My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Swatch This

What a cute li’l swatch!


This is Lamullgarn, 100% lambswool yarn, available from NordicFiberArts. I’m knitting up a test swatch on size 3mm needles and am getting 7.5 stitches/inch. I thought this would make a nice alternate yarn for knitting gansies. Even in this dark color, the little seed stitch diamond I worked in the middle shows up well (though I can’t photograph it — there’s something about the color red!), so I’m thinking I’ll have to order me up a bunch!

Wendyknits Message Board

So happy to see so many people have registered for the Message Board. And a few questions are popping up on the board. Remember, anyone and everyone can post on the board — feel free to ask/answer questions, offer opinions, share experiences, etc. The only rule is . . . play nice! I do have the power to ban. Tee hee. Though I’ve never had to ban anyone from my comments (apart from SpamBots) so I don’t see it happening over at the message board either.

I’ll pop in to see what’s going on there and particpate as well, never fear. I think it’ll be fun!

New Knitter-to-Be!

Today at lunch I start teaching a woman in my office to knit. She’s very excited and motivated, so I think we’ll get on well. It’s been a long time since I taught an absolute beginner, so this will be fun.

Gratuitous Lucy Story

Or “Why Wendy Doesn’t Wear Eyeliner Anymore”

I have a lovely antique dressing table that was my grandmother’s, and every morning I sit down at this table, where I have positioned my 5x magnifying mirror, to attempt to apply make-up.

Note to women over 40: 5x (or higher) magnifying mirrors are depressing.

Lucy waits for this moment. As soon as I sit down, she jumps up on the table and immediately turns into a purring, quivering mass of affection. She stretches, she twirls, she butts her head against my hand. Imagine, if you will, attempting to apply eyeliner when suddenly a big furry ass is thrust into your face. The sudden impact of a kitty head against the hand holding the eyeliner. The mirror falling over from another kitty head-butt. I used to use liquid eyeliner. Ha! Not any more, after stabbing myself in the eye with it. I switched to pencil liner, but abandoned that after the first stab.

Now it’s simply eyeshadow applied with my pinky. Mascara? I’m a coward. I apply that standing up.

Yes, I realize I could shut myself in the bathroom to apply make-up, but I think Lucy looks on this as “Mommy and Me” time and I hate to deprive her of it.



  1. My Mogwai is the same with my eye liner, but also with my coffe mug, when i am working on the computer ! Do you imagine the nightmare !!
    I think seriously to buy her a new kitty bed for each room…. what a bad influence (? i don’t know if the word is exact….) you have on me, wendy !

  2. Ah Wendy, I can relate to the kitty butt in the face while staring into that unforgiving mirror each morning! Even though I spend the next half half brushing kitty fur from my eyelashes, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love my kitties and all the help I get from them in the bathroom each morning.

  3. jane pollard says:

    Have fun teaching your co-worker to knit. I’ve been teaching my friends at work for several years and all of a sudden this week five new knitters appeared for lessons. Thank goodness we already have about 15 knitters at the school where I teach that could help! Makes going to work like a little knitting circle everyday.

  4. A bad influence is exactly what I am, Rebecca! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to hear from you and Jewel that I am not alone in having a kitty helper in the mornings!

  5. OMG, you are as bad as I am. I’m talking about the eyeliner story…yesterday I didn’t knit on my most pressing project (a wedding afghan), because Bella was napping on it and I didn’t want to disturb her. Instead, I sewed the seams of the cardigan that I finished knitting a week ago. Of course, I justified it all by telling myself that I really needed to get the sweater finished anyway. The truth is I love my poodle so much, I spoil her rotten,just as you do Lucy…isn’t it wonderful in a sick kinda way? It is, but I don’t care. We’re happy this way.

    I don’t know if you’ve made the decision yet on the Rose or the Butter Pecan, but somehow that got past me. Which is it?…or, is the swatch Lucy is modeling today the Rose and it just went over my head?

    Coincidentally, yesterday was my first day in helping to teach a beginner’s knitting class. I spent most of the class time with one individual who struggled, but by the time class was over she was making a slip knot, casting on, and knitting and I found that very rewarding to help someone else to learn. She was pleased as punch with her accomplishments, and it made my day brighter too. I hope you have just as much fun with your new student.

    5x’s mirror? That’s a scarey thought at 42 (almost 43) and after years of basking in the sun. Just a normal strength magnifying mirror reveals all that I want to see!

  6. I have no idea where I learned this, so it could be completely bogus, but someone once told me that the reason cats get so lovey when we’re doing something intense like staring at sheet music on the piano (that’s when my cats always got very needy) or applying makeup is that in the cat world, staring intently at something implies love/attention so they want to get in on the love. Makes sense, no?

    I tried to start a knitting group after school where I teach and it kind of fell apart, but I’ve had private consultations with 3 people just this week, including a 20-something boy who is making a scarf for his girlfriend! That’s the best–I have 2 boys in my little group. The first one starting doing crochet (learned from his mother-in-law), but when he saw us knitting wanted to learn and he hasn’t looked back. The second one was a student teacher last semester and saw a student wearing a cool scarf her mother had made, and came to me to ask how long it would take him to make one…this was in early December and he wanted to give it as a Christmas gift! But that all changed and now it’s a January birthday gift. Much more sensible.

    Anyway–teaching newbies is definitely a lot of fun! Have fun with your student, Wendy!


  7. Ha! My Ivan does the same thing! I tend to snuggle him with my left hand while applyingthe liner with my right. I also use darker eyeshadow on a brush for my liner to make it much easier to remove after a “tail” intervention! ๐Ÿ™‚
    You’re definately not alone Wendy! Love the story! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Lucy is definitely happy in her environment! Isn’t it wonderful to have her love you so much, so unconditionally..but it does take a special person to have it.

    Teaching knitting is fun and a beginner as well. How lucky!!!

  9. Hi – it’s me again? How is the Lucy Calendar coming along? You haven’t mentioned it lately.

  10. I’m not a knitter but I have a friend who led me to your site and I read every morning. I’m wondering if you have any advice as to where I can start learning to knit. I don’t know anyone here (Colorado Springs) that does…
    Your works are BEAUTIFUL!!!


  11. My boy cats are too lazy to bug me in the morning — they were still passed out on the bed while I dressed. My girl cat, however, doesn’t so much show affection as want to talk — MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! She has a really annoying voice, so I shut her out of the bathroom. I still don’t bother with eyeliner anymore — just too lazy myself!

    And thanks — NOT — for mentioning Nordic Fiber Arts. Now I want to buy some Hifa 2 to make Armaugh from Celtic Collection. How has your PIS sweater held up (or have you even worn it yet?)?

  12. Andrea, coincidentally, I’m wearing it today!

    It’s only the second wearing, so I can’t comment on how it’s wearing — it still looks new. As well it should.

  13. One could apply eyeliner in the cube @work?

  14. Did anyone else notice Lucy’s little face looks like a heart in her latest sofa photo op! What a doll !
    Had to laugh, Wendy, at your eyeliner story…I could just visualize you riding the train and knitting with kitty eyeliner artistry!!!!

  15. In don’t have any cats staring at me when I put on my makeup, but my 6-year old daughter is (unfortunately) fascinated. Any time I get out the eye shadow, eyeliner, etc., she stands around saying “Oh, Mommy, I can’t wait to have a make-up case like that. You are so lucky.” I have tried to tell her to be glad that she has such a young beautiful face that doesn’t need makeup and that some day she will wish she didn’t have to bother with it, but it doesn’t make an impression on her! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Joan in Reno says:

    Perhaps Lucy equates your makeup routine as a prelude to leaving and is trying to convince you that is a bad idea. She probably wouldn’t have a hard time convincing you if it wasn’t necessary to work so you can afford to knit.

    I don’t wear eye makeup at all because I am allergic to it. One time my eyelids swelled up so that I almost couldn’t see. It also looked totally charming! That was enough of that!

  17. That’s great! I have a Maine Coon kitty who always manages to jump up and wrap his tail across my face after I’ve applied lip balm. There’s nothing like having long, fine kitty fur stuck to your lips. But he’s so cute when he does it I can’t get mad.

  18. How much yarn is Wendy going to buy to make a gansey? It seems significantly lighter than some others at 250 m for 50 gms versus 245 yds for 100 gms.

    Inquiring minds are dying to spend $$

  19. Wendy,
    After 40 regular, zero magnification mirrors are depressing enough for me. I’m not yet sufficiently masochistic to use a magnifying mirror (and I’m not looking too closely at my non-magnifying mirror these days either)!
    I do find that I’m developing an appreciation for how much younger I look by candlelight.

  20. I think it’s humane, anyway, that our eyesight goes quick after 40, so we can’t fully appreciate the depreciation.

    My cat Bella likes to start off watching me shower from outside the shower door. After the shower she likes to rub around the wet legs. Then she jumps up on the sink and interfere where ever possible. An accidental toothpaste splat on the head didn’t even faze her.

    Her favorite winter-time affection, however, is to stick her nose tip into my nostril when I’m sleeping. It’s like she’s wanting to breathe my breath. It can be a bit of a fright if I’m in a deep sleep.