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Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


A Message From Critter Knitters

Yesterday Sage from Critter Knitters left a comment on my blog. I’m posting it here in case you missed it, because it’s worth repeating.

Hi, Everyone!

I cannot believe how many wonderful and warm responses there are to helping make the lives of abandoned shelter animals more comfortable.

You all are such beautiful people, and I am so touched to know so many people are participating in making change. Although I cannot walk into every shelter because some of the situations are just too sad, I personally have seen the blankets make a big difference to the cats at the shelters I do volunteer at. Just last Saturday, I spent 7 hours at one of my favorite animal shelters, and I gave extra blankets from Critter Knitters that the shelter had received when we started up to depressed or scared cats who needed the extra comfort. One cat who was laying depressed in the back of his cage, a newbie from the CACC (the city shelter) came to the front of the cage only after I put a knit blanket down for him and came and faced forward for the first time since he got there; another cat I was told can only be picked up when his Critter Knitter red fleece blanket (hi, Jocelyn!) is placed over him, as he is a feral and likes to feel secure since he is trying to become socialized with people; and one cat I was told was no longer biting as much (can’t tell if he is feral or badly abused) because he likes his new bed. (a fleece roundy store bought bed) And there is one cat that is so terrified (can’t tell yet if he was abused or is feral) that I put a hand knit over him and he snuggled in close to the blanket.

Wendy and Liz have been instrumental in making this all happen and you all are going to make a HUGE HUGE difference in the lives of many shelter animals who need it so much.

I have been sending over treats and toys with the blankets and keeping track in a database of the quantity of blankets shipped and the shelters and rescues they have gone out to.

I am so touched to know there are so many compassionate people out there who are coming together to make a difference in the comfort of so many animal beings. Getting involved and spreading the word and love also helps create awareness for the plight of shelter animals. Whether an animal has 48 hours in a shelter or a lifetime in their shelter cage, it is my hope that every creature in a cage awaiting their human love connection can be as comfortable and feel as secure as possible.

Thank you to all here for helping make this happen.
You are truly wonderful.

And a very special thank you to Liz and Wendy for so much hard work, preparation and enthusiasm. You both are incredible beyond belief.

Much Love and Blessings,
and happy Love Rug Making!

Critter Knitters

Thank you, Sage, and thank you to everyone who has sent us positive comments on our upcoming Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon, and a special thanks to those of you who are donating prizes for the raffle.

We are going to have some truly wonderful prizes! We’ll have the official Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon pages up on Monday, and all the prizes we have so far will be photographed and displayed. The prizes page will be continually updated as donated prizes come in, so you’ll want to check back frequently there!

Liz and I are very excited about this project and we hope you are too. Several of you have mentioned that you plan to knit two blankets — one for your local shelter and one for our Knit-a-thon. What a wonderful idea! And you don’t have to limit your contribution to one blanket — knit as many as you’d like and/or have time for, and you’ll receive one entry in the prize raffle for each blanket you contribute to our project.

Flora! Flora! Flora!

My new WIP, Flora! Woo-hoo!

Would anyone like to place any wagers on how long it will be before I am whining about being bored with Flora?

Well, I’m not bored yet, as I’ve just barely begun.


And I did buy the coolest button for Flora, see?


I think it’s perfect!

I did not do a Whole Heckuva Lot of Knitting last night because I was cleaning my condo. Why this unprecedented frenzy of activity? Lucy and I have a Very Important Person coming to visit today. This afternoon, said VIP and I are heading out for what will undoubtedly be a Whole Heckuva Lot of Fun!

Details of the fun tomorrow.

Lucy says:

I’m ready to party now! Let the fun begin!

She spent all last night primping and preening in preparation.



  1. Oh! Oh! Where DID that button come from? Someplace online? They look like they might be ideal for my not-quite-complete brown cardigan.

  2. Have a great day today ! Say hello to Kristine for me,and buy lots of yarn.Oh yes,and sit on one of those confy chairs and knit awhile. ;-]
    Love the button for Flora.

  3. Have a good time today. Critter Knitter comments are moving and sure to inspire participation.

  4. Count me in! I can make fleece mats really fast with my serger. My cats love their fleece mats .

  5. Your critter story tugs at the heart. I hope everyone that reads your blog will participate in such a worthy cause.

  6. Hi there,
    Knitting blankies for the critters is such a wonderful idea – and SO rewarding. I’ve been working with Siamese Rescue for years and when a kitty is adopted they take with them the knitted blankie they snuggled with at the rescue. In spite of the numerous blankets I have knitted for my Teakie since then she still loves to cuddle with her “take home” one the best!! And using chunky yarn along with big needles you can have one done in a jif. I am so looking forward to the knit a long!!

  7. With all the horrible things that animals have to endure, and the loneliness in some of the shelters (some of the shelters are wonderful with lots of volunteers and affection provided for all the animals — and some unfortunately are not happy places) you all here make me feel so hopeful and happy.

    I am sewing up some mice with the blankets, too. Some will have catnip, but the NYCACC (NYC’s largest shelter) told me they only accept non-nipped mice because of the potential for cats to scratch potential adopters when they are high.
    I don’t think this is a concern for most of the shelters and rescues, but the NYCACC takes in 60,000 animals so it was a point I will remember when making my mice. I am excited about the prospect of us all contributing to making the shelters full of beds and toys…and hopefully when the animals are more comfortable and feel more secure, they will be more adoptable and will be get great homes.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I cannot tell you how deeply I would like to thank you all.