My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



Questions from yesterday.

If addis are ok for sleeves, why not for the whole sweater? I know you’ve said you prefer the “grab” of the exotic wood so why not use bamboo circs for the sleeves?

It’s not a matter of Addis being “okay” for sleeves. If there were bamboo (or other wood) circs in the 12″ length, believe me, I’d buy them asap and use them. But there aren’t. Are there? If anyone knows of any, kindly let me know.

Since you’re such a prolific and skilled knitter who gets easily bored with “mindless” knitting (altho the day I will EVER consider fairisle mindless, pigs will be flyin’ and hell will have frozen over!) why don’t you do some more intricate socks?

I only knit socks on the train to and from work. I need something small and mindless to knit on the train because of the, shall we say, less than ideal conditions. There’s usually not enough room to pull out a pattern, so making something I haven’t memorized is out of the question. It’s as simple as that.

So there.

How would you compare the Apple Laine to Cheryl Schaeffer’s “Ann”?

I wouldn’t and couldn’t, as I’ve never seen “Ann.”

Aren’t you glad you asked?

Are you going to make Ingeborg in the dark colorways or the lighter version. I like the dark because it shows the pattern well. Are you going to keep it a cardi or go to a pullover?

The colorway I like best is the one I posted in yesterday’s blog. For the uninitiated, there are two other colorways. I think you can find photos of all three online, possibly at the Allegro Yarns site. And it’ll stay a cardi.

And another Ingeborg question:

I suppose that wouldn’t be a good first dale (I do have some colourwork experience!).

For someone with colorwork experience — yes, it might be a good first Dale. I haven’t studied the pattern too closely yet, but It’s a nice regular pattern with a relatively short repeat, so I think it would be good.

Frida Update

Feeling guilty, I did a bit of work on Frida last night. Daisy, my new laptop, was calling out to me, but I remained steadfast, knitting on Frida for an hour before playing with my toy.

Here’s an over-exposed photo of the beginning of the front neck steek.


Counted Cross-Stitch

I realized I didn’t post a cross-stitch photo yesterday. Wow! I can’t begin to imagine the disappointment out there in blogland. All the crying and gnashing of teeth . . .

(Hmmmmm . . . am I perhaps in a bit of a sarcastic mood here?)

Anyhow, here is the cross-stich du jour:


I think it was supposed to be an eyeglass case, but I thought it was cute and framed it as-is. It’s one of the few cross-stitch projects I ever did in 14-count fabric — most of mine were done on 18- or 22-count. Or (gulp) 26-count linen. Too bad I have very few of these projects in my possession. I gave most of ’em away as gifts. This was when I was young and stupid, obviously.

But I have a few more goodies. Stay tuned . . .



  1. There’s a great Maggie Estep spoken word piece called “Ingeborg, Mistress of the Dark.” It’s on her album, No More Mr. Nice Girl, and is hella fun.

  2. Love the tiger picture. If you remember, was that by a design company called Ross Originals or something like that? I did a full head of a tiger for my son several years ago, and they look very similar. It’s a striking picture. I’m sorry you are somewhat bored with Frida, but at the rate you knit, you can be on to something else in no time! Cheers.

  3. Do you find the sweaters you felt were tedious in the knitting process end up becoming favorites to wear or do you end up NOT wearing them as often because they gave you such a headache during their creation? (How’s that for a long-winded question? LOL)

    Are you my long lost older sister? I swear, we both have had some of the same hobbies over the years. Cross-stitch, cake decorating, etc. (insert Twilight Zone music here ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kristin, what’s with this “older” crap? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I like the tiger picture — looks like he’s peeking through a hole in the wall. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m sure Frida will be finished soon, and it will look so lovely that you’ll forget how bored you were on the simpler parts. Have a great day!

  6. Have you considered Ingeborg as your next project? Those colors you have chosen certainly will go very well with your hair color.

    Of course you have so many beautiful sweaters in your stash to be made – it must be difficult sometimes for you to choose.

    Have a good day, Wendy and Lucy.

  7. Thanks for the answer about Ingeborg as a first Dale project. I might have to dig in and give it a try.

    Thanks for the enabling. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Barbara Sylvia says:

    Sweet revenge. As a very nearsighted person, I had to wear “coke bottle” glasses and being called four-eyes. Now as an “older” person I can take my glasses or contact lenses off and see very clearly up close (and still do counted cross stitch). Of couse, you have to be careful not to run the needle into your nose. I seems my non-glasses wearing age mates cannot get reading glasses that will allow close work.

  9. Okay you sucked me in on Ingeborg! Darn if the LYS is close to where my son rock climbs. Went and bought the book & ordered the yarn as they didn’t have enough in stock! This will be my first Dale. I liked the same colorway. Darn you Wendy! =)

  10. You know what…I just realized. The only 12 inch length circs I own are Addi’s. Why won’t they come in bamboo, goshdarnit???

    That cross-stitch project is great. Excellent way to frame it.

  11. I thought I had very good news for you on the circulars, but it turns out the small circumference needles I remembered seeing were plastic, not wood — though they were made by Clover! They had a **30 cm** long circular — YEEK! Found ’em at my LYS The Yarn Barn ( — phone # is ok, but site info is out of date…I’m helping her work on that!).

    Oooohh… I have an idea…what if they made a Denise or Boye interchangable set in bamboo…they could even offer the attachments as an “add-on” set… *dreaming*….

  12. Karen in MN says:

    I remember there were some comments on previous days about people wanting to knit Frogner but could no longer find the book. Your entry referencing Allegro Yarns made me go look at them again. Frogner is supposedly available as a kit from them and they may still have the pattern.

  13. LOL! My b-day is this coming Monday, so I’m feeling my years today. Please forgive the “older” remark ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Frida is fabulous and definitely doesn’t suffer from over-exposure. I’m curious, though, after reading thru the comments on 12″ needles: Do you have any problems getting gauge when you use a different brand of needle, or when you switch from wood to metal? I was always told it was a NO-No to switch mid-sweater because the different needles would affect the gauge. I know your gauge is very even, so I wonder if a needle switch would be even more of a problem. Wouldn’t it be nice if the manufacturers actually paid attention to what we really need?
    Loved Lucy’s tufted toes in yesterday’s post. She is fabulous, too.

  15. Victoria Hamilton says:

    Hi Wendy,
    Do you think I could substitute Heilo for Falk if I wanted to use non-superwash wool in a design?

  16. I think I have you to thank, Wendy, for the many calls I have been getting about Dale books 109 and 126. Book 109 is now out of print. If knitters are looking for out of print patterns I sometimes can supply copies.

    I am so impressed with your pictures!

    Allegro Yarns

  17. Possibly I am insane, but I was going to give Kashmir in the alternate light colorway a try. Maybe Nygard or Nansen would be a better choice – I haven’t done a Dale in…..8 years and that was a Dale Baby design.