My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Really Good Mail Day!

Tis the season to feel blah . . .

We had a paid holiday last Monday. The next holiday is Memorial Day, at the end of May. That’s a lo-o-ong time between holidays!

February is more than half over, but it’ll most likely still be winter here for at least another month.

Dull dull dull.

Frida is bright and pretty, but I am in the far less exciting top portion of the pattern so even that seems a bit blah.


And Lucy was feeling subdued because she went to the vet for her annual visit yesterday afternoon. She got her annual shots and a clean bill of health and she purred the whole time she was there, but being put in the carrier to go over to the vet was very stressful for her, poor little thing.

And then I got the mail.

First, a package from L-B. Among other things, a gift for Lucy.


This would be a little pillow, stuffed with Cosmic Catnip, knitted by L-B. Recognize the pattern? That’s Starmore’s Nove Scotia. And check out the i-cord edging.

Do you think Lucy liked it? You be the judge.


And she slept with it last night.

And if that weren’t enough . . .

A package from France. From the incomparable Becky! This was a prize for having an honorable mention in her “Fun Bucket Hat Pix” challenge.


Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! Yummy Anny Blatt yarns! An angora/wool blend and a fun shiny ribbon yarn, both in lavender. Becky offered the suggestion that they’d make a fun scarf knitted held together. Would they ever! I adore the color and think it’ll look fabbo with my sooty black cashmere coat. I tucked the yarn and a needle in my purse to go to work with me today. I think this scarf needs to start asap!

And if that weren’t enough . . .

This came.


Anyone recognize this box? Here’s the postmark:


And the contents:


I am verklempt.


  1. Yay! Anny Blatt!! I went to my not-so-local Yarn Store yesterday and picked up a ball of Anny Blatt Kid Mohair, 51% wool, 49% Kid Mohair in the shade “Iris”. I am in love. I told my DH that instead of knitting it into something, I may just carry it around and stroke it instead ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Karen in DK says:

    Could that be yarn for the FLORA jacket — or are you going to make the waistcoat? The colors are so beautiful.

    Lucy looks happy with the lovely pillow.

  3. It’s for the Flora jacket, in the Glen colorway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great mail day! Any chance you’re mail man might be moving to Florida? Your’s is way better to you than mine is to me!

    Frida is lovely. I like the fresh spring look, and think it’s rather cheerful looking.

  5. Jo Halpern says:

    Yay! Nothing like Christmas in February for goodies appearing on your doorstep!

  6. Wow! Lucky you Wendy getting all of those fabulous parcels! Lucy looks so sweet resting her head on that pillow. I am glad she did well at the vet.

  7. Wow, the glen colourway looks nothing like it does on VY. Your pile of yarn is beautiful, I love the orange, but can’t even see it in their photo. Is your photo more accurate or theirs?

  8. Lucky’s chest is puffed out with pride that Lucy loves her catnip pillow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Frida is breathtaking,Wendy!

  9. I’ve been lusting over Flora for some time now – it and Oregon in the autumn colourway are my favorite VY sweaters – but I just spent my tax return $s on a wheel. Oh well, at least I can watch and drool over your knitting.

    And what a fun idea from L-B – must do a few of these for my GKitty who will be getting a new human brother next month and will be needing extra treats.

  10. I’m so glad you like the angora and ribbon! I had so much fun choosing them from all the possible color combos there were. I was torn between the lavender and a mint green for you, but the lavender won out. I’m looking forward to seeing your scarf ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Dontcha love those mail days?

    Lucy looks like she’s had quite a bit of the nip!

    And Frida looks fab. Very springy, indeed. Helps get me through my own winter blahs. The daffodils will be up before we know it!

  12. Lucy, you are both pretty AND brave. I went to the Evil Vet on Monday and was v. v. scared.

    My person loves your new haircut.


  13. No holidays until May?! Don’t forget about Easter! Up here in Canada, Good Friday is a holiday, and most gov’t places are closed on the Monday as well (April 9th to 11th).

  14. “I am verklempt”….my German is rusty; haven’t lived there since ’69 and was only 8 when we moved back to the States. Took German in HS (4 years of it) but it’s still not coming back too well. Verklempt…. or is it PA Dutch (I am on my mother’s side)and I heard it from my G’mother?
    Searched the Google translator and it says “not able to translate”. I’m thinking I remember it means “happily overwhelmed, speechless….”? If it is I think I understand well. It was a wonderful yarn day for you!

    The Anny Blatt is gorgeous, and I won’t even say how jealous I am that you not only got the yarn for Flora but that I know you will finish it and wear it with joy.

    Warmest Regards from Chilly N Central Florida,


  15. I got one of those boxes today !!!
    From the crisply wrapped brown paper,to the tissue paper,to the soft,sweet smelling goodness of the gorgeous tweedy yarn – I near fainted away !
    I have a pile of deliciousness foe Strathglass.Might take me a year,but what a joy.
    I need to sit and calm myself now !

  16. Jenny (in Davis) says:

    Ok, fess up. If Frida’s getting a leeetle boring, will you start Flora early? Will Flora even be next? Oh, can’t wait to find out….

  17. Envy! Not only for a great mail day but for the incomparable VY Flora. What a delight to have in your stash. My next project is Rosarie.
    Ah, Lucy…what a way to go.

  18. Frida is gorgeous!!!

  19. Wendy, you’re a very lucky girl. The Anny Blatt looks gorgeous and I love the colors for Flora. How nice. And Frida is very pretty, I even like the section you are working on now, that you think isn’t so pretty. Now, if only I could talk myself into doing fair isle, I would want to do that piece.

  20. I didn’t say it isn’t pretty — I said it was “not so exciting.” Boring to knit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. BTW, Terri, here in the U.S. the federal government does not get any time off at Easter.

  22. Aaaaww, I love the picture of Lucy with her pretty pillow! How sweet! What a fantastic mail day for you, too. Picked you right up, I bet.

  23. Ah…my LYS, The Yarn Barn has those Anny Blatt kits in so many colors…and the finished sample is just … luscious is the best word I can think of. Mmmmmm. And it’s instant gratification knitting… ๐Ÿ™‚

    It must be happy yarn mail week cause I got two packages myself yesterday, LOL…


  24. Frida is loverly! It does promise of Spring.

    I’ve had a request for a knitting pillow from Muffy, the B&W white kitty who won 3rd place in your contest. How can I refuse? Any pattern? Help!

    I’m pretty sure that “verklempt” is Yiddish. Mike Meyers used to say it on SNL when he was a regular. I think it means “I’m speechless because I’m all choked up and overwhelmed with feeling”. But verklempt says it so much better.

    Wendy, as always, it’s a pleasure to read your blog. Have a great rest of the week!

  25. I want a mail day like yours!

    I work for a local government here in Los Angeles and I get one more holiday before Memorial Day…..Cesar Chavez Day on March 29th! I keep having to explain to my East Coast family who Cesar Chavez is but I like the day off!

  26. Peg, I’m planning to knit Nova Scotia, so I’m swatching yarns. I recycled this swatch into a catnip pillow for Lucy. Usually,I make herbal sachets for my yarn stash with my swatches. You could knit any design or use your own swatches and then finish it around the edges with applied i-cord.Sorry I can’t offer you a pattern since it would infringe upon the copyright.

  27. I think the Lucy picture is a shoo-in for the calendar! & Frida is gorgeous!

    Question: have you done ‘corrugated rib’ on anything? I’m doing Rosedale with Kureyon. The ribs for the sleeve, done in the round look good. The body of the sweater is done in one piece, and it’s a cardigan, so I’m doing it back and forth. My tension is not so good on the purl side…what do you think abour steeking for the rib, then opening it up? Or will it smooth out when I block?
    Thanks. (I hope I didn’t re-ask a question, I didn’t do a search.)

  28. I love the way you showed us the package for the Scottish yarn!! So much fun.. I love digitals! Also, you will love that anny blatt angora. I have some of old – still around!

    Denise in NC

  29. I bought a scarf kit last spring with Victoria/angora combo, but I still haven’t finished it. The angora is really… unusually sheddy. I don’t particularly enjoy working on the scarf and I’ve been thinking of selling the remaining kit at a loss. But this is party because I wanted the muted lavender-blue-and-pale-greenish-gold colorway and could only get something that looks kinda like Colinette’s “summer berries”.

    When you buy the scarf kit it comes with a drop-stitch pattern on #11 needles. It’s ROW 1 – knit with a yo between every stitch, ROW 2 – knit across dropping yos between knit stitches, ROW 3, 4, 5 – knit. You might want to do something fancier, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. OMG Frida is GORGEOUS! I love the colors.. and the colors in Flora too! neat neat neat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. oooh. I love Frida, I understand how feel, but it is soooh worth it. I think it’s gorgeous. I hope I get good enough to knit something like that.
    I’m guessing that you use the fair-island style of knitting, I’ve been reading about that in my book. I wish yard was more affordable for me. Since I earn in a shitty currency, I get to drool over most of your yars, but I am bidding on a lovely vergated yard by patons decor w/ wool called Cape Code. I hope to get a lot of yield out of it since it’s 100gr balls.
    verklempt = all chocked up, over come with emotion. (Iddish) Wonderful language, wish I knew more of it. see:

  32. I am new to fair Isle and I am wondering if Flora would be to difficult for a beginner. Is it knit in the round with steeking or is theeir some puriling going on some place?