My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.



It’s prize central here at Wendyknits! Several more prizes appeared chez Wendyknits last night and they’ve all been added to the prize page. Check it out and be amazed!

And there are more on their way. You guys are so incredibly generous! Thank you thank you thank you!

Blankets Received!

Ohmigosh! Did you see the totally cute series of photos documenting the arrival of the first donated blankets that Liz posted yesterday? If not, go here!

Liz has also created a page to document blankets received, here. I’ve linked to it from my main Knitathon page as well.

My Own Stash Enhancement

I got this in the mail yesterday as well:


Fifteen skeins of Classic Elite Waterspun Weekend from Elann. Yowie!

And this:


A little surprise from Auntie Lolly. Isn’t it a hoot? No copyright date on it, but I’m betting the 1950s. And actually, with some minor changes the sweater is pretty cute!

You gotta love those vintage patterns!

A Lucy Question

Yesterday Barb asked if Lucy ever disturbs my knitting in any way.

I can’t leave balls of yarn out or she’d mess with them. And she seems to have favorites. For example, she is partial to cashmere. 😉

But once it’s knitted, I think she just thinks of it as a nice blankie to lie on. Which of course it is.


To close, a limerick, courtesy of Glynis:

Glynis was a knitter confused
Tried to buy wool frm the sheep, they refused
Told of Starmores she needed
Showed them money and pleaded
But the sheep just stood there amused.


  1. I love vintage knitting books! Reading the patterns is always fun, but I especially like seeing the way the knits were photographed and how they styled the models. Priceless!

    Congrats on getting the first blankets in. I think it’s for a great cause.

  2. Great limerick, Glynis! Wendy, you wouldn’t leave the dainty black bow off the vintage sweater!

  3. I love those vinitage patterns, too!

    Your new one isn’t from the 50’s — looks like maybe early 40’s from here.

    I’ve not got this one exactly, though I”ve many like it.

    (Now, you’d HAVE to keep the bow…)

  4. Wonderful limerick! That’s my favorite knitting limerick ever.

  5. Vintage patterns are great. When my daughter went away to school, I made her the Spinnerin pattern 6215 hat, just for fun. That hat has survived for years. Someone is always wearing it. We call it the one-size-fits-all-flip-top-hat!

  6. I agree with you Wendy – those vintage patterns are a hoot.

    I guess we will all wonder how many blankets are going to be donated. At the looks of things there are going to be many, many. It is such a good cause. Glad to be a part of it.

    You and Lucy have a good day.

  7. Lucy is such a good kitty! My kitty loves to eat the strings of yarn… and the knitted items? Well, they must smell like me or something, because she “kneads” them and “talks” to them if I leave them out. This usually results in a very snagged piece of knitting. You can imagine why I am now very careful not to leave the knitting out!

  8. Excitement seems to be building for the Ingeborg project. Are you going to conduct some sort of “roll call” to see just how many folks are knitting along?

  9. I love to look at those old patterns. What Fun! I have some from 1936. Great Blog! Love Lucy!!!!

  10. Hi Wendy,
    I was browsing the Unicorn Books site, and came across a book that made me think of you. Have you heard of “Feng Shaun, Discover Inner Peace with Shaun the Sheep”, written by Wallace and Gromit. Apparently it came out in December. I’m going to order one, being a W&G/Shaun fan. Thought I’d share the news!

  11. I’m so impressed with all your knitting and knitting energy!! I’m going to make one of these critter blankies & so glad to see I have until July, Yippee! Now you see why Sarah Dallas is doing well with her books (a new look on the vintage knits). They’re great!

  12. You might have already seen this, but if you like looking at amusing vintage patterns, you might really like this postcard book:*

    It’s hilarious.