My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Danger: Cranky Knitter Ahead

Dunno why, but I am In A Mood. Well, yeah, I know why. A large number of small things that add up to big annoyance, mostly work-related. Why is it that some people are incapable of following even the most simple of directions?

Grrrrrrrr . . .

And the crappy weather ain’t helping.

I ask you. It’s enough to make a girl want to use her size 0000 steel dpns in a way not recommended by the manufacturer.

Thank you for listening. Back to knitting now.


I worked on my beloved Abalone last night because there’s a problem with the pattern I’m test-knitting and I’m waiting for the designer to get back to me with how he wants me to proceed.

Ah, Abalone! Abalone! All other knitting is full of baloney.

Lucy agrees.


New Project

Woo! Woo! New project alert! What do you suppose this is?


What? You can’t tell from that photo? It’s Norfolk, from Alice Starmore’s Fisherman Knits. Knitted in the Peruvian Collection Baby Silk in the “butter pecan” color (purchased from Elann). I’m using size 2.5mm and 3.0mm needles and it’s my commuter knitting.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say it’s my “knit a few stitches at work at lunchtime when I get a chance” project. I’ve not been able to knit on the train for a while — too crowded.

It’s a sick sick world when the train is jam-packed full at 5:30am.

My, I’m just a whiney girl today, aren’t I? I make no apologies, but revel in my whineyness.

But here’s something cheery — a finished Booga Bag. Isn’t she purty?


And what did I block her on?


Two small size Priority Mail boxes. They fit perfectly and the price is right!


  1. If you have an Abalone,
    you shall never be alone
    or in a bad mood ’cause it’s such a pleasure to work on an AS FI, and you’ll always have a bunch of people around staring and expressing their admiration… me first! ;-D
    Hope you’re going to have a nice day!

  2. So sorry to hear you’re having frustrations at work. I know first hand how dealing with incompetent people can make you crazy, especially when they are on your own payroll, not someone else’s. Just think, it could be worse, you could be going shopping for dress pants with a teenager today, like I am! My daughter needs dress pants for her new job. I may need a shot of whisky before the day is out, ha! Hope today goes better for ya.

    Your booga bag is great. I need to make another one of those, but this time stick to the pattern. Don’t you hate making that i-cord? I find that my hands have to strain and get plum wore out when I’m knitting that. Hmmm, maybe I’m doing something wrong. Is there a trick to doing that?

  3. Abalone returns! And Norfolk is in the starting gate! Great start to the day!

  4. With bloomin’ incompetents *and* no knitting on the train i am full of admiration that you are merely cranky…Still, Abalone is looking lovely.

    Keep your chin up!

  5. If there is anything cuter than Lucy snoozing happily under Abalone, I dachshund no what it could be.

    Hope things improve immediately at work and on the train and that the people around you suddenly, miraculously, gain 30-40 IQ points. Hugs and woofs to you and Lucy.

  6. Boy can I sympathize with the work situation. Its more customers than co-workers for me tho.

    I love how Lucy can sit in your lap while you knit and be peaceful. Any of my three have to play with yarn or bite at needles or something that doesn’t make the process a comfortable one.

  7. Do you have a picture of Norfolk? I don’t have the book & can’t seem to find any pictures on-line. I have some of that Peruvian Silk too, in the green color.

  8. That is so cool that you are starting Norfolk. I started it in October or November, and you’ll probably be finished before me! But thats ok, I’m enjoying the pattern part now, half way through the front yoke, but going slowly. The Fleet I’m using is leaving its mark on my hand and shoulder, but I love the sweater itself.
    I love your color and can’t wait to see your pictures when you get to the pattern.
    happy knitting!

  9. You should be able to get back to knitting on the train in February. All those New Year’s Resolution train passes will have expired.

    And I envy you with your Abalone and (calm) Lucy. Whenever one of my kitties is sitting in my lap while I knit, they would get distracted by those little strings that seem to dangle and move around them. Next thing I know, I’m knitting with wool covered with cat drool.

  10. I have a pile of priority boxes that I keep in the corner of my work room. I’ve used them to block all kinds of bags! Maybe I should start designing bags around the aizes of priority boxes available.

  11. I don’t know which is more disturbing. Not being able to knit on the metro, or being on the metro at 5:30 in the morning.


  12. How are you liking the Baby Silk so far? The other Peruvian Collection yarns seem to have met with rave reviews. I’m now regretting that I didn’t jump on the Baby Silk when it was available as I think it may be perfect for Cape Cod. I’ll be watching to see how Norfolk progresses!

  13. hey, keep those 0000 needles airplane-friendly! any knitting-related homicides hit the news, and all needles will be banned from planes again. that said, go for the soft part of the underside of the chin, and poke straight up for an instant kill. 😉

    my dog Arwen Isobel seems to think that Skylark is a dog bed… i’d much rather she followed lucy’s lead and thought it was a blanket… although I’m trying not to knit any more Sheltie hair into it than is absolutely unavoidable!

  14. Forestbird says:

    I love Abalone! The way the colors change behind the pattern is like the ways colors change on an abalones shell.

    I am still a novice knitter. The booga bag looks fairly simple, will you share the pattern with me and others at your blog who might like to make one too? Thanks.

  15. The booga bag looks great! And great idea for blocking.

  16. We wanna know what was inside those priority boxes – more yarn?? Grumpy here has been very good & back on his diet & altho it has been way to muggy for Beadwork (sorry – we have no aircon, just open French windows)I have been playing with cotton chair covers. Tell us the new yarn purchases. Resistance is useless! Resistance is useless!!

  17. But Miranda, sheltie fur is so wonderful as a yarn! Spinning it (on my little homemade drop spindle when I was still in highschool) produced the most gorgeous, soft, silky yarn imaginable.

    For me at least. I’m not what you would call an accomplished spinner. More of someone who does stuff just to see if I can.