My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


L-B and Wendy’s Excellent Adventure

Yes, my VIP visitor yesterday was L-B!

Lucy was very happy to see her! L-B gave her a cashmere catnip mouse. For the cat who has everything, you know.


We played with some of my sweaters.


Then we went out to lunch and after that headed to Knit Happens!


And my turn:


Liz and Kristine were probably by then wondering who the two whackos taking the photos outside their shop were. Then we went inside and they found out. πŸ™‚

They greeted us very cordially!


This is truly Nirvana for Knitters.


See what I mean?


But wait, there’s more!


They have very comfy chairs . . .


And we got to sit and knit. Please ignore the cake in the photo.


I bought lotsa fun stuff and Liz & Kristine very kindly donated a wonderful prize for the Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon. You’ll see it on the prize page on Monday.

And I have to say, Knit Happens was the friendliest, warmest, most fun LYS I can recall ever visiting. And they have beautiful stuff! If you’re in the area, it’s a must-visit!

I’ll show you some of what I bought tomorrow. Promise. Along with my very little Flora progress.


  1. Wendy, L-B, you two are so lucky. what a great knitterly outing. Wendy, just love Frida. Glad to see Lucy was not fotten. thanks for sharing and looking forward to seeing the new additions to your stash.

  2. What inviting pictures, looks like a wonderful shop. Wish I could visit.. Frida looks great!

  3. What a nice shop. I am dreaming about shop connected width cafeteria and chairs in Estonia. Do not forget a cake! We dont have it. You have a chairs at least in the shop. Lucky you.

  4. Wendy, I just envy you for leaving in the sorroundings of such an inviting yarn shop! I wish there would be something similar here in Germany. I am looking forward to see what you bought. Frida looks wonderful!

  5. Knit Happens has one of the best shop logos I’ve seen (the K formed by a scarf and needles), how clever!

  6. That pile of sweaters looks very impressive! πŸ˜‰

  7. Mandella says:

    Sounds like you both had a really fun day. I wish there were shops like Knit Happens around here (Weymouth, England for anyone who’s interested).

    And Wendy, may I say how well Frida suits your colouring. It looks smashing.

  8. Wendy, Frida looks beautiful on you! Congrats on finishing it and wearing it to what looks like a fantastic store:)

  9. Wendy-I love that sweater, and I noticed how perfectly the lines flow across the bottom, the sleeves being the perfect length! Great sweater, new yarn shop, good friends, and to top it all off-CAKE! I want to be you.

  10. I’m chiming in on what a very special shop Knit Happens is! Wendy, thanks for the honor of doing the Frida photo-shoot! πŸ™‚ Lucky was in kitty-heaven smelling Lucy on me last night!

  11. I see everyone else is saying what I was going to. But one can never have enough compliments — you look gorgeous in Frida!!

  12. Wow, the shop looks good in those photos, doesn’t it?

    Ladies, you all missed a fab day! If we could have Wendy and L-B there all the time we could sell tickets for Lunch and a Show!

  13. Hi Wendy! I’m glad you both had such a good time at Knit Happens. I’m really looking forward to going in soon. (Hmmm, maybe very soon — my friend just had a baby who needs something knitted!)

  14. Oh Wendy, I love the boots you wore with Frida – they really make Frida pop!

    And the picture of Lucy is my newest favorite – is she the cutest kitty ever? (whispering so Niles doesn’t hear).

    Thanks for the virtual LYS visit. And I can’t wait to watch Flora being knit (tied with Oregon, my other VK favorite, especially the Glen colorway, yummm). Been watching to see if the $ improves, as I spent way too much on my new wheel to justify the purchase of yet another project to put in the line-up.

    Finished my second baby Dale cardi and copied your suggestions re steeking front and back neck. Increased steek stitches froom 4 to 5, will go to 7 next time – Ull is so slippery that even with a very short stitch length, it wants to pull out when picking up stitches. Anyway, finally feeling confident enough to start an adult size. Yipeee!

  15. Frida looks wonderful on you. Your hair looks wonderful, too.

    I bet you were in knit heaven yesterday in the LYS.

  16. Thanks for the inside scoop on Knit Happens – I’m moving to the D.C. area in a couple of months and am so glad there’s such a great LYS!!!

  17. Wow, Frida looks great. It is perfect for you, you are such a sweater gal! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your purchases tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  18. As everyone said, Frida is fantastic. Just wish I could knit that fast! Great new LYS; I wish I lived nearer. Here in NYC, stores where you can sit, relax & knit are at a bare minimum. There are a couple where you can sit, but only if you’re part of their ‘in’ crowd, know what I mean? Great Lucy photo – but doesn’t she look a bit cross-eyed? Oh, I get it, it’s the catnip!

  19. 1. Frida: OMG! Just MAHVELOUS! I actually bought the Dale book with Ingeborg in it but am too chicken.

    2. If I could, I would morph into a kitty for just one day and roll around on the bed with all those sweaters while my mistress was off shopping.

  20. Frida looks great. Thanks for the virtual yarn shop tour. If I am ever down in DC, I will have to visit it.

  21. What a great store! Looks like a great day WITH cake…Frida looks grand on you.

  22. Tomorrow I leave for the DC area! I’m going to see my best friend in all the world, but I must admit I’m FAR more excited to see Knit Happens!

    Thanks for the pics, I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself!


  23. Waaaaaaah! Looks like SO much fun! I so wish I lived in that area so I could visit too! OH and Frida is SO beautiful – and beautiful on you. πŸ™‚

  24. Holy cannoli! Frida looks awesome and your sweater pile looks fantabulistically inviting. If I ever make it down to DC this summer (the boy is promising me a trip) I’ll be sure to stop off at Knit Happens. Fabulous job on Frida!

  25. Gosh, you and Frida look so fantastic together! And Knit Happens looks awesome. Next time I am down in the DC area, I may have to hit you up for an escort. πŸ˜‰

  26. Liz and Betsy, if either or both of you guys head done this way, be sure and let me know. I’d love to act as escort for a trip to Knit Happens! πŸ™‚

  27. Wow!! Frida looks so awesome!! I wish I could knit that well!!

  28. I must agree. Frida is incredibly beautiful and you can’t say too many great things about Knit Happens! Wish I had known they were having a celebrity come in to visit!

    Thanks for sharing another inspiring sweater.

  29. Frida look wonderful! As always, your blog is inspirational and informative reading.

    Love the photo of you lounging at Knit Happens. What did the poster that is above your head read?

  30. Ohhhhhhhh, I wish I could visit a wonderful lys like that! What fun!! My tiny town doesn’t have any and the nearby towns only have Walmarts, Joannes and Michaels….not a lot of yarn selection πŸ™

  31. Lucky You! Such a LYS is great, and we can see you had lots of fun. So much success on your stash enhancement is almost unbearable,though ;).