My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Now is the Time on Sprockets When We Whine


Waaaaahhhh! I’m in the oh-so-boring to knit part of Frida! It’s taking so long because it’s boring and I don’t wanna knit it. Boring!


Y’all knew this was coming, didn’t you?

I have 17.5 inches done on the body. I need 5 more inches until I can start the front neck shaping. Sigh.

I know I’ll get through this. I always do. But I always need to whine about it.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Stuff I used to do:


Large counted cross-stitch sampler, worked in 1997 or 1998. Back when I could see to do stuff like that. I used to do lots of cross-stitch.

In Other News

Lucy still loves her little catnip pillow!


What am I Reading?

I’m reading this book at lunch while I knit.

Burning Question of the Day

How is it that this site — — is in my referrers list as having referred 15 people to my blog in the last 24 hours? It’s an “adult” dating site. Warning: I wouldn’t go to that site if you are at work!

Happy Friday


  1. Just guessing you get the adult action from the “pillow talk” that’s been on your site the last few days. By the way, that is a great pillow. Is there a pattern available? I love your blog, I read it every day with my morning cup of coffee. I don’t do the kind of knitting you do yet, but will probably attempt some this year. Thanks for everything and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hi Wendy
    I can see you are at the boring part of your project, but you just have to keep going. Even though you may not be enjoying the experience, I am, and I’m sure a lot of other people are too. We are depending on you to keep us happy girl! It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it finished. I enjoy your blog at the end of my day with a cup of coffee. Have a great weekend.

  3. Just think rhythm not boring! And only five inches remaining, you will get the body done this weekend. I’ve wanted to do Frida in the dark colorway, now I’m wavering; it’s really pretty in the light background, too. Your pics are wonderful, it must be the new camera I’ve been coveting but give up on purchasing.

    Have a good weekend… what’s your next project?

  4. i’m hoping wendy knits flora next ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Oh, that sampler is really great! I’ve always wanted to do one of those; planned to, even. But it’s never happened. I thought I might do one with some bawdy poem on it . I have a friend who crochets “revolutionary doilies,” the oh so traditional filet crochet but with very non-traditional sayings on them. Fun.

  6. Ditto Vanessa – I’d love to have Flora for coffee – she’s a little more upbeat for my taste than Frida.

  7. That’s such a great book! I always feel like snarling and strutting after reading it.


    You have the most amazing colorwork I’ve seen on this here interweb so far; it’s always the highlight of my morning!

  8. I took a real close work at the stitch work on Frida and everyone of your stitches are perfect. You have wonderful tension.

    Hugs to Lucy.

  9. Ok, a quick, really dumb question. How do you read and knit at the same time? I mean, how do you position the book, it keeps falling into my lap when I try to prop it up. Is everyone else able to read and knit at the same time, or is this just another of Wendy’s superhumanknitter skills?

  10. Did you only give up the cross stitching because of your eyes, or does it take too much time away from your beautiful knitting? I used to cross stitch a bit, too, but when I get the urge, now, I usually get over it in a minute when I think about how it will be time away from my knitting. That also happened to me with crochet.


  11. Wendy…your cross stitch is beautiful. I did a lot of cross stitch before I started knitting, too and I know lot’s of other knitter’s who did too.

    I wonder what it is that makes so many of us make the transition from cross stitch to knitting? Maybe just the fact that many cross stitch suppliers also suppy knitters?


    Also, I had a little chuckle when I saw what book you are reading – you Bee-och you!

    Have a great weekend and read on! gurl!

  12. Wendy,
    That’s a beautiful sampler – I too was a cross-sticher when I was younger (teens) and I liked it at the time but have moved on to other crafts. I think I did two samplers – they’re a lot of fun as the elements in the picture change so there’s less boredom than in a piece with one image. I recently did two small needlepoint projects, though, and really enjoyed the process again, so I may do more.
    I find that we all evolve as craftspeople. I recently found the first knitted item that I ever completed (when I was 14, I think), and while it had mistakes and wasn’t perfect, it was gratifying to see this part of my past and how I’ve grown and changed since it was made.
    Maybe you could show some of your other older completed projects?

  13. Help…aside for throughly enjoying reading your blog daily, I find I use it as a wonderful resource for knitting techniques and ideas. I searched your blog and can not find the link to get me back to your previous postings. Did you discontinue showing them or how can we find a way to them? Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  14. oops…I’m the dummy today…I just scrolled down your sidebar “one last time” and saw your archives. For new readers, make sure to take some time to visit this wealth of information!

  15. Well, it may be boring to you, but it looks great to me! I cannot thank you (again) enough for all your help on my fair isle. You are truly the master!

  16. Oh Wendy – now you’ve got me worried. I just bought the yarn yesterday for Kongsberg and the long “boring” part of Frieda looks suspiciously like the long expanses of Kongsberg! I do want you to know that you are my inspiration for starting Kongsberg. I probably wouldn’t have given it a second look except I saw your finished photos. It’s breathtaking! I did sit down and do gauge last night. I usually have trouble, I’m a bit of a loose knitter in colorwork, but got perfect gauge with the suggested needles (go figure!). And I love working with Daletta – it has a great feel. Now I just have to finish the Aranmoor I started for my husband. I promised to finish it before I started something new (sigh).

  17. Wendy, you mentioned in the last couple of days that it’s difficult to order yarn for a Dale sweater. I’m dying to try my hand at fair isle and I played around in some yarn sites and even directly at the Dale of Norway site and I can see that it isn’t as simple as I’d hoped. Do you have any suggestions on how to find a pattern and the suggested yarn without first buying a pattern book and then buying the yarn? I need more immediate gratification!

  18. Hi Wendy, I love your demure pictures of Lucy. You need to know that she has been using your computer while you are at work. Those 15 references are after her, not you!

  19. I used to get porn referrals at an old domain name. I asked my host at the time about it, and he told me it’s a spamming trick…people don’t actually click through from their site to yours, they do it on purpose to show up in your referrals so that you click back to them. Sneaky porners.

  20. hello –
    i have been visiting your beautiful knitting progress for a while, and when i saw you were reading bitch, i had to say hello! all of your little stitches inspire me!

  21. Good luck getting through that book. I never finished it because it got too disjointed for me. I did manage to read Prozac Nation and More, Now, Again which I thought were pretty good.

  22. That book looks pretty interesting–I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it! Take care and know that the boring part of Frida WILL end eventually (and soon).
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Forestbird says:

    Sorry Wendy! I guess I didn’t look hard enough at your photo – yes your eyes are indeed green! Lovely scarf anyway…

  24. This is a hair question. Mine looks like your “do” on your opening page. I am therefore curious to know how you have managed to become curly – with no frizz? Your new photos show hair in fabulous condition. What’s your secret?

  25. Re reading while knitting:

    I’ve started doing a lot of reading on my PDA. You can change font size and set the book to auto-scroll about as fast or slow as you want. It’s not been very useful to me lately, since I’ve been doing lace, but it’s been useful in the past!

  26. Not to mention Dating, Personals, and Sex – the forbidden fruit. You definitely have the most interesting referral list!

  27. Your sweater is fabulous! Oh that I could get bored with such a thing one day!