My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


But Wait! There’s More

More what? More wonderful prizes posted on the Critter Knitters Knit-a-thon Prize page.

And there’s still more on the way. The outpouring of generosity that we’ve experienced so far on this project is overwhelming. All you blanket knitters out there — there are some wonderful prizes to be won!

Ingeborg Knit-a-long

A question in the comments yesterday:

Excitement seems to be building for the Ingeborg project. Are you going to conduct some sort of “roll call” to see just how many folks are knitting along?

Well sure, if you’d like! We’re gonna start the first half of May, so toward the end of April I’ll ask anyone who wants to stand up and be counted to do so. And I’d be happy to host an Ingeborg page with the “roll call” and with photos for those who are knitting along who don’t have blogs.

Too Much! Not Enough!

Once again I’m plagued by that all-too-familiar problem of too much to do and not enough time to do it in. But here I’m thinking specifically about knitting.

There are approximately one million and one things I really want to be knitting right now. and I keep buying yarn like I have time to have one million and one works in progress at any given time.

But I keep plugging away on my two works in progress. My Regia tweed sock:


The colorway is much nicer in person. Hard to get a good photo of this bad boy in artificial light.

And of course, Flora!


And again, so much prettier in person than in photos. Very subtle color shifts in the foreground colors. Lisa mentioned this in her blog entry yesterday, on her colorway of Flora, and the same is true of mine. This is one of those projects that I keep stopping to admire, just because the colors are so wonderful and go so well together.

Now tomorrow it’s supposed to be a “nice” day. I say this holding my breath and with fingers crossed. And I plan to be somewhere with Flora where I can get a good daytime photo in natural light.

Lucy’s gonna sleep on it.



  1. Hi Wendy!

    Are you still working on ‘Norfolk’ too?

  2. Nannette says:

    Wendy, Flora is gorgeous! But I just have to ask – are you one of those people who doesn’t need a lot of sleep? I can’t imagine how you make so much progress so quickly. I know you’re an early riser, so I’m thinking you must get about 3 hours a night! Of course I’m sulking because I ripped more than I knitted last night and went to bed with negative progress. The nice weather you are anticipating has hit Atlanta already and I am wearing sandals for the first time this year. Enjoy!!

  3. Happy Friday, Wendy! The Critter Knitters project is knocking me out! Knitters are simply the The. Most. Generous. People. Ever. Remember when I was whining about wanting a sold-out, oop, issue of Spin Off for the glove pattern Pansies in the Snow? This week, someone’s copy of Winter 96 arrived as a gift. I still can’t believe my eyes!

    Good knitting and natural-lighting wishes to ya– I hope to have lots to compare and contrast with you on Monday.

  4. Have fun and be sure to keep my favorite armchair warm until I can make it back up there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. As we’ve all come to expect from your knitting, your current projects look beautiful. I know you’ve mentioned not being a knitter who likes to change her ways and so I’ll assume you must be pretty good at not getting “ladders” using dbl pointed needles. Any secrets you’d like share on that subject? I love the feel of using dbl pointed needles in my hands but my work looks so much better using the two circ method. Thanks.

  6. Hi Wendy! Flora is stunning. I wish I had that kind of WIP right now!

    Critter-knitter question: I know the blankets have to be very washable, but I’m finding that I have a lot of 100% wool leftovers. Do you think if I held a strand of wool with a strand of acrylic that the fabric would stand up to washing like a 50-50 blend? This is new to me.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi all, here’s another critter knitters question, since I don’t have a cat or dog (just the birds). If I pick one of the lacey patterns suggested on the website, do I have to worry about claws getting caught in the lace? I’m thinking about the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket by Jackie E.S. which is a variation of Feather and Fan… any thoughts?
    have a great weekend all.

  8. Flora is extraordinary! As are you.

    Many thanks for your photo of Lucy and the extra gift. I’m sorry for the delay in my response due to work travel, and paint fumes and a back sprain that kept me out of the office. I gave the photo to the owner of the 3rd place kitty. She enjoyed it very much. Her kitty is not well in body but doing great in spirit. And Lucy’s photo was a great boost.

    Have a wonderful wonderful weekend,
    Your fan

  9. Your Flora is beautiful. Knit Happens must be a great knit shop for you to go to it. It is fun to knit with great company in hand.

    The Knit-Along has really turned out to be one heck of a project.

    Happy weekend to you and Lucy.

  10. halfway through my second blankie i wanna know where do you guys get these beautiful sweater kits?

  11. It’s funny to hear you gripe about how you can NEVER finish all the projects you want to finish. hahah Just goes to show we are never satisfied. YOU of all people have more of a chance of getting those million projects done than any three of the rest of us put together. Flora looks fab and certainly appears to me to be flying off your needles. (me-jealous as usual of your awesome skill and speed)

  12. Just curious…are there stripes in your lovely tweed socks?

  13. another Wendy says:

    The colors in Flora are even better than they appear on the Virtual Yarns website! It’s beautiful, and thanks for the inspiration. I’m definitely going to order a kit from them.

    Have a great weekend and give Lucy an extra hug. She is so adorable–my kids now clamor to see her picture each day!

  14. Flora is looking good! Can’t wait til tomorrow to see it in the yarn! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I bought my yarn today. I am committed to the Ingeborg knit along and can hardly wait to get started.

  16. I can’t believe how quickly you plow through those fair isles…amazing.