My current work in progress:

Seaforth designed by Alice Starmore, knit in British Breeds 5-ply Guernsey Wool on US 3 needles.


Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm . . .

There’s a lot of stuff I don’t get.

(No kidding, really?)

Today’s “Hmmmmmm” is about public transportation. I’ve been reading the London Underground Tube Diary a lot lately, and a couple of days ago delved more deeply into the site.

On the one hand while it gratifies me to know that Washington DC doesn’t have exclusive rights to the drooling morons who are trying to pass for thinking humans, I do find it disturbing to note that self-absorbed, inconsiderate hogs on the subway seem to be universal. Even if one is unused to taking public transportation, one can look around and see how others are going with the flow (like standing to the right and walking to the left on escalators). Sigh.

Yesterday morning there was an annoying incident on the train. A man (who incidentally was hogging two seats by piling his crap on the seat next to him while people were standing) came out of his reverie to note that the train was at his stop and the doors were about to close. In his haste to get off the train he was tripping over his briefcase and an insulated case that presumably contained his lunch. He dropped the insulated bag.

A young man picked it up to hand it to him and Mr. Moron actually pushed the young man out of the way as he rushed past him. The young man ran after him to give him the bag and Mr. Moron once again shoved him as he got off the train, just as the doors were closing. The young man stood by the train doors and held up the bag as the train pulled out of the station so the idiot could see he’d left his lunch.

My first thought was “He deserves to lose his lunch.” Then I started thinking about terrorism. Maybe there was a bomb in the bag and this was a carefully orchestrated plot to leave it on the train.

I really really hate that we have to think like that.


Lucy would like to thank everyone who left a comment about her pretty, fluffy tail. I can tell she is vain about her tail because she invariably walks around with said tail straight up in the air. Sometimes her nose is in the air too.


Having such a long tail can be quite handy, she says. When she curls up to take a nap, she can use it as a pillow!

Lucy’s tail, by the way, is 14 inches long. That’s 35.56 centimeters.

Blankie Knits!

Here’s what I’m gonna knit my CritterKnitter blankies from — Plymouth Encore Chunky. Now I just have to get it in gear and actually knit them.


But I had a thought. I maybe be adept at knitting, but I’m one heckuva lousy crocheter. (Is crocheter a word?) I did crochet an afghan once and it came out really pretty. But I’ve not done a thing since then, and that was over 20 years ago. So I’m thinking about attempting to crochet at least one blanket. Hopefully the critters won’t laugh at my attempts.

Stand back everyone! This may get ugly.

Flora! Flora! Flora!

Time for an update pic! Not a lot of progress because I had to wind more yarn into balls and perform various household tasks last night.



  1. WOW, Flora is wonderful when seen full frontal. The design jumps out. I like your colors more than I like Lisa’s, I’m partial to blues and greens, though. Have a good day.

  2. Flora is so beautiful. Seeing your work has really inspired me to try out colorwork.

  3. I’m half way finished with a neck down sweater using the colorspun on the left of your pictures. When knitted up those tans and greens are stunning. You are going to LOVE it. Good luck

  4. Hej Wendy!
    Thank you for a particularly amusing blog entry today. Your blog is worth a visit every day, even if it can get expensive โ€“ now you have me thinking that I MUST make Flora!
    What if the crochet gets you hooked;-)

  5. Wow — that guy and his two seats wouldn’t have lasted a minute on the MBTA up here in Bahstahn! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Flora’s looking gorgeous!

  6. Flora is so lovely – is there a fauna in the wings?

    Thanks for ordering the book – I really look forward to hearing your input on it! Flying editor-less is one of the drawbacks of self publishing!

    Hope your commute is nicer today.

  7. Yes, I agree with you about that possibility of orchestrated actions similiar to what you witnessed. I now keep a closer eyes on the passengers. And I ride in the last car. If anything happens, the escape is a lot quicker, I hope.

  8. Good morning….. glad that I drive to work in my beloved Civic.

    Wendy – just a heads up
    I am also using Encore Chunky for my blankies. The first one I did in garter st. and ran out of yarn at about 13″ (33cm). I was able to purchase another ball in the dark red and picked up 2 balls in a nice blue.

    You may be able to get an 18 x 18 blankie out of one ball if you use, but I loved the squishy texture of the garter st., so am also knitting the 2nd one in garter st.

    In addition to the great patterns on the Critter Knitters site, you can use some patterns for facecloths by enlarging them.

    I’m using ‘Grandmother’s Favorite’ found at


  9. Hi colleen — thanks for the heads up! Actually I have 4 skeins in each color. I was estimating 2 skeins per blanket. According to your experience, I think I figgered right! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Wendy,

    I have every confidence in your crocheting ability. If you did it once, it will come back very easily. I hadn’t crocheted a blanket in about 7 years. I started one for my newly redecorated living room recently, and it was like riding a bike; it just comes right back. However, the poor blanket isn’t making much progress since I just don’t enjoy crocheting nearly as much as I do knitting. The knitting projects always win me over from working on the blanket. It will get it done some time in 2005 if I am lucky!

  11. The last few lines of your commuting story gave me a chill. It also makes me thankful for my crazy little 1/2 drive to work.

    Flora is awesome!

  12. Hey wendy
    Go wendy you can crochet the blankie!!!!
    We all belive in you, tell lucy she looks absoultley fabulous Dahlink and to keep that tail in the air, flora also looks absolutley fabulous dahlink, keep up the great work by the way you just drug in another fair isler, i drop my colors though
    Bennett says lucy has a beautiful tail and is very pretty!

  13. That guy would have had someone sit on his stuff if he tried that in NYC.

    Flora looks great as always.

  14. Wendy crocheting? Does Lucy have a Granny Square blankie in her future? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Yeah, we’ve got some crazy commuters around here…

    For those who don’t use the DC Metro, they are now making all kinds of announcements. I guess it started after the bombing in Madrid. They talk about staying alert and watching for unusual behavior. They’ve even taken it up a notch and say if you see a bag but don’t know who owns it, ask. I am not normally a fearful person but I find these announcements add just one more layer of stress to commuting.

  16. Jolene M says:

    Errr. I feel your pain with the DC trains. I currently take the MARC from Maryland to DC. I was on the Metro one day and had something similar happen to me. I don’t remember what stop it was but I was coming down the stair quickly because the train was already there and this guy wrapped his arm around me and pulled me to the side. I said as I was falling down “hey don’t push me!” He said “I can push you if I want to.” Other words passed and we both jumped on the same train. It was a line that runs two trains (Blue and Yellow. He noticed that he was on the wrong train and got off the next stop. So all of that rudeness for NOTHING!
    Just wanted to share. Good luck crocheting; I am sure it was be fun and fantastic.

  17. Wendy, if I can teach myself crochet so can you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My first blanket is a little weird, but the second one is coming along swimmingly.

    I agree, in NY if that guy had tried to hog two seats someone would have sat on his stuff, and he probably would have been shoved back, or at the least had his lunch bag tossed out the doors at the back of his head.

  18. Isn’t it a shame there are so many morons on public transportation. Here it is called “commutor rage”.

    I’ve been to DC and on the metro line and I must say it is quite an experience. Those doors really don’t stay open very long.

    Flora is just gorgeous – a beautiful job.

    Miss Lucy’s tail is the longest tail I have ever seen. Is it longer than her body?

  19. Wendy, how many self knitted fair isle sweaters do you have? Do you wear them all? Which one do you prefer?

  20. I just had a wonderful vision of you with a tape-measure, running after Lucy to measure her tail. Oh, the indignity!

  21. We’ll do it together. I’ve been thinking about crocheting a CK blankie and now you have pushed me over the edge. I feel the need to start blankie #3!

  22. Wendy, I thought a crocheter was called a hooker. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I, too, am not much of a hooker… it feels so awkward to me. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I’ve made a few cat beds that are big hits at my house. I work at home and have three cats at least one of whom can always be found in the cat bed on my desk (helping me work, no doubt). Often, a second will enjoy a blissful snooze in the bed atop the 3-ft shelves above the window, just behind my desk. I’ll get some pictures for you, it’s quite a scene. It might also motivate me to clean up my home office…nah!

  23. Yes, the doors don’t stay open very long because they have a schedule to maintain. If one train stays at a station one minute longer than needed, it creates a backup and it can really throw everything out. And it happens anyway when you have morons sticking their briefcase in to hold the door open and then trying to get in despite the operator’s attempts to open and shut the doors. There will be another train coming in 3 minutes and one will still arrive at their desination.

  24. I’m sure your crochet blanket will turn out well. If you have any problems, you know where you can go for help. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Your reaction to the train incident is so real. It is odd that we’ve changed our thinking these days. Sad.

    That guy sounds like a CLASS A JERK!

    re: the knitting bag incident with Lucy …that is hilarious!

    Cheers for an excellent blog.

  26. Congrats on the crocheting, I love it. I started out crocheting and then taught myself to knit. I love the speed of crochet and feel of knit. I put a picture on my blog of my kitty Rufus and his big beautiful tail. It is as long as Lucy’s. Rufus and I both think Lucy is beautiful!!

  27. Wendy,
    My kids wait for me to get home from work so we can see what Ms. Lucy is up to today. When you announced the critter knitters, Meagan (aged 8) asked if she could learn to crochet a blanket for the kitties. So, just for these kitties, Meagan is working about a row a day in double crochet! If she can do it, so can you… lol!

    She was actually concerned that the shelter cats might be offended that her blanket has our cats hair on it. I told her it might make them smell like home!

  28. Miranda II says:

    Hi Wendy!

    Commuter rage is a disappointing fact of modern life, but what I really hate about it is when one still experiences it in small cities (ie: Vancouver, BC).

    I have lived in London so I know what a packed Tube carriage REALLY is; and yet I commute to work every day on the Yuppie Line Bus where people regularly hog seats, sit in the aisle seat so you can’t get to a window seat, and worst crime of all I feel, Standing In The Flipping Door When You’re Trying To Get Off The Bus.

    Confidential to Dinks in Kitsilano: Turning sideways in the door in no way creates room to pass you, especially when you are wearing a backpack the size of your own self.

    Now don’t misunderstand me; I wouldn’t mind being a Yuppie myself if I weren’t previously vowed to a life in the theatre. But it cheeses me off when half-empty buses roar past me because the bus riders of my neighbourhood won’t even move to the back of the bus, let alone Do It Old-Skool London-Style.

    Dearest Wendy, sorry for the rant. I guess your story hit a Geyser with me!! Your Flora rocks and the Colinette reclining all over your floor is yummy. What is the multi-coloured skein in the bottom-right of the photo?

    Serenity Now! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Miranda II