My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Happy Birthday, Lucy


Tomorrow is Lucy’s “official” birthday. I don’t know when her actual birthday is, just that she was born in February 2001.

Valentine’s Day seemed an appropriate day to celebrate because she’s such a little sweetheart (you may commence barfing and retching now). So tomorrow we’ll be saying . . .

Happy Birthday, Lucy!


Where in the World?

Have I been in my life?


It’s deceptive, because when you select Canada and the United States, it colors in the whole country. I haven’t been to too many U.S. states.

Here’s my “States Visited” map, near as I can recall:


I think I’ve remembered everything. Hey Mom, have I left out any New England states? Was I ever in Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire as a child? Huh?

Aren’t you glad you all know all this about me?

New Haircut!

You may notice I’ve changed my blog template a bit — I’ve moved Izzy up into the header, where she belongs, I think. And I had a couple of people suggest to me that I ought to put my photo permanently on my blog. So there’s my big ol’ face gazing out at you from the sidebar. Until I can’t stand it any longer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And thank you for all the extremely kind comments about my new hair. Way to swell a girl’s head! Yesterday, my first day with it, I blow-dried it straight (or as straight as I can get it) but it was crying to be let back into “curls gone wild” mode. so today I’m back to my old curly self. And I think it looks pretty damned cute.

As for the color . . . that’s all me — haven’t changed it. It’s not really that red — it just photographs redder than reality. Dunno why. Indoor photos with flash make it look redder still.

Floating Frida

Yes indeedy — behind those long expanses of white in Frida lurk some very long floats. Wanna see?


How do I do it? I’m using wooden needles (ebony, to be exact, but bamboo would work too) and spreading the stitches out carefully along the needle to make sure I’ve got exactly the right tension when I’m switching to green from a very long expanse of white.

And the photos are a bit brighter than reality. But still I think the design in real life is a little bit brighter than the photo in the book shows. But right now all you’re seeing is the colorful bottom border. The top pattern has a lot more white in it, which will undoubtedly balance things out and make the colors seem a bit more subdued.


February Contest

I have received well over 100 entries so far, each one more adorable than the last. I have employed a panel of judges to select finalists. Then another judge will choose the first, second, and third prize winners. All this is sort of arbitrary and subjective because all the photos are wonderful. That’s why I’m not judging them myself. I can’t be objective because I know so many of you, either from blogs, or email friendship, or real life. so I’ve passed the buck. Winners will be announced on Monday, and I’ll have a page with a sampling of some of the photos sent available for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all from all of us here at WendyKnits!


  1. Hi Wendy,

    Iยดm glad to see that youยดve obviously been to Germany ๐Ÿ™‚ Where there have you been?

    Bye Tanja

  2. Happy Arfin’ Birthday to Lucy from all of us; it’s my son’s birthday 14 Feb also! So we’ll eat cake for Lucy too, tomorrow.

    Good knitting, happy weekend!

  3. Carol in South Bend says:

    You’ve never been to Indiana? Come on over! Feel free to bring Lucy also!

  4. Kitty and the Six Pack says:

    Happy PURR-day to Lucy!
    Head bonks and rubs from the Six-Pack.
    Question on the Frida Floats:
    Do they ever present a problem when they are that long? Do they get snagged when the sweater is worn or being worked on?
    I usually weave in, but floats seem like less hassle and would help conserve yarn (or am I mistaken on that).
    Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  5. Happy Birthday to Lucy–my friend’s son’s birthday is tomorrow, too…ah, a 15-year old boy and a cute, fuzzy cat. I know which one I’d pick to celebrate!

    Now that you’ve mentioned your naturally curly hair, I’m so curious to see what your new do looks like when it’s ‘au natural’ — any chance you’ll post a curly photo?

    Have a great weekend!


  6. My cat Twyla has an “observed” birthday of February 14th, too! We knew she was about 7 months old (well, that’s what the vet said) when we got her in September of 2001, and so we said, “Gee, I guess her birthday must be Valentine’s Day!”

  7. It must be wonderful to have such a pretty natural color hair as you do. It is so shiny and that goes to show your inner glow is coming through to the outside!

    Give Lucy a real Happy Birthday hug tomorrow. She is such a darling kitty.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Lucy.

  8. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Lucy
    Happy Birthday to you

  9. The new ‘do is great!

    I sent you my sentimental entry via email. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

  10. What happened to your sidebar? Unless it’s just my computer, all the sidebar stuff is now on the bottom!

  11. The maps of where I’ve been are wider than my usual graphics — if you widen your browser window, the sidebar will go back where it belongs!

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day to you Wendy and Happy Birthday to you Lucy. Have a great weekend celebrating!

  13. happy birthday Lucy … you are just so gorgeous. Wendy, your new cut looks wonderful. Nice to see your smiling dial each time I visit your page. have a great weekend and enjoy Valentine’s Day.

  14. Izzy’s photo looks good in the header. She was a real cutie, as is Lucy.

  15. You’ve never been to Washington (the other one)?!! Our saying here is that it may not be God’s country, but he does vacation here. From all of us in the great Pacific Northwest I extend a fond invitation to visit some day. I live on an island off the coast (north of Seattle) and it is the most beautiful spot in the country (unbiased opinion here, our course). Can’t offer a lot of yarn shopping, although I there is an alpaca farm. Come and visit – I’ll move my yarn stash out of the spare room for you!

  16. Dorothy – Hope you don’t live in Tacoma. It’s rated one of the worst places in the country to live based on suicides, alcoholism, unemployment, and weather.

  17. Dorothy – Hope you don’t live in Tacoma. It’s rated one of the worst places in the country to live based on suicides, alcoholism, unemployment, and weather.

  18. Hi Wendy….when you carry your yarn on the wrong side for many stitches before using it again,do you work it in every few stitches so it won’t catch on something when you wear the sweater?

    Thanks….Cindy in RI

  19. Hey, Redrum, I *do* live in Tacoma. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it (and I say that to the people who wrote that article, too).

  20. Lucy – Happy Birthday! Wendy – the cut is gorgeous, and don’t worry about the curls, if the cut is good, and it is, then no matter what you do with it, it will look good.

  21. Happy Birthday to Lucy!

    We picked Valentine’s Day for ou greyhound’s birthday also, the tattoo in his ear said he was born in Feb, so it had to be Valentine’s Day.

    The new cut looks great, with or without curls I’m sure.

  22. Happy Birthday Lucy! We celebrate my cat’s birthday on 4th of July because we know Nukz was born in the first week of July. I also adore your new cut, as I am also a redhead with a short do. As always, I remain in awe of your knitting. Have a great weekend!

  23. My apologies, Judy. I was wrong. I said Tacoma was labeled one of the worst places to live, but I just found the USA Today article, and it didn’t say that at all. It said that Tacoma is THE most stressed-out big city in America.

  24. My apologies, Judy. I was wrong. I said Tacoma was labeled one of the worst places to live, but I just found the USA Today article, and it didn’t say that at all. It said that Tacoma is THE most stressed-out big city in America.

  25. The photo is great as is the new do – it just makes it seem like we know you better. But, when you begin to get tired of it, you can do what I did – just crop out the bits you don’t like ;-D

  26. Tomorrow is Maddie the cat’s birthday at our house. We know she was born in Feb but that’s about it. What better day to celebrate by giving her a new catnip mouse. We dressed her up a couple of years ago but she is much too sophisticated for such goings on now.

  27. Love your new hair cut! really works well for you, brings our your gorgeous eyes.

  28. Lucy,

    Today is your birthday, Happy Birthday to you, our favorite web kitty.

    Kitty kisses from Los Angeles, CA

  29. Happy Birthday,Lucy! Sending cyber-kitty kisses your way! ๐Ÿ™‚ Meoooowww! Purrrrrr!

  30. Happy birthday lucy !!!!

  31. Well now, it’s just not fair. First, you’re an amazing knitting talent. Second, cute as a button. Third, you’ve got GREAT hair. Your natural color? Sheeet. It just ain’t fair, I’m tellin’ you. I’m going to file a complaint with my mother. Yeah, that’s the answer! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy Birthday to Lucinda!

  32. 1. fabulous haircut
    2. hippo birdie two ewes lucy!
    3. can’t wait to see the entries!

  33. Wendy, since your regular blog readers have adopted you as their honorary knitting guru, would you be willing to discuss the issue of…..ease?? If a pattern is says “36” bust” is that yours or the sweater’s?? If that is your actual bust measurement, how much ease would be (usually, accounting for personal taste I understand) necessary for a good, comfortable fitting sweater? Let’s assume this is a pullover that is not supposed to be skin tight or extra loose, since those are different animals. And does the amount of ease matter if you are making a cardigan or pullover? I really think this is the major stumbling block that is preventing me from knitting sweaters. ๐Ÿ™