My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Superbowl Fever!


Nope, contrary to what it looks like, Lucy did not have Superbowl Fever yesterday. We watched movies instead.

Lucy inspected my partially completed Abalone sleeve:


Yes, I’m coming along on Abalone!


There was a question in my comments last week about why I complete the bands before the sleeves. It’s partly because I like knowing that when I cast off the last cuff, I’m done. It’s a psychological lift. And I think it’s a bit easier to knit the bands on when you don’t have the sweater plus sleeves flopping around whilst you knit.

Black Frosting!

Yup, that was black frosting on the birthday cake featured in Friday’s blog entry. Did you know that Wilton makes black food coloring? It took a lot to get the frosting black. The roses were more of a steel grey, but I kept adding the coloring to the icing to get the cake as black as possible. When we ate it, all our tongues turned black.

Dave was quite delighted with that cake as I recall. He made one for me a few years later that was also delightful, but as it was completely lacking in taste and was incredibly politically incorrect, we won’t talk about it here. Besides, I don’t have a photo of it. Though I bet Dave has.


  1. I love Lucy in that first photo. What a cutie. And are those super short circs for the sleeves? Can you finish the whole sleeve on that?

  2. What movies did you watch? My son is not quite 5 so he had no attention span for the Super Bowl. I spent yesterday watching Willy Wonka and Toy Story 2…LOL!

    I think the colors in Abalone are just gorgeous. I’m not partial to cardigans but this one is just stunning. so many projects, so little time.

  3. Abalone is just beautiful. Lucy is beautiful. What a beautiful life you have.

  4. Wendy- You are my inspiration! Maybe one day I can knit things half as lovely as you! Abalone is breathtaking! My kitties & I did not watch the superbowl either. LOL Love Dave’s cake– glad my DH can’t bake. lol

  5. Hi Wendy! I actually did watch the SBowl, even though I hate football. My son (7) wanted to watch it, but he went to bed at halftime (poor kid missed Janet Jackson! ;-)). When I saw what a close game it was, I decided to watch some myself — I got completely sucked in because it was so close (and I got to knit as well).

    Now it’s hard to tell — is that an action shot of Lucy or is she snoozing on her back? It looks like action because of where her tail is. The things I spend my day wondering about.

  6. I also wish to know what movies you watched. Abalone is beautiful – a joy to behold, as they say… I did “watch” the Superbowl – really, I ate, I knit, I ate and I knit, but I was in the presence of other very serious Superbowl watchers…for another viewpoint, check out Abbie the Cat: Your devoted fan….

  7. I just like it that you say “whilst.”

  8. You were lucky with that black frosting. A few years ago (OK, more like ten), two of us made a black birthday cake for a friend of ours. We made the cake black as well as the frosting, and like you mention, it needed a lot of colouring to make it black rather than grey. To cut a long story short, *everyone* had dodgy insides the next day. Except the two of us who made the cake and had been too busy to actually eat any of it.

  9. A Lurker checking in: Abalone is going to be breath-taking. I can’t wait for the reactions out and about when you first wear it. Doesn’t the anticipation build once the sleeves are underway?

    I saw a fun black cake in a bakery last hallowe’en shaped like a bat in flight: a round cake cut in half, and arranged so that the half circles were the wings raised in mid-flap, and the head was a cupcake! all covered in dreadful black frosting and outlined in orange. Fangs included!