My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


More Blankies!

More blankies arrived, these from Jen of Monkeyknits! check out the Blanket page that Liz put up.

And I understand that Jen sent along some catnip mice that Liz’s kitties are very generously going to share with Lucy. Thank you Jen!

There are three more fabbo prizes on the prize page!

More Q&A!

Christina (who I met Saturday at Knit Happens — hi Christina!) asked:

How are the mice from last year’s Mouse-A-Thon selling? I imagine you received enough to keep Capital Animal Care well-stocked for a least a few months more.

I’m not sure how many they have left. I know they were big sellers for Christmas gifts. Next time I see Barbara, I’ll ask. ๐Ÿ™‚

Julie asked:
I have a question about the ladders with dpn’s. You said you pull the first stitch very tight on each needle. Do you rotate the beginning stitch on the needle every few rows? I have a sock making video that shows this technique, but it makes me confused to try to knit one stitch on to a needle, then pick up another needle, etc.

Nope, I don’t rotate, and I have no problems with ladders. That would confuse me way too much!


Nina asked:
On my monitor, the colors in your Flora look very muted. Is this how they appear in person? I was not enthralled with the colors I saw when I looked on the Virtual Yarns website, but I like yours much better.

In yesterday’s entry, I’d say the colors in the close-up are pretty accurate. Though to be honest, I don’t see a whole lot of difference between mine and the photo at Virtualyarns.

I’m happily into the armhole steeks on this puppy. Unlike most (if not all) of the other Alice Starmore fair isles I’ve knitted, this has some armhole shaping — see?


We had a bit of uglyness over my new knitting bag. Lucy saw it sitting on the couch and of course thought it was a new kitty bed for her, so she made herself comfy.


The problem was that Flora was inside the bag while Lucy was making herself comfy. I removed Her Highness from the bag and she was Not Amused. She said some things, I said some things.

But we’ve forgiven each other and all is sweetness and light again here at Wendyknits.

Sort of.



  1. Greetings from far away:

    Lol at this, such a glorious pic of a huffy cat!

    (I read you on a regular basis, and always sign off thinking I should have been knitting – not frittering away my time on the net – you’re such an incredibly productive knitter.)

    (::is pea green with envy::)

  2. Nannette says:

    Now that’s a cat with attitude! We all know she has enough beds of her own, but apparently someone has spoiled her rotten and she has a serious case of ‘feline entitlement’.

  3. Love the tail shot of Lucy. She is gorgeous.

  4. Oh ho ho! Ticked off kitty face! Miss Lucy had a little snit, did she? I saw a quote one time that said “In ancient times, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.”

    My blankets will be on the way to Liz by Thursday. Hopefully she’ll get them on Monday. Flora is looking beautiful, great job Wendy.

  5. Dear Lucy, Don’t ever forget that you are in charge! Wendy lives to serve you! Purrrrrr!

  6. You and Lucy crack me up! The cats at work (I work at a group home) love to lay RIGHT on top of my paperwork while I’m trying to work. So of course I have to move them. And in kinship to Lucy they look at me disdainfully and refuse any offers of friendship for a good hour. :o)

    I love the pictures of Lucy but I also am impressed with the pictures of Flora. Really looks good!

  7. Oh my gosh, that girl has quite a tail! How long is that thing? I’ve always heard that cats with long tails are good hunters…maybe that’s why Lucy likes her catnip mice so much.
    I think she deserves her own knitting bag ๐Ÿ™‚ A girl can never have too many bags of her own. Give her a hug from her cyber-fan!

  8. Reading Lucy’s mind: “Geeze mom, you bring home a bag with kitties and mice all over it, how could I not think it was just for me? And the colors contrast so beautifully – really show off the majesty of my tail.”

  9. Her majesty Lucy’s tail is the longest I have ever seen. Just how long is it? Isn’t she a cat with an attitude and a half. Mommy must spoil her big time. Lucky Lucy. Flora is gorgeous.

  10. Lucy may be spoiled, but in the words of Roald Dahl: “A girl can’t spoil herself, you know.”
    (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, if anyone’s wondering.) But with a tail like that, who could refuse her anything???

  11. Hello wendy,
    lovin the prizez really cool lil miss lucy seems awfully miffed but lucy remember the saying dogs have masters cats have staff. Flora looks great i taught myself to knit with two(three)colors last night!!!
    Bennett sends lucy salutations have a wonderful day

  12. Look. At. Lucy’s. TAIL. She should be doing Clairol commercials.

    The blanket page is filling up already! I must get a move on and send my blanket over to Liz…

  13. I’m very allergic to cats, but had been a cat person. I *love* the pics and stories of Lucy, they make me smile and sometimes laugh!

  14. Please include a picture of Lucy on your knitting bag in the Lucy Calendar – it’s too much. As is she. Flora is loverly.

  15. Your relapse story is the ONLY thing keeping from getting the hoe out of the laundry room.

    Digit and Adah send nose-touches to Lucy,
    thanks, dear.

  16. That prize page has me drooling… So much yarn! So much *lust*!

    The best picture today is of Lucy on your bag. Such a typical cat thing.

    Lately, I’ve been battling with my boy Chico over who gets to sit in my knitting chair. And while he’s mean and big (20lbs), I’ve been consistently winning….

  17. I think it is hilarious that Lucy has those fancy fancy fancy beds you made her out of the most expensive wool, (a reporter from the Daily News commented on those beds of hers today!) and yet she still needs to seek out another sleeping space. The beds you made her are more expensive (by far!) than mine!

    Oh! By the way, Critter Knitters IS accepting catnipped or non-catnipped mice or toys for the shelters as well. We just can’t send the nipped version to the NYCACC, because it can make them aggressive when being looked at. Other shelters do not have the same restrictions and nip can help alleviate cage boredom.

    I was going to adopt an old beat-up siamese from BARC next week but he was adopted last night!

    Thank you to all who are making beautiful blankets — I am SO impressed and also so touched at all the generosity and compassion (and great enthusiasm) with the Knit-a-Thon, and thank you as well to all the people donating yarn and other materials and gifts for the Knit-a-Thon as well.
    WOW! Received a huge box from Debbie today full of beautiful yarns that will be used at the Knit-a-Thon’s in the Parks this Spring as well as donated to the Bensonhurst school program making blakets for us.

    Love and Blessings,

  18. I’m sure Lucy would forgive you if you provide her with a basket of clean clothes to rest in- especially if you have a black shirt on top so that she can cover it in cat hair.