My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



(Warning! Crankiness ahead! You may want to skip down to the knitting content.)

Damn, it’s cold again. Yesterday was a nice respite, with temps that went up above freezing. But we’re back to low temps and nasty wind chill today.

Those of you who are getting ready to fire off an email to me to tell me (in a superior way) how cold it is where you are and how I don’t know what cold is? Don’t bother.

Yes, I’ve actually received emails like the above when I mention it’s cold. Some people have way too much time on their hands.

Yes, I know that there are many places colder than Washington DC. It’s sub-arctic where you are? Good for you. You can have it. It’s cold enough for me here. It’s all relative, you know? It’s colder than is normal for DC. This is all I’m saying.

Can you tell I’m still cranky? Yes, there are idiots everywhere, my friends. But there seems to be a higher concentration of stupidity in my general vicinity.

Speaking of idiots . . .

Yesterday there was a bunch of Roe Vs. Wade demonstrators downtown. When I went to take the train home, the train was jammed with these animals.

I’m not disputing that these people have the right to assemble peacefully or believe whatever they want. What I take exception to is them nearly ripping the door off the train and trying to push people off the train because they want to board an already overcrowded train, even though the driver is repeatedly announcing that there is another train three minutes behind us. This is not decent human behavior.

TGIF. Ya know?

Lace Knitting

Yesterday Joe asked in my comments if I had ever done any lace knitting. Why yes, I have. There’s a “lace knitting” category in my knitting gallery, the link to which is in my sidebar. Joe also asked — what the heck do you do with it when you’re done? That’s a good question!

I’ve got several lovely lace shawls that have never been worn. I do keep two in my office — the Highland Triangle and Summer in Kansas. If the office is cold, I huddle in one or the other of the two, depending on how cold it is — the Highland Triangle is warmer, being heavier.

And I’ve given my mom two lace shawls — a black one and a white one. She and my dad go on cruises several times a year, and the shawls are great to wear on the formal evenings.

And I’ve made a couple of shawls for other people as well.

But I think the reason I stopped knitting lace is because I have more shawls than I can possibly use in a lifetime.

Mail Call!

Lookie here:


Mmmmm . . . pepparkakor! A surprise gift from the ever-generous L-B!

Knitting Progress

On Norfolk


And Abalone



From my comments:

Barb asked:

Can Lucy have kitties? She sure would make a beautiful mommy. She is the prettiest cat I have ever seen.

Lucy has been spayed, so no motherhood for her. There’s a guy in my office who has a neutered male Ragdoll kitty, named Tabasco. We’ve conjectured that if neither of our cats were neutered, we could collaborate on some beautiful kittens!

Since Lucy was two years old when I got her, I missed out on her kittenhood. I can only imagine what a beautiful baby she must have been!


Donna asked:

When you knit with Kureyon do you take the yarn from the middle every time(to start rolling your ball of yarn) or do you take the yarn from the outside?

I’ve used the yarn from the center of the ball consistently on all my Booga Bags.

That’s all for now folks. May your Friday move swiftly towards the weekend! And to start it off with a laugh, check out this auction on eBay France.


  1. Here’s hoping you have a better weekend than the idiots!

    Any chance of you willing some of the cold weather over to the UK? I need snow!

  2. Oh thank you for the ebay link- what a giggle i had!

    Sorry to hear the weather is so cold and miserable (i was tempted to give you my vest speech but i will refrain because it may push you over the edge).

  3. Thanks SO much for the link! It really helped cheer us up over here – I think the crankies are running rampant all over the world this morning ๐Ÿ™
    Let’s hope Happy Hour repairs all of that!

  4. The link to the pet hat gave me a good laugh! Thanks!
    Good luck dealing with the anti-choice idiots, I’ll send all my strength of positive thinking to you! (I knew there was something besides knitting I liked about you!)

    Have a good, restorative weekend!

  5. The auction link is courtesy of Margaret in Manhattan, btw. It was my first laugh of the day!

    Current temp is 17 degrees F., with windchill it feels like 4 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrr!

  6. I guess I’m the odd-ball. I’ve never lived where it’s cold enough to snow nor are there trains here (thus I’ve never rode a train), so I’ll refrain from commenting on this morning’s general topics.

    Rather, just for fun I’d like to ask about your cowboy boots. I’m amazed that any one person (aside from a country entertainer perhaps) would own over 200 pairs of boots of any kind, much less all of one kind…cowboy boots. I understand the female’s need to have a pair of shoes to match the outfit, but I guess I can’t imagine never wearing sandals or sneakers, etc. So, my question(s) is: What do you wear in the hot summer months? and do you ever wear other types of shoes, say with a dress or shorts, etc.?

    The thought just occurred to me that given your level of crankiness this a.m., that you might tell me it’s none of my da*n business; and you would be correct in saying that; it’s not. I just thought I’d throw a curve ball out there this morning with a different topic to spice things up a bit…and, I have an enquiring mind…and perhaps even an odd sense of humor.

    I hope your weekend brings you lots of knitting pleasure and warm fuzzy moments with Lucy, and hang in there, Friday’s almost over!

  7. In the summer I wear sandals. I wear dress shoes with dresses and today I’m wearing sneakers.

    Jeez. I’m not a freak you know.


  8. I hope the idiots give you a break today. And thanks for sharing the eBay link. It reminded me of a lovely women I met, while working in a domestic violence shelter. She was also a mental health patient and thought tin foil was the answer to all of her woes. I loved her.

  9. Wendy,
    I just had an after thought. I’ve got a little yarn shop story that just goes to show you that the intellectually challenged are everywhere, not just in DC. This true story might give you a chuckle…

    A lady came into our local yarn shop and asked to be shown how to sew her sweater together, as she had never done her own finishing, and wanted to learn. So, the yarn shop owner positioned the garment on the table and grabbed a ball of yarn that happened to be laying there, threaded her tapestry needle and began to demonstrate to the lady how to insert the needle to do the mattress stitch. After a few stitches she removed the thread from the lady’s garment and the lady appeared to have understood the process; but then turned and said, “I understand how to do the stitching, but I have one question, how do you get that big ball of yarn pulled through that little hole?”

    The yarn shop owner politely responded (in total amazement), “You don’t, you cut the yarn.”

  10. TGIF Wendy –

    I have a question on your Booga J bag with the pocket. Did you full the pocket separately and then sew it on or do you sew it on then full the bag?

    I am adding a pocket to my Booga bag and am afraid if I sew on the pocket before fulling – it will either stick to the bag or will distort the bag when I full it.

    Also, since you are a “bag lady” – do you have a jelly bag?

    Condolences on your weather – D.C. has had a much colder and snowier winter than we have had in Kansas City.

  11. Glad to see you’ve taken Norfolk off the back burner!

    Here’s to a weekend of rest, peace and alcohol!


  12. Teresa, you have a great weekend too!

    Colleen, I fulled the pocket separately, then sewed it on the bag. Like you, I was afraid it would shrink differentl than the bag and look funny if I sewed it on first.

    I have no jelly bags, nor do I know what they are. I think a Google search is in order!

  13. katherine says:

    The pathetic thing is, it looks as if the ebay foil hat guy is Canadian…unfortunately, I don’t have enough Canadian Tire money saved up yet, so no bidding for me!

    Thanks for the laugh — and I know what you mean about the weather — the only weather I’m interested in is the stuff right outside my window ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. The foil hat is interesting. There is a family in my town that removes the chip from all their cars. You know, the chip that the government uses to track people? The dad can also talk to God.

  15. Cheer up Wendy, it’s Friday at last! (I ran into a crowd of protestors yesterday morning in our food court — if they had taken all the coffee cakes in my favorite bakery, I would’ve been REALLY cranky!! Definitely a downside to living in the capital of the Free World. ;-))

    Thanks for the funny link – if those people only knew what we REALLY do in the federal government, they’d know just how scared they ought to be, right? (And no amount of tin foil will protect them! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)

  16. Love the link–we Canadians are constantly worried about government interference ;).

    Keep warm–if you need another laugh check this out:

    It’s pages and pages of hilarity!

  17. Well since Lucy can’t be a mommy, at least you will have years and years of unconditional love from her and vice versa.

    It’s a shame people are so frustrating these days, we all need to learn to give headaches instead of get them. I wonder if there is a instruction manual on that…..Have a great weekend of knitting!!

  18. Have a great, relaxing weekend Wendy!

  19. Wendy,
    Many thanks for the link – have a great weekend.

  20. As someone who spent the past four years in the cold and snow of Ohio, it is FREEZING here!!! If you don’t like how could it is in place X, why do you live there?

    I was lucky enough to miss the protestors yesterday. I guess none of them live on the green line, but I heard stories. Pro lifers having no respect for other people by shoving onto a train? The irony is kind of amusing.

    That’s my $0.02. The knitting looks faboo, as usual.

  21. I’m sorry, Wendy, that you’re having such a bad time of it. (Hoped that helped.) At least the weekend is nearly here and maybe some cocooning will help. Sounds like what you need is some time in doors with chocolate, movies, Lucy, a good drink or 2, and your projects.

  22. Yes it sure *is* cold in the DC area… The wind is whistling at my third floor window in Beltsville. You’d think since I grew up in NY and lived in upstate NY from 1998-2002 that I’d be used to it, but no it is cold and uncomfortable, especially on the elevated Metro platforms! I can’t believe someone wrote and told you not to complain! Brrr!

  23. It’s cold where I live, and I complain about the weather from October to April, f’sho. I’ve lived here all my life too! You’re entitled to be crabby about bad weather, IMHO. Here’s my prescription for the cold weather blues:

    hot cocoa
    a great movie (like “Amelie”) something cheery
    an awesome knitting project
    a cozy cat ๐Ÿ™‚

    I second the origamiboulder site– that’s super funny.

  24. Happy Friday! I agree…cold is cold. My Mother-in-law delights in calling me when it is -10F here and 45 in Cocoa Beach to complain about the cold. Have a fantastic weekend…..I’m staying in and ignoring the cold. I may crank the furnace, put on shorts and have a beach party. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Hey there.

    I had a weird dream about you and the International Broccoli Councel last night. No, I’m not on drugs. I blogged about it, if you care…

    And i’m working on a pic for you of lucy…


  26. thanks for the ebay link — it’s too funny! And I consider any other place in the US to be colder than San Francisco (at least in the winter). Happy Friday.

  27. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the sweet comment about my Tasha in the midst of your idiot filled freezing cold cranky spell.
    Abalone is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. WOW!
    Wishing you an idiot*free zone this weekend. Try to stay warm. Winter sucks.

  28. Enjoy your weekend, Wendy–hope you’re able to stay as warm as possible. It’s been a bitter winter all over the country. Wind chill cuts you right to the bone. Yuck. Hang in there!

  29. I had to laugh after reading your comments about the “My weather is even colder!” one-uppers. I live in S. Calif., so no one (well, except maybe Hawaiians) feels I have any call to complain, even if I DO feel cold! (And I did live two years in the upper Midwest, so I do know what it’s like to live in -10 weather.)

    Your knitting and your kitty are lovely — I am envious of both! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. My four cats found your web site and now they are begging me to knit each one of them a kitty bed. They promised to send you a picture when I finish, but I have a bet they will probably never get out of their “kitty pie pan” once they snuggle in. I’ll make sure you see them though, four lazy fur balls in a row is hard not to photograph….have a great weekend.

  31. Hopefully,I won’t be in here tomorrow,but I’m fully expecting Alexandria to beat out Western Henrico on the snow today! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy what I expect to be your day off!

  32. I’m with you. Cold is cold. And it is COLD! And I HATE IT! I wish you space heaters in your immediate future.

  33. There is an odd thing with cold temperatures.
    I regularly spend time in a place where winter temperatures in the range of -20C – -30C is not uncommon.
    I also spend winters in .uk, where the temperatures rarely goes under 0C.

    5 degrees, humid air and a little wind. Feels much colder than -30 dry air and similar amount of wind.

    So one can only conclude that your idiots have never experienced a wet cold winter.