My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


No Name?

That’s Dale 10903 to which I refer. The nameless wonder

It’s funny, too, because a couple of the designs in the same book have names. Frogner. Fana. And another one I can’t recall just now.

Perhaps I should give her an “F” name? Okay!

I did a search of Norse names and have settled on Frida, which I’m told means “beautiful”. So from now on, she shall be known as Frida.

I’ve just barely started Frida, as you can see from the photo.


I have the facing done and have just barely started in on the pattern. The facing curls horribly, so I’ll be steam pressing it before much longer, just to keep it from curling up and annoying me while I knit the body.

By the way, the pattern is written for pullover and cardi versions in both adult and child sizes. No adjustment necessary.

The colors I’m using for Frida are those in the light colorway photo I posted last week. A couple of the colors don’t seem to be available any longer, so I substituted similar shades. We’ll see how it looks as I knit along.


Renata asked:

Would you consider posting a photo of the inside of the sweater, near the front or neck bands. I am doing the bands on Firebirds and am wondering how much to trim the steek and whether to cross-stitch it down as the instructions suggest. Do you ever bother to cross-stitch, and if so do you just catch the strands on the inside? I am guessing that you don’t go all the way through the fabric ‘cos that would show.

Here you go! This is the inside of the front bands and steeks. As you can see, I don’t bother to trim my steeks, nor do I tack them down. I’m a bad girl.


If I were to tack them down, I would do so in a cross-stitch fashion, just catching the steeks to the wrong side of the body of the sweater.

Abalone Photo Shoot

Thank you for all your kind comments about how good I looked in the Abalone photo shoot. Ha! You are just lucky you didn’t get a close-up of my face, and that the wind was blowing so it fluffed up my hair to make my bedhead look not particularly horrendous. It was a lucky fluke.

My hair is actually looking quite hideous right now. It’s been three months since my last haircut (I sound like I’m at confession). Three months ago I got the Evil Haircut from Hell that made my head look lopsided. So I’ve been gun-shy. But I have an appointment to have my haircut tomorrow, this time at a GOOD salon, downtown. Of course it’ll cost twice as much, but you get what you pay for.

Will I post a photo post-haircut? We’ll see.

Lucy can’t wait.


Thanks for all the pet photos I’ve received so far. What a way to brighten the start of the week!


  1. I tried just now to find a copy of Pacific Coast Highway because I think Abalone is wonderfully beautiful and I’m ready for another fair isle myself. I found a copy (used, of course) on line. Asking price= $300.00! I think I will keep looking. Or maybe satisfy myself by looking at your beautiful picture frequently.

  2. Frida is a good name. I had a Swedish pen pal when I was a teenager, and that was her name.

    Sheesh, I need to get knitting. I just got a boyfriend. It is seriously interfering with my knitting time, though I am still able to keep up with a couple of blogs! (like this one!)

  3. Oh – this is for Janet. I just got a bunch of OOP AS books from my LOCAL LIBRARY SYSTEM. I can’t get Pacific Coast Highway, but I did get Aran Knitting, Book of Fair Isle Knitting, British Isles Knits, and one or two others. Definitely check out your library and see if you can get any of these books through interlibrary loan! It’s worth it. (I could pay $250+ for Aran Knits, or I could get the library version, which by definition I am part-owner of, because it’s public property, and photocopy anything I want from it to use until such time as I have a real copy. If someone doesn’t feel right about photocopying out of the library book – note, it’s NOT a privately owned copy, that’s different – they can just keep checking it out of the library until they’ve made whatever they’re interested in making.)

  4. Thanks for the Abalone photo, Wendy. I think I’ll trim the steeks but I won’tbother with the cross stitching.

  5. I have never knitted a fair isle sweater, so forgive me if this is a really stupid question, but here it is. You said you didn’t trim your steeks or stitch them down, so why don’t I see any yarn ends? I having trouble understanding how it looks so nice and neat without weaving in ends or stitching them down as someone mentioned. I really and truly don’t see a single yarn end in the photo above. Maybe I am misundertanding what you mean by “trim the steeks” since I have never knitted a fair isle. I really want to some day soon, though.

  6. I can’t imagine going three months without a haircut! I get mine cut every 3 weeks faithfully – but then that’s what I get for wearing my hair so short.

  7. Hmmm…Frida? Awfully close to Friday!!! Perhaps that’s not an accident? <<gg

  8. A haircut? What’s that? 🙂 Ok, I have to confess, I cut my own hair. I usually stand in the bathroom and trim it over the toilet to make life easy. Lucky me, my hair is long and curly so when I make a mistake you can’t really tell, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Abalone is lovely, those colors are beautiful.

  9. Hi Wendy,
    the first person I thought reading the name, was Frida Kahlo. And in some reason it fits to this beauitful pullover too, because she loved flowers….
    greetings from Vienna