My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Sleeve Alert!


Yes indeedy, we have most of a sleeve here. That would be Frida’s first sleeve.

So the end is in sight! Though I’m quite sure that the second sleeve will seem to me to take three times as long to complete as the first.

Then it’s on to Flora. Yay!

Looking Ahead to Ingeborg

I was perusing the pattern for Ingeborg last night. It can be knit in 5 sizes, and being an average kinda gal, I’m going to make the middle size. Yawn, could I be more boring?

That brings us to a discussion of the amount of yarn needed. I will buy the amount shown for the next size up. For two reasons:

1. My experience with Dale designs is that they often underestimate yardage required for their designs. I emailed Dale about this a long time ago and a representative of Dale told me that they only knit up the design in one size, then estimate yardage required for the rest of the sizes.

2. I plan on knitting wider steeks for the front bands, so a bit more yarn is a good idea.

Why Will I Make Wider Front Steeks?

I don’t like the way Dale has you knit four-stitch steeks for the front bands. Even though you machine stitch the steeks, I don’t think they are wide enough for one to comfortably pick up stitches for a band. The armhole steeks are one thing — you are simply sewing a sleeve into the cut armhole, so the narrow width of the steek is not a problem. But the one Dale cardi that I steeked according to their directions was a pain in the front bands. It was a hairy experience picking up up stitches two stitches in from a cut edge. Not enough real estate to work with, in my opinion.

I’ve no problem trimming the larger steek after picking up the stitches to avoid bulk in the front bands.

More Old Cross-Stitch

This is one of my favorites.


It’s from a magazine that did a series in subsequent issues of pictures that featured cats, quilts, and blankets. I did two out of three of the pictures.

Betcha can’t guess what you’ll see for tomorrow’s cross-stitch.

Check This Out!

The Knitting Garden’s E-zine. No affiliation with The Knitting Garden, by the way. But I can tell you that I’ve always gotten great service when I’ve ordered yarn and patterns from them.


In answer to a comment question, she has a black interior. Which will be mighty warm in the summer, but you take what you can get, you know? Since getting her, I’ve parked her at the train station twice, and in a store parking lot once. At the train station I parked between two cars because the lot always fills up completely, so at least there was no chance of her getting dinged in the morning. At the store parking lot, I parked at the back of the lot. Yeah, I know. This behavior will only last a little while. But she’s my pristine, beautiful baby and I’d like her to stay that way as long as possible!


Lucy is wondering why it isn’t Friday yet.


  1. There’s a wonderful pattern for a cat bed with a most gorgeous model sitting in it … !

    Frida is looking good.
    I got Dale 126 and really like quite a few patterns in it.I won’t join the knitalong – too many projects lined up ! – but may knit my own version of Ingeborg later.I’m really looking forward to seeing you knit it.Who would have thought that knitting could be such a great spectator sport !

  2. ‘Cats and Baskets’ I started that same cross-stitch and another. There were four or six in the series and I was going to make them all. Yeah, that happened. Anyway, it’s still around here somewhere very neatly packed away.

  3. I’m with Lucy. This week is dragging.
    And I loved “was a pain in the front bands.” Very cute!

  4. Wendy I got my yarn/pattern yesterday for Bjerk out of Dale 126 and now that I have seen the yarn I am even more amazed by your speed. It took me more than one sitting (which are rather short, but STILL) just to make a swatch!

    I had gotten enough yarn to make the Small, but when I looked at the pattern it appears that I might need an x-small, so I have extra yarn. With today’s note on yardage, that is probably a good thing.

    I’m very excited about my first Dale, and I would have never known they existed without you.

  5. blue earth knitter says:

    Can hardly wait for the Ingeborg knit-along! Thanks for the good advice about buy extra yarn, too. Everyone here in Minnesota “knows” what a Norwegian sweater looks like…so I’ll probably do it in purple and gold or something :O

  6. Wendy have you mentioned this yardage shortage to Bea Ellis? She sells and knits so many–one would think she would be aware. Have other knitters experienced this too? I have a Dale on the needles and it will be a drag if I am short.

  7. I’ve made that siamese cat with quilt cross stitch, too! Went to a then friend of mine, a quilter with a siamese cat.

    That was, at that time, an extremely good cross stitch magazine — was it “Cross Stitch and Country Crafts” then? It went through several incarnations, and I can’t remember which one that was.

    But it was veyr good, for a hwile. I made a LOT of projects out of it.

    Yours is lovely!

  8. I’m with Lucy!! When is it going to be the weekend??? :-O

    Thanks again for all the knitting advice – it’s really great to learn so much from you. I will definitely file away all these Norgi tips.

  9. This must be a day for gorgeous. The sleeve is gorgeous, the cross stitch is gorgeous, and as ALWAYS, Lucy is gorgeous! :o)

  10. I just have to say that both my experiences ordering from The Knitting Garden were TERRIBLE. Both times I went through the entire ordering process under the impression that what I was ordering was in stock, and in both cases it was actually on backorder. (They emailed me to inform me after a day or two.) The first time it took over a month to get my stuff; the second time I was told I’d be contacted in about two weeks when the shipment came in, and wasn’t, had to pester them for another week to get a response, and was finally told they “had no idea” when it would come, so I cancelled it. On both occasions not only did I get bad service, but when I (politely) inquired about the delays their responses ranged from slightly rude to downright snotty.

  11. Ok…so I’m a “bigger than average” gal and I’m going to make the large so how much extra yarn should I buy?

  12. Oh, that is my FAVORITE photo of Lucy! I so want to be a cat in my next life. She’s beautiful (I wouldn’t mind being beautiful in my next life, either)!!!

    Thanks for everything you do, and here’s to Friday being the next day on the calendar!


  13. Seeing your beautiful cross-stitch today made me think that maybe I will pick up that case of floss and start something again some day. When you used to do cross-stitch did you use a frame to hold your cross-stitch or did you hold it by hand as you stitched?

  14. Wooooooooooooooo…you knit like the wind. The sleeve is beautiful. Frida is going to be stunning.

    I’m enjoying your cross-stitch projects. A friend loaned me a cross-stitch kit in the hopes I’d give it a try. Seeing these projects is giving me the urge to take a better look at that kit now…

  15. Wendy your cross stitch is very pretty. Have you ever stitched “Shepard Bush” patterns? They are gorgeous but you go blind doing them because they are very detailed with lots of color changes. My eyes can’t do that anymore.

    You are coming along very nicely on the sleeve. I bet it won’t be long until you show us the completed sweater.

  16. Frida looks wonderful. I am also going to go back to my new copy of Dale 126 — which I bouight for Gerbera — to take a look at Ingeborg. But about steeks… have you ever picked up the stitches first? I took a class with Anna Zilboorg — she uses only ONE STITCH for a steek, picks up the stitches first, then whipstitches together the legs of the stitches on either side of the steek, THEN cuts. But I haven’t tried it yet and you seem to be very experienced in doing these.

  17. 1st,, I have always said that the best way to describe me is “average” , b/c I’m just average in everything I do or am…not short, nor tall, not a genious, nor a numbskull etc.,
    Friday looks lovely!
    This word: Steek is new to my vocablury please define 🙂 Thx!