My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Ingeborg Knit-Along?

Okay, I’ve gotten several email questions about whether I would consider hosting an Ingeborg Knit-Along.

Anyone wanna play?

Ingeborg is not next in the line-up for me. That’s Flora. But I’ll make Ingeborg the project after Flora, if anyone’s interested in knitting along with me.

Just for grins, I made a button.


I’m thinking a start date sometime the first two weeks of May? Opinions, anyone? Ingeborg, in three colorways, is available in Dale Book 126.

A Sock Question

What cast off do you use for your toe-up socks? I’ve tried the EZ sewn cast off and it’s not quite what I’m looking for. Have you ever seen instructions for a tubular cast off in k2 p2 ribbing?

I’ve used the sewn cast off. But what I do more often is increase my number of stitches, by either 4 or 8, as I start the ribbing. Then I cast off lossely in whatever rib pattern I’ve used.

I’ve not tried a tubular cast-off in rib, but Flor has instructions for it here.

Speaking of Socks . . .

Here’s L-B’s sock:


Here’s my sock:


I haven’t worked on mine since lunchtime Friday. I was looking forward to knitting on the train going home Friday, but started feeling icky Friday afternoon. Sinus congestion, et cetera.


So icky did I feel that I did no knitting at all on Friday evening. But I did finish the body of Frida on Saturday:


And got some done on one sleeve over the weekend:


But my knitting time was curtailed because I spent Saturday afternoon buying this:


That’s a 2004 Honda Civic EX Coupe.

In case anyone wants to know, I bought her at Bill Page Honda in Falls Church, VA, and had a very pleasant car buying experience. And got a very good price. I recommend them.

Go See!

Betsy finished HoJo! It’s wonderful! Go see!

Lucy Sez:


It’s Monday! Get down to business!


  1. Wow! A whoppin’ entry full of lots of fun. Congratulations on that excellent new car, Frida is looking beautiful (particularly that SLEEVE!) and I hope your sinuses clear soon!

  2. Don’t you just love a new car? And, of course, I think Hondas are the best; I’ve had four. Frida looks good, I bet you don’t get as bored with the sleeves. Have a good day.

  3. Frida looks wonderful! You’ll have her done in no time, I wish I could knit with your speed (and tension).

    You have my car now, and it’s a good one. I have a Civic EX Coupe and love it.

  4. Ooooo. New car! Time for some long car rides to enjoy that new car smell and all the cool gadgets.

  5. I didn’t make any progress on my sock this weekend,but I didn’t have a new car for an excuse! Love your moon roof! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey Wendy, wanna race?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Gentle-women, “starcher” engines!

  7. Dorothy says:

    Wendy – I’ve decided that Ingeborg is my next project, but unfortunately the May timetable won’t work for me. I just cast on for Kongsberg and I’m not nearly as fast a knitter as you! I know I could start another project, but with working on my bachelor’s and working full-time, I’ve got enough stress! I do have a question about floats – there are some pretty substantial floats on Frida. Is there a maximum # that you consider? I just floated 27 stitches on Kongsberg and it made me nervous, but it puckered if I tried catching it.

  8. I wanna play! I wanna play!
    Dale 126 came in the mail Saturday.
    A May start sounds great…will give me a chance to knit my grand-daughters sweater set so I can knit Ingeborg without guilt.

    Love your new wheels. I had a Civic before I fell for Betty the Bug…Civic is my next favorite car.

    Have a GREAT Monday!

  9. Juliette says:

    New name for your car? How about Blanche?

  10. Aha! I was wondering why I suddenly had a bunch of hits – it’s all you and your link. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We have an ’03 Civic Sedan and love love love our car. I hope you will be as happy with yours!!

  11. A new Civic — how fun! I am a fellow Civic owner, having bought four of them now. Pete still drives #2 back and forth to the train station. (#3 was totaled in a crash — other person’s fault). I love Handa’s. Have fun with the new car!

  12. Frida looks like a great skirt! That was my first thought when I glanced through your page this morning… and then I realized that you don’t knit skirts….. hmmmmm…. OH! Litebulb finally goes on – its the sweater sans arms.

    It was an interesting thought.

  13. blue earth knitter says:

    I would love an Ingeborg knit-along, any time you like after Easter. I went on a yarn diet for Lent.

  14. I first found your website when I was googling for cat furniture. Discovered you were a fellow cat lover as well as a fellow knitter, and fellow Northern Virginian. Now my workday doesn’t start off right without a cup of coffee and a visit to see what’s new with you.

    I wanted to pass on that I found several copies of Dale 109 at Aylin’s Woolgatherer in Falls Church this past Friday. Scarfed one up for myself, but perhaps you would like to pass on the info. I didn’t ask how many she had, but I think I saw two more in addition to mine.


  15. Mmmmm, the new car smell. I get a happy smile just thinking about it. There is nothing like the first day with your new car when it has less than 50 miles on the odometer. Enjoy!

    Btw – Love Frida, the colors just pop!

  16. I guess I missed the deadline for the last comments…

    If you do want to try knitting with the toothpicks, I recommend coating them with nail polish first. I’ve saved the tips on several wood needles that were getting worn and scratchy that way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Wendy, you and I were on the same wavelength this weekend! I traded in my black 98 Civic EX coupe and bought an 04 Civic LX sedan in magnesium. My poor 98 had a few things go boom on Friday, and she was worth more to me as a trade now than later, after repairs. I hope you love yours as much as I loved mine. Someone’s going to get a great car off that lot — I put less than 50K miles on it in six years, and put in a CD player to boot. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I generally don’t comment, but I’ve been reading for a good bit. I have a big crush on Lucy.

  18. Jen, I sold my 95 Civic coupe with under 44K miles on it when I bought my new one!

  19. Nancy S. says:

    I would like to knit Ingeborg too. May sounds great. Your new great looks great.

  20. Hi Wendy, I found your blog about a month ago and enjoy it immensely. I’ve been a knitter since I’ve been 9 years old but completely self-taught and there are things I’ve just never tried. Steeking is one of them. I love the Ingeborg cardi. When I saw the photo on your website I bought the magazine from Bea – basically planning to work my way up to it as I learned the techniques. Now since you are doing a knit-along and said it would be a good first Dale for someone comfortable with colorwork. I’m considering joining your knit-along.

    But I do have a question: Will you be mentioning on the blog the times that you vere from the pattern? For instance in one of the archive notes you state you do the neck steek differently from the pattern [can’t find the reference right now]- will you be explaining how you the neck differently?. And the Ingeborg pattern seems to have a 4-stitch steek for the front. I know you say you use longer length steeks but I’m not sure if there is a good reason for a small steek in this instance. Seems like the longer version would be better.

    I guess what I’m trying to figure out is if this is a bit beyond me for the moment. Should I do something first like your Fearless Fair Isle [where you go into more specifics regarding details and I could improve my technique] before I tackle Ingeborg? Thanks — Susan