly priced copies of “The Scottish Collection” that appear on ebay. I am coveting Marina and Cold Duck in a bad way. Someone stop me, please!!

  2. Lucy is SOO gorgeous!!
    Have just ordered some yummy Lorna’s Laces sport weight yarn to do your Fan and Feather scarf. I know it’s not Cashmere but couldn’t resist the wonderful colors!

  3. The message board is a great idea; however, I must be blind as a bat, as I can’t find it in the sidebar…but,I’ll keep looking.

    Thanks for the reference made on the chart reading technique. I guess due to years of practice and experience you have trained your brain to record the row of the chart that you’re working on at a glance…I’m afraid I’d have to look at it so often it would take me forever to complete one row. I should force myself to start practicing though so that someday I can cruise along with just a glance as you do.

    I have another question for you on the subject of colorwork. What book do you recommend for teaching the technique that you use for doing colorwork? Does Alice Starmore have one by chance? I’d like to purchase such a book to learn the technique. You have inspired me to learn it.

    By the way, yesterday’s comments really brought Lucy’s fan club wouldn’t you say? Before you know it, she’ll have her own blog!

  4. Please don’t stop the Gratuitous Sentimental Cat Photos. I look forward to seeing them, then I know that I’m not alone ( with my cat sentiments ). Thanks. Last night a friend showed up at our knitting group with the F & F scarf pattern. PLeae recheck it. We looked it over and thought that a ‘yo’ had been left out?
    Have a good one. Judy

  5. About the LaRouche supporters, yeah, that must have been scary alright, hearing “Messiah” blasted at full volume. I guess that got attention, though.

  6. Judy, you are correct — there was an error in the pattern. I’ve fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out!

  7. At the risk of repeating myself from previous comments: I love Lucy. Great photo. Many thanks for the knitting info. I’ve learned more from reading your blog than from many books on or off the market.

  8. I meant to comment yesterday: I am NOT a cat lover. My feelings for cats ranges between utter indifference and outright hate (depending on the individual cat). Still I do not find your cat sentimentality to be gratuitous at all. Lucy is a lovely example of the species and it’s fun to look at a lovely animal as long as it’s not shedding on MY couch. ha If someone wants to read dry, impersonal knitting information they can buy a book. I like the personal stories and information in your blog. Your life includes a cat so that’s part of the “package” as far as I’m concerned. I like the warmth and love that comes across. I don’t find it distracting or detracting from the knitting content at all.

  9. I am not a cat person at all, either. I’ve got my Gregory-dog instead. However, I don’t think that the Lucy related content is distracting at all. If I had a blog and Gregory would let me take pictures of him, I am sure I would share him too. I am really inspired by your knitting. I have yet to try fair isle, but you make it look really lovely.
    I’m still stuck on socks.

  10. jo morgan says:

    Isn’t it the truth? Too often when we read or hear about the internet, it’s pornography or predators. One almost never hears about the kinder, gentler connections among folks who go on-line to share information, questions, conversation, and humor about a shared interest. Knitters rock!

  11. The WendyKnits Message Board is hard to miss. It’s right there in the sidebar, under “My Knitting Gallery”. This is going to take some getting used to. I see a topic called ‘swaps’ that says it has 1 message, but I can’t find the message. Wendy, you sure keep us working! And that’s not a bad thing.

  12. Lise Patterson says:

    You don’t need the expensive Scottish Collection to do Marina, though. The pattern was also published in “Good Morning Woolwork”, a weird and wonderful book available from, among others,
    Paradise Fibers for <$14
    no affiliation

  13. I’m glad you posted Kerstin’s statement. My little old lady of a mother is terribly worried that some bad person will read my blog, and then show up on my doorstep to do bodily harm upon my person. I think I’ll send her this quote.